387 Sydney Road, Coburg VIC 3058

Buildings and works for a mixed use 7 storey building comprising shops at ground level and apartments above and reduction in statutory car parking

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 12 months ago. It was received by them over 1 year earlier.

(Source: Moreland City Council, reference MPS/2018/99)


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  1. Aaron Duque commented

    A further reduction in the car parking requirements especially as the development is on Sydney Road is manifestly wrong. This should not be allowed and the fact that greedy developers keep pushing this and it somehow continues to be allowed is astonishing. I understand planners do not live in the surrounds of the developments but please go for a drive and see what you’re doing to Coburg, Brunswick and all of Moreland with you’re over development of a once beautiful suburb.

  2. Emeritus Professor Alexander Grishin AM commented

    This is a case of severe over-development, poor planning and out of character with the neighbourhood. This application should be rejected on three grounds.
    1) Seven storeys with a roof garden will make this into an ugly monstrosity in the context of this neighbourhood.
    2) The reduction to the already inadequate minimum parking requirements will add to the very congested conditions that exist in this area.
    3) This over-development in its plan indicates that will cause a threat to children and the elderly pedestrians who frequent this area.
    We need more open space and a sustainable environment and not over-development

  3. Yen Loh commented

    While in theory, I support less reliance on cars, and therefore fewer parking spaces required, this is simply not practical in real life. While we may have public transport to the CBD (and even that was compromised this morning as due to a tram breakdown on Sydney Rd), people may not work in the city or may be shift workers who cannot rely on PT or simply need to take their kids to sport on the weekend. Therefore, you're just going to have as many cars but in fewer spaces, leading to congestion on the surrounding streets as we all fight for limited spaces.
    Also, a 7-storey development is totally out of character for the area. The visual bulk of the proposed building in the current environment is just ridiculous.

  4. Dr Annely Aeuckens commented

    I wish to add my voice to the other people who have commented on this 'over-the-top' application. My objections are:

    - the development is far too high; any new building should not overwhelm Sydney Road which, at seven stories, this 'block of flats' would. By the way, I assume that the façade will be retained? Or are we to lose the distinctive characteristics of the historic shopping strip bit-by-bit? To be replaced by what?
    - a roof garden might sound like a good idea but it very much depends on how it is undertaken and, more to the point, how it is maintained over time.
    - where is the open space for the residents? The more people who come to live in Moreland, the greater the amount of green space that is required. And this is something that cannot be satisfied by a roof-top garden.
    - how will the building offset the environment impact it will create? Or will it simply add to an increasing heat-island effect?
    - a reduction in parking to increase use of public transport might be ok in theory but in reality it will lead to more street parking and further congestion.

  5. Jacob Wyley commented

    I support more development in Coburg. The suburb is stuck in a different era and not in a good way. New injection and more competition is needed for the majority of the shops along Sydney road to get their act together. We have the worst Coles I've come across and a number of arcades that looked tired in the 90s. Just make sure it's a half decent design.

  6. Anita Carcour commented

    No building along Sydney Rd should be more than 3 storeys because it is not necessary.
    Are all buildings occupied at all storeys now? Is it not better to renovate them?
    The fascades are important to the heritage and story of people in and from Coburg. We did and do exist.
    Development needs to be approved and supported by informed residents(multicultural) through council processes of consultation. This is a true democracy to have debate, discussion between residents which is the basis of council planning decisions.

  7. Michael Herrick commented

    I agree with most of the comments above. And, please, if this thing has to be built, make them keep the (unique in Coburg) Spanish Mission facade of the first floor and perhaps the rest could be built with a Moorish theme. See Nightingale 3 at 209 Sydney Rd Brunswick. In fact, all of the older interesting upper facades of the shopfronts should be kept.

  8. Lucy Beaumont commented

    Seven storeys would be too imposing and defile the character of Sydney Road that makes this area great. There certainly needs to be development in this area but it needs to be carefully and sensitively planned. Let's go for quality over quantity Moreland Council! And let's also prioritise green building practices by using materials wisely and not plunging the other side of the street into darkness.

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