454 Ocean Beach Road, Umina Beach NSW 2257

Construction Of A Two (2) Storey Boutique Boarding House With 11 Rooms. Alterations To Existing House To Create Managers Residence. Six Car Parking Spaces Demolition Of One (1) Dwelling And Out Building

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 20 days ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Central Coast Council (Gosford), reference 011.2019.00056417.001 )


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  1. Stuart Davidson commented

    This proposed developed should not be approved under any circumstance!

    The development is a complete waste of a valuable block in an already over crowed area of Umina.

    The area is full of families who I'm sure like myself are extremely concerned about this type of proposed development and the type of people who would be stay there. Also I can't understand how this type of development could be considered by the council in such close proximity to a local primary school.

    Also in addition to my concerns about the proposed use of the block the proposed design of the new building looks terrible and to my untrained eye seem to break a number of local planning rules i.e. floor space ratio, areas of deep soil planting etc.

  2. Local resident Umina commented

    As a local resident of Umina I without questions oppose this development.

    This development is not in keeping with the community and village nature of the area or the current community use of the area.

    The council should not be approving these developments. The size, style, and proposed use are in direct conflict with the community expectations and in contrast to the local government area development rules. The councillor must stop ignoring the regulations for development in our area and this council must stop ignoring the residents concerns.

    If these developments continue local residents need to start protesting at the council doors and demand the council act in the interests of local residents.

    The major needs to ask - are you really wanting to be the person who led the destruction of one of the oldest and most beautiful community areas on the central coast.

  3. Julie commented

    This appears to be an horrific eyesore and will destroy the appearance of the area.

    Needless to add that the development does not meet any of the planning guidelines.

    Unbelievable that such a development could possibly get the green light from our council.
    What use are the planning guidelines? There seems to be no limits to what this council will approve.

    I certainly do not want such a development in Umina, let alone only metres from the surf club, where so many children spend their time. As a USLC member I am horrified at what a "boarding house" will mean for our club and beach.

  4. Reuben commented

    Definitely opposed to this development Umina is a family friendly area. What types of people will be staying in the boarding house will they be safe around children? With a successful surf club and a primary school Very close is this really the type of development the area needs ? Umina has changed a lot in the last 10 yrs for the better, how would putting this building in affect the community.
    Concerned surf club member.

  5. Christina commented

    I have moved to the area recently and am horrified that a boarding house is placed so close to a primary school, family area and surf life saving club. Absolutely against this kind of development and concerned that the council does not want to improve the area.

  6. Don Terrill commented

    This should not be approved , we are over populated as it is , no more multi storey dwellings of this type or granny flats

  7. Mel B commented

    Not a good idea thanks

  8. Kerri commented

    No way should this go ahead so close to a primary school the beach or a park... who nos who they will put in this boarding house..... a big NO from me

  9. Umina resident commented

    What a ridiculous proposal! Pull your heads in!

  10. Nick Haughain commented

    I fully support the approval of this application. It should be the responsibility of the community to look after and support those who need our community's support.

    The proposed development is in a central location with good access to services, shops and public transport. The development is in line with the character of the street with a substantial number of medium density residential developments already there.

    The Central Coast Council should approve this development.

  11. Rachel Weir commented

    I support the approval of this application, provided that it meets appropriate planning guidelines for floor space, greenery, parking etc.
    And provides the rooms at affordable rents for the disadvantaged within our community.
    Rents in the area are very high for single people on low incomes.
    The proposed development is in a central location with good access to services, shops and public transport. The development is in line with the character of the street with a substantial number of medium density residential developments already there.

    The Central Coast Council should approve this development.

  12. Carolyn commented

    As a local resident I fully support this development and hope it enables the uplifting of the disadvantaged in the area.

  13. Zoe L commented

    Dear Council. In an area that is publicly attempting to become gentrified, (ie Approval for revamp of nearby Peninsula Recreation Precinct. ) why would you considered putting a boarding house in a family friendly street and located less than 500m from the Public School and SLSC? I STRONGLY oppose this application.

  14. Ric T commented

    As a local resident of Umina I cannot believe council would even consider this application. The submission does not meet any planning controls and would be a complete eyesore to the natural amenity of the area. Umina is trying to improve itself over the past 10 years from a crime and liveability perspective. Lets not send it backwards by approving a development like this!

  15. John Petersen commented

    Silly location. The residents are locked in with only the odd bus for transport. The train lies at woy woy and north of it. Look elsewhere. Umina has become unsafe enough as it is. A resounding NO for Umina.

  16. Judi Brookes commented

    I oppose any such construction of a boarding house so close to a public school, park and surf club. This is family area and serviced by the local community and many visitors to the area who choose to stay at Ocean Beach caravan park. Over the last few years we have seen a massive "clean up" of this area, and do not want to see it slip back.
    I would like to have more detailed information of the type of dwelling and the market it will be available to. What is your definition of a boarding house?

