400 Fullarton Road, Myrtle Bank SA 5064

Construct a three storey residential flat building

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 4 months ago. It was received by them about 12 hours earlier.

(Source: City of Unley, reference 475/2019/NEW)


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  1. Dian commented

    Another three Storey building where the community yet again has no say. The surrounding houses are sold with Council property across the road. Best of luck for those people trying to get onto Fullarton Road. We are told to be polite in our comments, perhaps we have been too polite for too long... No one is listening. How can it be developers can come into our communities throughout our lovely State and bulldozed anything in sight, this includes Significant trees. The developers come into our areas, destroy them and leave... Now at least 32 new dwellings on only four blocks of land. Do our Politicians and Councillors have their heads in the sand or do I dare say these developments suit them. Where are those who are supposed to be there for the people. Our lovely suburb and others are being destroyed by greedy developers. Along with the buildings, all the birds, I insects and plants disappear... not a healthy environment.
    Internally I am screaming.

  2. Brenton commented

    I agree with those sentiments. None of the dense residential developments in the Culross/Fullarton roads area should ever have been approved. Parking/access/traffic flow through this area will be horrendous. My guess is that there are no councillors affected thereby.

  3. Liz commented

    Go onto the sa planning website and register to have a say. There is a complete overhaul of planning coming in soon which will fast track applications. It affects the whole State.
    Most things will be automatically passed in 3 weeks
    , deamed to satisfy, with no notice to neighbours.Heritage is the last section to be discussed - talk is of contributory items being deleted off register. It’s a huge change with half the population unaware.
    Look on Vicki Chapman’s website too for information.

  4. Ian commented

    I believe it is great to see medium density developments such as this located in inner city Adelaide along urban corridors allowing people options to get into the property market in good areas who can't afford to buy multimillion dollar properties on 1000 square meter blocks. These infill developments also reduce the stress on public infrastructure and the environment caused by our urban sprawl further and further north and south of the city.

    It seems a little selfish that "not in my backyard" type people are so apposed to them that have the luxury of already owning property in these suburbs. A lot of people just don't have the options available to live in these suburbs.

  5. Dian commented

    Dear Ian,
    If you speak to the people in the area, they are not against development... They would like development a little more sympathetic. Without knowing us, you call us selfish. Our street alone welcomes all newcomers with open arms. Do not tell us this is affordable housing... You could buy a house in this area for the cost of these apartments.
    Please know us before you pass judgement. The environment does not have a chance with all greenery being removed.

  6. Liz commented

    Dear Ian

    Actually we are not nimby people, just looking for good development which suits the area. Otherwise we will end up looking like Churchill Road and even the Planning Minister doesn’t think that is a good outcome. In 5 years time that will be demonstrated as a bad planning outcome.

    These developers do not go in for affordable housing. They want to attract a certain demographic hence the suburbs they choose.
    Multi-storey housing has impacts on existing owners including traffic, plant noise and overshadowing. It changes the neighbourhood, it isolates people.
    The people making the decisions or the developers of course are not affected as they do not live there either before or after.

  7. Brenton commented

    I agree with Dian and Liz. The new developments in this area certainly can't be
    (mis)construed as affordable, and they have a negative impact on the ambience and amenity of the area, especially that their designs are rarely in character with the surroundings. We are now totally surrounded by medium-density developments, which have succeeded in reducing our property value by about 20%. As for ". . .These infill developments also reduce the stress on public infrastructure and the environment . . . ", this does not take into account the over-taxing of parking and access capabilities which presently exist, and are NEVER inproved by such developments.

  8. Ian commented

    Some interesting points guys,
    I’ve taken interest because myself and partner are considering purchasing and moving into one of these developments. We are both professionals looking to start a family in a nice area but I travel too much for work to want to worry about maintaining a large property. From what I’ve seen of these developments on the corner of culross, they will both be a high quality standard and definitely not comparable to what’s gone up on Churchill road. We love the fact that there is a park across the road and a really nice one at the end of the street so we don’t need a large yard. Adelaide needs more of these type of development in the nicer areas (not just on Churchill road or Anzac hwy) for people like us.

    I’ve been down to the site quite a few times now to check out the traffic noise at various times of the day and night and I’ve never had a problem finding a street park on Culross, even when the markets were on. What times does parking get busy there?

    I hope if we do go ahead with the purchase, we will be welcomed in the neighbourhood and not treated like second class due to our choice of living arrangements.

  9. Gavin commented

    I can see both side's. I've owned 3 houses in Myrtle Bank and Fullarton and I love the area. Close, convenient, great amenity.
    The developers are really just carrying out the desired urban form as instructed by the State Government and the Council. It makes sense for these sort of developments to occur on major thoroughfares where transport and infrastructure is within reach. And this one looks like it's been done well.
    The planning system has changed over the past ten years or so to preference this sort of development, and I honestly think its a good thing. I'd rather get medium development on Fullarton Rd than Ferguson Ave!! These will bring 'young people' and a bit of vibrancy to a generally older family, and empty nester area. It can be a bad thing.

  10. Liz commented

    The State government has changed. Planning is also changing imminently. Planning will NOT go through council but district assessment panels
    The new legislation shifts the focus to the needs of applicants, improving development outcomes and better options for decisions to be reviewed.

    Three new assessment pathways will increase certainty for simple developments and provide a tailored approach for more complex development applications. The system will provide applicants with an early ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to their proposed development rather than an infinite and costly ‘maybe’. Delays will be shortened, red tape reduced and investment encouraged.

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