1 Shaddock Avenue Pymble NSW 2073

Demolish existing structures and construct a 72 place centre-based child care facility with basement parking and associated site works

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 year ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Ku-ring-gai Council, reference DA0308/19)


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  1. Tammy Whitham commented

    How many new childcare centres do we need in the area? The ones that are currently in existence aren’t full so I have to wonder what kind of scam is going on.

  2. Judy Benson commented

    Totally agree with Tammy. They are everywhere in residential areas locally and struggling to get children to fill the places. It’s changing the whole face of our suburbs and bringing so much extra traffic which our streets are not able to cope with.

  3. Fiona Wicks commented

    I strongly oppose the construction of a childcare at this location. The traffic and parking report doesn't appear to focus on the traffic much but talks about parking a lot. The development proposes 18 parking spots whereas the Ku- ring- ai DCP requires 1 spot for every 4 kid. 76 kids are proposed thus 19 spots. Design shows 18 spots however report states 19. The centre requires 19 spots to be available but the proposal shows only 9 spots + 1 accessible available for parent parking whereas the remaining are taken up by staff parking.

    The parking may not be the concern if the above is overlooked however it is the traffic. Shaddock Avenue is used by parents of Gordon West School for parking. It is quite a narrow street which is unable to cater for cars parked on both sides of the street. It is almost impossible for traffic to flow in both directions in the afternoon and mornings.

    I urge council officer to physically inspect the site during morning and afternoon peaks prior to approving this proposal. Regardless of whether we will benefit or not from another centre, I strongly believe this site is not suitable for this proposal.

  4. Tiffany Judson commented

    I agree with Tammy and Fiona. Traffic in Shaddock Ave is already dangerous around school zone times. To date, nothing has been done to manage that. There is also the issue of Mona Vale Rd/Shaddock Ave where motorists are not adhering to the lights or 40km zone. A childcare centre would only add to the chaos.

  5. Mary Thompson commented

    I am a West Pymble resident who uses Shaddock Avenue to access Ryde Road. There are always cars parked on both sides of the road which allows only 1 car to move through (almost impossible at peak times for school pick up/drop off).
    I strongly urge you to reject this application as the road will not be able to cope with any extra traffic or parking. In fact I feel this would cause an unnecessary danger for pedestrians, and of particular concern, the many Gordon West primary children crossing here.

  6. Jackie Nevill commented

    I agree with the above comments as a parent with kids at Gordon West, the street is already dangerous to primary school children, i'd hate to think about adding preschoolers and toddlers and more rushing parents to this mix. That is not to mention it is right on the corner of one of Sydney's main roads. Why build a center for small children on a main road? If you think about what area might be a good place for kids to spend their childhood (rather than where developers might be able to make money from it), this is hardly the right place.

  7. Trish commented

    Agree with all the above comments. Reject. The increased traffic to the already busy Shaddock Avenue will create a gridlocked street at peak times that will be dangerous to students and residents.

  8. Bob the builder commented

    No, don’t do it.

  9. Kyla Eide commented

    I live in the area and frequently park on Shaddock Avenue to take my two children to Gordon West Primary School. I park on Shaddock Avenue as I find accessing the school from the other side of Ryde Road to be extremely dangerous. Shaddock Avenue already struggles to cope with the amount of traffic it endures. This street is very congested with cars and children and I fear that adding more traffic to the street is a recipe for disaster. As others have stated above, Shaddock can only have cars driving one at a time in either direction when cars are parked on both sides of the street. Exiting off Shaddock on to Ryde Road is also dangerous when school zones are not in effect as visibility is poor with the speeds coming around the corner on Ryde. This is poor planning heaped on top of prior poor planning...build community infrastructure in appropriate areas, do not concentrate more cars and more children on the corner of Shaddock and Ryde Road at peak hours!

  10. Jill Collins commented

    I agree with comments above. There are already too many cars parking on both sides of the road making it dangerous for traffic moving in either direction between the vehicles already parked, not to mention how dangerous it is for children going to and from school to negotiate between vehicles and crossing Shaddock Avenue. It would be unthinkable to make a child care centre so close to a very busy main road.
    I have lived in the area since 1960 and have seen the increase in traffic along Ryde Road and to plan a child care centre so close to the main road would be a disaster waiting to happen, I strongly oppose the idea!

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