100 Bestic Street, Kyeemagh NSW 2216

Designated and Integrated Development - Demolition of the existing building known as The Fisherman's Club to slab level

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 12 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Bayside Council (Rockdale), reference DA-2019/253)


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  1. Helen Treuen commented

    I am happy for the building to be removed as long as the space is used for the community - not for more apartments!

    This should be kept as community used space - cafe, restaurants, or an extension of the children play areas, bike tracks etc.

  2. Diana commented

    Okay for demolition as long as free moving public access is maintained in future works.

  3. Virginia Lowe commented

    Any development should be for public use, not handed to developers for more apartment blocks.

  4. Kay Meldrum commented

    Kay Meldrum
    Any use of this land must stay for public use.Please no apartment towers.We all need green space.

  5. Robert Jansen commented

    The space should be used for relaxing and entertainmet, licensed cafes, children playground, grass, etc. there are now enough appartments in the Rockdale area a d we definitely don't want to build a posible ghost block.

  6. Elizabeth Dobrin commented

    Hope this environmentally significant site can be bettered with something that contributes to the area, community and wildlife rather than further exploiting it, adding to the congestion, pollution and money grabbing by the already very busy developers.

  7. Elizabeth Dobrin commented

    Hope this environmentally significant site can be bettered with something that contributes to the area, community and wildlife rather than further exploiting it, adding to the congestion, pollution and money grabbing by the already very busy developers.

  8. A Primikirios commented

    Please Bayside Council - no residential apartments or townhouses on this land. Bestic Street can not handle any more traffic during weekday morning commute. More public spaces.

  9. P Zingales commented

    This space should be green space for the community. An improved bike path, playground and a cafe would do wonders for the area. The Bestic Street end of Brighton needs significant environmental upgrades - the park behind Francis Avenue is appalling, trashed always and dangerous for kids, and there are barely any trees on Francis Avenue - it's so barren. Please demolish Fishos and invest in significant green space that is family-friendly. No high-rise. No more traffic.

  10. Sam affara commented

    We have lived in the area for over 35 years.
    If you must demolish the building so be it but the muddy creek anglers should be allocated space for there offices and Always, boat ramp and the cleaning tables they do great things for the community by holding several family and children's fun days ,As well as the community gardens and men's shed needs to stay.
    There are a lot of retired residents that use these areas and depend on these areas to have a peace of mind in these times of depression and suicide.
    We don't need more apartments or coffee shops we need space to enjoy life.
    Their should be an royal commission on how the previous council handled these whole area for years .

  11. David Korpar commented

    As a local resident and a frequent user of the facilities that are now left ever since the closure of the club there are no longer any community areas for locals to get together to have a bevy a feed and a few laughs especially after the closure of this once thriving club and now the kyeemagh rsl being closed ! There are lots of great things going on down there being men’s shed community gardens and muddy creek boating and fishing association! Council needs to get this place back to what it was a great community hub that served all walks of life and put smiles on many a face ! Bayside council it’s about time you spoke to the locals that reside and use what’s left of the current facilities ! Community is what it’s about I hope I get to share it with my children as I did with my parents!

  12. Melinda fenton commented

    Please leave this space for nature. No apartments. There is a shortage of green spaces for rate payers. No development please

  13. Julia Tuntevski commented

    As a local resident and rate payer and my parents and grandparents being local residents for over 50 years the building known as The Fisherman’s Club or Fisho’s is an important part of the local community’s history and heritage and thus should be preserved. The building should not be demolished however restored to its former glory. If it is not feasible for the club to remain as a members’ sporting club (a place the local community can come together), then the club should be repurposed (without demolishing the facade) and utilised as a café, recreational/green space, community space or market garden space.

    In addition, the local flora and fauna in the area should not be subject to further development and should be protected and not be disturbed/destroyed. The area is already a fragile natural habitat.

    This space should be for public use by all factions of the community and under no circumstance be given to developers for more apartment blocks. The local area is becoming a ghetto for very large and unappealing apartment blocks.

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