46 Cowan Road St Ives NSW 2075

Demolition of existing dwelling and construction of a residential care facility,

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 4 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Ku-ring-gai Council, reference DA0168/19)


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  1. Rodney cameron commented

    This development proposes major and unreasonable variations to the existing zoning in height and scale...the investment value is inconsistent with the apparent scale and appears to be formulated in order to bypass KMC development approval and move direct to State Planning.. traffic impacts statements are inadequate..landscape footprint is inadequate

  2. Linda Chander commented

    This submission is totally unreasonable, both for the neighbourhood and for potential residents. Little attention has been paid to the impact on neighbouring properties - loss of light, sun and privacy, as well as the location of the services areas and the intrusion of noise, odours, and round-the-the-clock activity that comes with such a facility. Cowan Road is a traffic nightmare during the day and a facility of this size will severely compromise safety of local residents and the children and young people who use the park. For residents there has been little thought given to landscaping and outdoor recreational areas. Our older residents deserve better consideration in their twilight years and not squeezed into an ugly institution like battery hens.

  3. Grahame Hall commented

    Previous developers have endeavoured to add value to the Cowan Road precinct with developments that are in sync with the total area and council regulations. This DA in bulk and size, aesthetics for the neighbourhood, encroachment on neighbouring properties, a monolith from both the streetscape and Pymble Golf Course destroys all the past efforts of both council and the residents. Non-compliance with all planning regulations in both height, floor ratios, over reaching of neighbouring properties, shadowing and intrusion both visually and massive increase in traffic movement impacts the life style of all St Ives residents. Opposite the development is the Village Green in which all our children take part in sport both during the week and especially on the weekend. Green space is at a premium in greater Sydney for a multitude of uses and we need access to the Village Green. Traffic movement and parking is at a premium now and will be severely compromised by this development due to staff parking, access needed for at least 4 weekly skip bin pick ups, daily linen pick up and deliveries, daily food, medical and resources delivery as well as residents family visits. Cowan Road is already overloaded with parking and traffic and this will exacerbate the problem to an insufferable position for all residents in Cowan Road. The development is not in keeping with it's neighbourhood and I implore council to reject the application as it does not comply on all planning regulations.

  4. Thomas Chamberlain commented

    This development is outrageous and is totally insensitive to its effect on its neighbours and the public at large. It is a crude monstrosity that is driven by corporate greed. It ignores DCP controls, local standards and is non compliant to even State Standards. Its height impacts at all levels on the neighbouring units at 32 and 52 Cowan road, causing overshadowing, view loss, noise, odour, privacy and liveability. Cowan road is currently congested at weekends, this development will ensure this urban link road will be impassable throughout the week. In order to maintain neighbourly characteristic of the road Council must reject this DA

  5. Mike McLaren commented

    It is incongruous to think KMC or any NSW Planning group will even give this proposed development any consideration - and (as a St Ives resident’s for almost 40 years) I appeal for all consideration to be rejected outright and immediately.

    Whilst not a direct neighbour to this site I know it very well - and know there will be substantial negative impact on local residents - physical, environmental and emotional. To degrade this site with a monstrous development which blocks light, reduces the garden “feel” of St Ives even further cannot be considered. And the impact on Pymble Golf Club’s course cannot be discounted - a course mainly used and enjoyed by residents of KMC. And it is my understanding that this proposed development does not comply at all with relevant regulations - height, set back, space ratios to name just a few.

    The traffic impact, during construction and afterwards, will be unsustainable. I use Cowan Road about 10 times per week. It is already apparent that access from Cowan Road to Mona Vale Road is constantly compromised, often taking 5-8 minutes to access Mona Vale Road. Access from Cowan Road to Killeaton Street is also already compromised - a right hand turn opportunity is scarce and limited, whilst a left hand turn see all traffic immediately funneled from two lanes into one. How much more will this all be impacted will construction, staff, resident, visitor and service vehicles accessing the site probably more than 100 times a day??? The scale of this proposed development will create chaos and a COMPLETE bottle-neck which puts substantial strain on other local roads, as well as risking safety of pedestrians. Access to and from St Ives Village - which is already at an effective “peak”load - will also be made even more difficult.

    Our “garden suburb” has already been severely impacted by excessive development. Please do not add to the strain and loss of amenity we already feel from excessive development.

  6. Lisa Miles commented

    I would simply like to endorse all of the well considered and articulately expressed comments put forward by Mr. Mike McLaren.
    The proposed development is completely and unacceptably at odds with the aesthetic character of Cowan Road, the St Ives green area and indeed the broader St.Ives suburb. But of far greater importance are the impractical logistical considerations well outlined by Mr. McLaren and all of the other residents who have thoughtfully put forward input here.

  7. Roy De Giorgio commented

    This development flouts all common sense and it’s approval shows a council that doesn’t listen to it’s constituency. The size of this is unreasonable and will put undue stress on Cowan Street - which is a two lane road which already backs up from Mona Vale Road.

  8. Shahin Ganji commented

    I am totally disappointed with the planned construction in Cowan Road. In my opinion this will impact our already struggling infrastructure and noise pollution. There is no consideration to the traffic , and how it will increase the number of accidents. Visitors to the street are already suffering with the limited parking. Bupa has a facility around the corner, there is no reason nor demand for this project to go ahead. It appears it is driven by pure greed and selfishness.

  9. Ross Eichorn commented

    This absurd monstrosity of a development is a gross insult to all residents of St Ives.
    It reeks of corporate greed and one wonders if the owners would like this monolith being built next to their home or indeed in their neighbourhood ….. I suspect not!
    How could any approving body, be they local council or state, ever consider approving this application on such an horrendous scale which massively dwarfs all surrounding homes and makes a joke of traffic considerations and residential homes in the district.
    Local infrastructure is already at breaking point.
    It looks like corporate selfishness and distain for the lives of fellow Australians has been thrown out the window yet again in the quest for the almighty dollar.
    Are Thompson Health Care even reading these complaints let alone considering what they're doing to peoples lives?... I suspect not

  10. Bronwyn Edwards commented

    The size and density of this proposed development is NOT in any way consistent with the character and amenity of Cowan Road. It screams of over-development. The adjoining existing properties, to the south (No. 32) and north (No. 52), consist of 7 units each: this development proposes accommodation for 132 people plus staff and visiting service providers, as well as visitors. The road and infrastructure simply cannot cope with such increased capacity. The sewerage services alone have been problematic recently. There would be big trucks regularly and continually coming and going. Importantly also, Council would be aware and have knowledge of the numerous “Over 55” developments in Cowan Road and the road safety for the many seniors (several over 90) already living in and crossing Cowan Road would be dangerously compromised, leading to possible injuries or worse. Certainly this proposed development would bring a severe loss of amenity for all local residents. The DA should be refused!

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