  17. M. Albrecht commented

    I strongly disagree with this application.
    Umina is a family friendly area and more and more a beautiful holiday destination for a lot of people.
    In a time where a family with two working adults cannot afford to buy a house it is not understandable to consider building a boarding house in a prime location like this.

  18. Sharnie commented

    We do not live in a small country town. We are in the twentyth century. What happened to help thy neighbor. Put yourself in some one else's shoes for a moment you do not know their circumstances. Don't judge a person you do not know they might save your life one day. As some have commented it is near a school - you don't know what type of people will move in there. DO WE really know our neighbors our friends or any body in fact.. I FULLY support this application support your local community

  19. Leanne commented

    I don’t agree with this development. It will devalue the property’s in this area. There is limited parking in this area at the moment with hope church and cwa hall. Now a medical centre being built across the road again limited parking. In the school hours the traffic is horrible. There are children whom try to cross in this area and I have seen several near misses. I father was actually hit in this area on a Sunday morning not alit of traffic then. My family lives across the road from the development and we have not received any notifications regarding this. When will this happen.

  20. Mike commented

    Council approved the Boarding House at Woy Woy and that has bought nothing but trouble. You now have people drinking and arguing on the street out the front of Woy Woy Oval and the library starting as early as 9 am in the morning. The water front and Memorial park is also littered with overflow of these people. I do not think it is a good idea to replicate the same model in Umina. I do not support this application. I look at the Woy Woy model and it has failed miserably. I realise not everyone that stays at the boarding house is a problem. However there is nothing imposed to ensure the problem few don't clean up their act. I do not consider drinking alcohol each and every day of the week and fighting in the street as being part of a community.

  21. Evan commented

    It would be nice if council could learn from the mistake that it’s residents have to deal with every time we’re at Woy Woy. It’s funny how they tried to build a similar building at Ettalong a few years back and the local residents ‘disagreed’ and before anyone could blink it’d been given the go ahead at Woy Woy. There is now a very real social issue happening in Woy Woy. If this goes ahead it will be detrimental to Umina residents. Not only this it will be placing the boarding residents at a disadvantage as public transport is challenged in this area. Put in the mix the school, the surf club and the children’s playground so close..............really? So once again we’re to live with the wants of the minority out weighing those that contribute to their area. Those who make it a better and safer place to raise kids and who try to improve the lives of those around them.
    So that’s a NO from me.

  22. mr concerned commented

    There has to be a more appropriate location for this boarding house? any boarding house? where do you locate these buildings in suburbia? are there criteria? can developers place them anywhere they like? It will impact the local neighbourhood and sort of not really fair to the residents that have made it there home.
    lots of questions, need answers.

  23. Emma Jordan commented

    Please take note that this street is used by primary school children walking home from school (sometimes unsupervised) this has alway been thought of as a safe area very close to a large primary school with approximately 800 students. Two surf clubs again with a large Nipper’s community, and one of the largest public park/play areas on the coast. I understand that the boarding house needs to go somewhere but have all these factors been taken into consideration, when considering who the residents will be?

  24. G commented

    I strongly appose the application in response to local road infrastructure (local road and parking) already been well beyond capacity combined with boarding houses being renowned for unfortunately delivering social problems.

    Infrastructure - already past capacity examples:
    ~ Ocean Beach Road heading towards Woy Woy station during peak times is already well past its capacity.
    ~ Car Parking around the location is also past capacity eg Umina Markets, Nippers, Umina Beach Big 4 Caravan Park access during Christmas time, Umina Recreation Area every weekend.

    Social Issues - Sadly this is the reality
    ~ A boarding House should never be approved and constructed within proximity of Schools or venues that deliver children's programs such as child care and surf life saving clubs.

    ~ Council has a responsibility (Duty of Care) to the Community and must own the reality of the situation and do what they can to minimize potentially negative social impacts to the existing community particularly in a location that receives a high volume of local and non local visitors on weekends and during school holidays.

    ~ Negative Disturbances within this highly sensitive precinct will have a profound impact upon local business (West street) and tourism.

    ~ Whilst walking distance to shops is a positive, having a Boarding House within easy walking distance to seven alcohol serving venues ie 2 x Bottleshops, 1 x Pub, 1 x Bar, 1 x Club & 2 x surf clubs (I'm probably missing some) surely warrants a "no".

    The reasons for a "NO" in this location surely outweighs the request for a yes. Council we vote you in to take your Duty of Care seriously!...Please select a location that has not got such a stretched infrastructure problem via local and external community usage and another location that does not have an existing high density of children's venues and alcohol distribution centers all within close proximity.

