301 Botany Road Zetland NSW 2017

Extension of hours of operation of the indoor and outdoor areas of Tenancy R125 for McDonalds to trade 6.00am to 12.00am Monday to Sunday, provision of external seating and installation of 1 x internally illuminated window sign.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 9 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: City of Sydney, reference D/2019/874)


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  1. M Boothroyd commented

    Why do we need an outdoor area after 10pm? This is just noise pollution for the neighbours trying to sleep any night of the week.
    It is also outrageous that this notification isn't received by the surrounding community. Only the residents in the block next door receive notification from council. This is a blatant discrimination of the wider communities input.
    When we have McDonald's open late at night we have the surrounding suburbs littered with rubbish. Unfortunately I can't attach photos to this note but I took 15 photos of McDonald's rubbish on a 300m walk I took from my apartment to a breakfast cafe one sunday morning which passed McDonald's.
    No No No please listen to us no. The litter has become out of control since the recent allowance of the extension of opening hours into the early morning.

  2. Daniel Reyes commented

    Why do we need another McDonalds with extended trading hours till midnight in a dense area when there's another just 750 meters away that closes at 1am?

    McDonalds will just bring excessive noise to the area till midnight, and takeaway packaging rubbish to the nearby area.

  3. Simon Thompson commented

    Hi. I have read the noise report that Mcdonald carried out, but surely this does not take into account the extended opening hours and patrons who are drunk etc using the establishment and the associated noise outside the building in the foyer. A lot of rooms face inward to the courtyard where this noise will echo.
    I object to the extension of the opening hours to 12am

  4. Simon Thompson commented

    Hi... I would also like to add that the fit out and signage that is now visible from the courtyard inside the Infinity building only arrived about one week ago, which very conveniently started after the hours of operation DA extension comment period closed. Until the fit out started and the signage was put up, no one would’ve known where McDonald’s was going exactly .... it is now very obvious that noise and rubbish will be a big issue for this high-end property. Please re-access urgently.
    Thank you.

  5. J Boothroyd commented

    Dear planning team. I have one question for you all and then rest of my post is more detail. How would you personally feel if you had just bought a unit in this development and then McDonalds came in and put their glary red and yellow sign on til midnight for the entire time that you are likely to be awake? Have a good long REAL think about how you would actually FEEL living with that forever - waking up every day tired from the noisy patrons and looking out of your window at the red and yellow sign and knowing that it was never going away and then decide. Now for the rest of my feedback - I agree with all of the above feedback. I can vouch for the statements by the people above. Since the McDonalds on McEvoy St extended its trading hours, the street litter has been atrocious. The noise and light pollution for the residents for this extension will be a real problem. Residents need to sleep! Do any applications that McDonalds make ever get knocked back? I haven't seen one yet. They will just push the boundaries as far as council let them get away with it. Firstly staying open past 10pm should not be allowed. Secondly, they should have internal seating only past 9pm. Thirdly, irrespective of their hours, they should be made to patrol the local streets within 500m of their sites to pick up rubbish. They would soon learn that there is a heap to pick up if they are open late and that they should put signs up in their store to ask people to dispose of their rubbish in bins or take it home. Council needs to pay MUCH greater attention to the implications of having commercial tenancies in residential strata plans. In other states, it is typical for a strata to be split into commercial and residential sections with strict by-laws for behaviour and the excess costs driven by commercial tenants being borne by them. Here in NSW, developers get away with putting schemes together that lump residential and commercial lots all together and have weak provisions for managing commercial residents - leaving it up to owners corporations to go through the expensive and time consuming process of paying lawyers to draft up by-laws etc etc if they want to get better control. Why can't the owners have a formal vote over this kind of thing? You buy into a residential apartment block in Sydney and it's a lottery what kind of business is going to occupy the commercial tenancies.

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