25 Radcliffe Court Bellbird Park QLD 4300

Superseded Planning Scheme Request - Single Residential Dwelling with Auxiliary Unit

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 6 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Ipswich City Council, reference SPSR-6614/2019)


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  1. Natalie Thorpe commented

    No, too many auxiliary units for rent in Bellbird Park. It isn’t an auxiliary unit it is a duplex. Look on the realestate pages they are all rentals. Owners are interstate. All the auxiliary units and the houses their attached to (duplexes) at the new estate in Tamatea Drive are ALL rentals. Often with several people living each side of the house. Most have four cars per dwelling!!! So no this should NOT be approved.

  2. David Harris commented

    So if you want to see the future of Bellbird take a look at "Harrisville" across the road from Morgan street where a huge block is close to finishing. It says in the present council plan that the community will be consulted and involved 21 times. i could only find one case in which there has been any community involvement. Yes just 2.next too "Happy Jack" block 47 lots are all ready to go. I concetrate on the broader issue of planning as illustrating what Auxiarly units shows us about sistemic problems we are up against from the bottom to the top. how it works with these units in particular and planning in general and make the obvious reference from massive uncontrolled clearing to the bottom of the food chain in building a new room , sorry anxiary unit A resident close by said well at least the council has agreed to 29 lots,On the "Happy Jack"block with its duplexes now back to 47 lots,We now find that there were negotiation by council with the developers,with no explanation on the web site. Transparency, what transparency ?Further along Jones road is another large block. I spoke to 2 residents opposite. Both home owners had no knowledge of the development. One said he had bought his house in Bellbird to get away from Springfield. He was bemused and angry. He was of course worried that his house would drop in value. What has the "council " done ? Why didn't they inform such residents?With resignation he said that there was no use contacting the council .The history of the "Happy Jack" block is intuitive. 60+ objections to the proposed development . Every one objection represents about 10 residents who for various reasons didn't object.To us it illustrates the loss of credibility of the "council" especially in the vital area of planning. Transparency. A theme the newly formed community group are to investigate. With a lead time of at least 2 years to a new plan will be the death warrant for places like Bellbird. Another of the 21 references to community involves input by the residents working with Council.It is soul destroying for residents objecting to individual applications knowing that their objections will be ignored. The "Happy Jack block illustrates all that is wrong with planning. Consultation with council none. destruction habitat and vegetation and wild life corridors no council requirements. Look up the 21 requirements of the council/ community involvement,for Brentwood "forest" estate, A million trees were removed along with the top soil. The council sits on its hands as developers bring in the Dozers. This is the 21st century where a huge block at Eugene st will also be cleared to the sub soil Ipswich is right up there in regards to clearing Who's responsible for this. Looking ahead to the development of Eugene St Auxiliary units and especially Duplexs will collectively destroy Bellbird. Council can't even knock back a development like this. The council knows very well that auxiliary units are "small potatoes" but how many of the applications for them have been knocked back? From small potatoes to 34 hectares nothing is sacred. I have been told by state government that the 'council' I that I should speak to Mr Chemello He says that Council have to do the biding of the State government who first imposed the criteria for development . When? we have those "wild west' "planning" still with us. The developers are laughing all the way to the bank. If it is powerless to stop Auxiliary units how can it stop the development of Eugene St. As Margret Thatcher once said there is no such entity as community. "Council" by its actions or inaction's make it crystal clear that they see our community as a minor irritation. Think about that as a rate payer who pays the wages of the 100s of council workers including the planners. Its a moot point as to what value we are getting for our dollar from 'council" in general and planners in particular.

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