14 Yundah St Shorncliffe QLD 4017

Dwelling House, Extension, Demolition, Dwelling House

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 3 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Brisbane City Council, reference A005213283)

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  1. Susie Mogridge commented

    I find it quite insulting that the certifier in his letter dated 7 June 2019 has stated that 'The lift shaft will be cladded in aluminium roofing to match the existing roof to ensure the shaft does not dominate the character of the dwelling' when the shaft is actually higher than the highest roof level, and is dominating not only 14 Yundah St, but all the surrounding houses - especially those nearest. The letter then goes on the say 'the lift shaft will mainly be seen from the utility lane at the side and rear of the property not Yundah Street.' The only 'neighbours' who look directly onto the front of the property in Yundah Street are the Shorncliffe State School, when the real impact is actually on all of us whose houses also back onto the utility lane, and who are impacted by the sheer mass and height of the extension, including the enormous lift shaft. Surely it cannot be passed by Council? Also, it seems that Mr McDonald has simply done what he wants, and not what was contemplated by plans submitted to Council. Surely just submitting another DA cannot possibly be acceptable by Council - especially in a heritage area. Please feel free to come and stand on our back verandah (or any of our neighbours) to see the awful impact of this so called 'development' and the sheer volume of it. This also does not take into account the fact that the height of the structure means that from their so called 'viewing deck' they look directly into neighbouring houses, and not at any other 'view' which impacts on privacy. We would like Council to re-visit any decision made in this matter.

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