  25. Billy Davis commented

    I strongly oppose the approval of this development. It should not take place in the heart of Umina Beach. I have lived here for nearly 24 years, my whole life. I’ve witnessed this beautiful suburb develop from what used to be referred to as Mt Druitt By the Sea, to one of the most prominent suburbs on the central coast. People love visiting the area and it is a holiday hot spot. The proposed development will bring down the perceived value of property in the immediate vincinity directly affecting the people in the surrounding houses. We need to enrich this area it is the pride and joy of peninsula. Put these type of developments out of the way in the back of Woy Woy where there is better access to community services and public transport. Obviously the proposal hasn’t been thought through for the well-being of the people to board, more to line the pockets of the developers. Disgraceful and selfish idea.

  26. Luke C commented

    I’m very much opposed to this development application, it’s in close proximity to schools, parks and other areas frequented by children. From all the reports I’ve heard about the boarding house in Woy Woy I definitely don’t want one in my area, it will affect property prices and potentially the safety of the community.

  27. Remy Fillios commented

    I strongly oppose this development!
    As a mother, I’m concerned for the safety of my children and all the other school aged children who walk directly past this location to get to and from school, the beach and the park.
    As a member of the community I’m concerned about the demographic of residents who will be residing there. Will drug and alcohol abuse be as prevalent such as it is at the boarding house in Woy Woy?
    This would be a terrible mistake for such a family friendly community!

  28. Peta Saley commented

    I strongly oppose this development, my principal concern would be the children not only from the local primary school, but numerous local primary schools and child care centres who frequent this street to access the beach and sporting fields which are used seven days a week.
    The Umina Precinct is major drawer card to Central Coast families and tourists, this precinct park is about to have millions of dollars spent on it and it is within walking distance of the proposed development.
    The present character of the street and area with many villas and town houses occupied largely by older residents and families makes this development location a bad fit.
    Please reconsider this location, hundreds of children walk past this site every day, there is no police presence and the precinct park being within walking distance makes the location unsuitable.

  29. Tom Sharma commented

    Terrible idea that I completely oppose.
    The proposed development is too close to the local primary school and soon to be re-built recreational precinct as well as in between two busy surf clubs which attracts high volumes of youth and pedestrian and vehicle traffic. All of which are within walking distance of the proposed development. Too many kids walk these quiet streets with minimal to no police presence.
    The location is already overcrowded with cabins, units and duplex living in surrounding area as well as minimal parking for shopping and at the surf club car parks. Many of the residents in the vicinity are elderly, and such a proposal would impact on their standard of living, e.g. noise pollution, drug & alcohol incidents coming from the location.
    The proposed development will certainly devalue local homes in the immediate vicinity and will put off potential home buyers looking to invest making this a detriment for our community that we simply cannot afford. We should be cleaning up Umina. How about a development that will give back to the community rather than take away from it?!
    Umina is a tourist destination hot spot and such a building would only detract tourists and diminish our tourist & holiday appeal.
    A much more viable option would be develop such a building at the back of Woy Woy (better public transport options, more available land, less of a community impact).

  30. Shane commented

    Totally inappropriate style of dwelling for the Umina Beach area and I whole heartedly oppose.

    Recent flooding of the area with secondary dwellings -I.e granny flats, has led to massive spike in population and an increase of traffic. Not sure if coincidental or not but crime levels are out of control.

    Proximity to one of the largest primary schools on the central coast and surf clubs /park precinct is also of massive concern.

    As a long time local resident I just see this as another grab for cash by a developer, who thinks that adding the word “boutique” will detract from the fact this will be just a slum of the future.

  31. Georgia Davis commented

    I strongly oppose the approval of this development. It should not take place in the heart of Umina Beach. I have lived here my whole life. I’ve witnessed this beautiful suburb develop from what used to be referred to as Mt Druitt By the Sea, to one of the most prominent suburbs on the central coast. People love visiting the area and it is a holiday hot spot. The proposed development will bring down the perceived value of property in the immediate vincinity directly affecting the people in the surrounding houses. We need to enrich this area it is the pride and joy of peninsula. Put these type of developments out of the way in the back of Woy Woy where there is better access to community services and public transport. Obviously the proposal hasn’t been thought through for the well-being of the people to board, more to line the pockets of the developers. Disgraceful and selfish idea.

  32. Thom Newman commented

    I wholeheartedly oppose this development in Umina Beach.

    Umina it’s self is the most densely populated area on the central coast. If you look on a map, you won’t find anywhere near as built up with the exception of Sydney CBD. The area is quickly becoming over populated. Add that to the holiday visitors and it’s excessive.
    Umina lacks the infrastructure to support the residents that live here already, never mind incorporating a group of people that have certain needs like these.

