235 Canadian Bay Road Mount Eliza VIC 3930

Buildings and works to construct a residential aged care facility, including the removal of vegetation, variation of easement(s) and reduction in bicycle parking requirements of clause 52.34 generally in accordance with the submitted plans

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 2 years ago. It was received by them 9 days earlier.

(Source: Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, reference P16/1538.02)


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  1. Geoff Maller commented

    An extreme overdevelopment in a protected residential area with a specially formulated overlay and it’s protections, sadly corporate greed overcame what was a sensible DDO for this area. A Bunnings size building smack on the entrance to the Woodlands, shame on you MPC for granting the permit and supporting it in VCAT. Unfortunately the planners who did this have moved on and don’t have to live with the consequences of their actions. No such luck for the residents who have to live with this proposed monstrosity.

  2. Catrina McQuinn commented

    With the aging population, particularly in Mount Eliza, I think this will be a wonderful asset for the district. We all love our suburb, and sadly, older residents are often forced to move some distance away from their friends, family, and the facilities they are comfortable and familiar with. I'm actually looking forward to the development, I think it will bring a much needed aged care solution, as well as the accompanying commercial benefits that will flow on to the local community.

  3. Jane Citizen commented

    Just convert the old hospital into an aged care instead of building a new building.

  4. Brad Castricum commented

    Totally support as locals in the area who retire or require this type of facility should be able to stay and live in the area

  5. Kerry Rainer commented

    As far as I can ascertain, this application seeks to amend the original granted permit application of "aged care facility" to a non specified " any other development, one or more new buildings" If given approval, this application could result in anything ( fast food outlet, blocks of units etc ) being constructed. Therefore I strongly object to application P16/1538.02 as the potential new use and development of the site is an unknown entity as are the ramifications and impacts to myself and the local community.

  6. Tony Laurent commented

    I live on 237 Canadian Bay Road - next door to this monstrosity in the making. I am very disappointed with the MPSC for a number of reasons.

    The process was lacking in transparency - communications were almost non existent. It will ruin the entire area.

    Anyway, I think we all now have some insight into how developers and councils operate - don't we? I would recommend reading 'The Age' every day as the John Woodman/mafia saga unfolds. Fascinating, but sadly not surprising.

  7. Kendall commented

    Absolutely ridiculous that the council and VCAT have allowed a monster of a building to be constructed in the Woodlands. Surely there’s an old building that could be converted...
    Wonder how much back slapping and money has been passed around to get it approved.

  8. Tony Laurent commented

    The John Woodman saga has grown like a cancer. We can now read how the Cranbourne area was rezoned as residential, and land values skyrocketed overnight.

    Councillors all over the Melbourne region have clearly had their snouts in the pig's trough. Disgusting.

    There needs to be an urgent inquiry into all major planning permits o these last 10 years. A third party inquiry in which we the residents can have some confidence. And councillors need to be audited forensically and very thoroughly - change in ATM and card usage habits, luxury overseas holiday, new pools/house extensions, et etc..

  9. Graham Goninon commented

    Why has this development stopped ?? have not seen any action all of April 2021 ..

  10. Adrian Black commented

    I would like to know what is happening at the site.
    It’s eyesore at the moment and dangerous

  11. David O commented

    Does anyone know what's happening here? No activity on site for about 3 months now.
    Builder gone bust? Yes agree with other commenters about it being an eyesore.

  12. Jasmina E. commented

    Just like the recent rejection of the Ryman aged care development on Kunyung Rd, this development which is very similar in nature, should be denied.
    One of the main reasons the Ryman development was denied, was that the mayor described the “protection of the green wedge and the essential separation of the built environment to the natural environment”.
    This would also be the same case for the development on Canadian Bay Rd.
    How in the world did this ever get approved? It will create such overwhelming traffic for residents trying to get to their homes in the Woodlands.

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