    The development is way too close to the largest primary school on the peninsula with many children making the transition of walking to school unsupervised.
    The street is a main access road to the local beach which also means children use this road to access the beach.
    There are also many elderly in the area and on this street who would be also left vulnerable and worried about such a development and the type of characters this development would bring to Umina.
    One person mentioned that the development is fitting with the area and this couldn’t be more wrong. The building it’s self being double story is out of character for the local area and it would stand out like a sore thumb.

    Woy Woy already has a major problem with homeless people living in the parks and the streets there, which nothing seems to be being done about.
    Woy Woy would be a far more suitable location to help these homeless and other people and it also has far better public transport links, and access to better amenities to support such people such as the Centrelink and Medicare centre there. The local infrastructure would be far better suited to cope with such demands.

    Crime is also high in Umina due to the distinct lack of a Police station and constant lack of police presence. Again, Woy Woy would be far better equipped to deal with such a development for the crime level increase that would undoubtedly follow which is already far too high.

    I am not opposed to the idea of the development to help people that need it, but I am extremely opposed to the location being in Umina which is very clearly an inadequate location.

  33. Umina Beach resident commented

    I oppose of this development. It should not take place in Umina. I have lived here for 24 years, it is a holiday hot spot. The proposed development will bring down the value of property. Put these type of developments out of the way in the back of Woy Woy where there is better access to community services and public transport. Do not build this! No thought has been put into it at all

  34. C Wilkinson commented

    I strongly OPPOSE to this development. How did the Woy Woy boarding house turn out?

    Umina is over populated enough with the high volume of multi living developments and granny flats. No more should be approved.

    Placing this development so close to the local public school, surf club and family precinct is a terrible idea. Not to mention it is in the heart of the town and main road.

    Don’t put such an eyesore in the heart of such a beautiful town

  35. Annette commented

    I don’t think this is a community friendly idea. I with many others oppose this

  36. Del commented

    What an absolutely terrible idea.
    Central Coast Council can removed all our parks and playgrounds overnight with no regard for our local children, and now going to build a dwelling like this near our beach and local school.

    West St is over congested as it is!

    Would you allow it near Avoca or Terrigal Beaches?

  37. Paul James commented

    I think we have done our bit towards affordable social housing with the place in Woy Woy. Go and build it in Gosford where it needs people to bum around the streets

  38. Lyn Shanks commented

    This is the first I have heard of this so drove down to the site. There are villas each side and one at the back on the rear lane which I assume is being demolished to build the lodging. 5 car spaces does not seem enough for 11 rooms assuming the all have cars or visitors.. I have not seen the plans but to put a two storied residence on this small site at the back is not in keeping with the area. Just to build it is going to be a nuisance for the people either side and parking on the street is at a premium. I do not think this type of development is appropriate for the area.

  39. Ross and Tina commented

    We do not support this type of development in Umina Beach, in particular in Ocean beach road because of close proximity to the local schools and the two surf clubs. This area is already over populated by the school community and the supporters of the surf clubs.
    Not knowing what type of residents will occupy this development, we are concerned that it may become disturbing to local residents and bring disruptive behaviour and unlawfulness to this peaceful community

    We don't want the tranquility of Umina Beach to be disrupted. Umina has prospered and grown over the last 10 years and this attracts people looking for this life style in the way of residents and holiday makers. This type of development would infringe on this continued growth.


  40. C commented

    Myself and all my family members strongly oppose this development. Umina is over populated enough of granny flats and units. We need to make Umina a more family friendly and safe community, no doubt this development will bring trouble to the area. It shouldn’t be so close to the local public school, surf club and family precinct this is a terrible idea. Children walk to school everyday down this street and I do not think it would be safe anymore.

    Plus it will stand out and look out of place.

  41. Katie Wilkinson commented

    I am all for affordable housing on the peninsula, though I think consideration of the location of these boarding houses needs to be addressed. The homes surrounding this development are mostly villas housing our elderly community. There is a primary school nearby and also main access to our Umina Beach. Young children often walk this street unsupervised to school, public transport and local beach. It seems like another money making venture to me. Currently Doctors on the Peninsula have closed their books to new patients. The main mental health clinics are in Gosford, not Umina. Parking spaces are for only 5 of the 11 residents, more on site parking should be supplied as parking is already limited on Ocean Beach Road and the rear lane behind is strictly no street parking. It would be nice to have a 24 hour manned Police Station at Woy Woy should you consider another development like this, or even another Police Station in Umina. There is already too much crime in the area and not enough Police patrols happening to prevent it. I oppose this development with the considerations above with the lack of police in the area preventing current crime and the elderly people that reside along side this proposed development and the young children that often walk unsupervised in the area.

  42. M. West commented

    I am opposed to the boarding house in Umina Beach. Unfortunately the type of person it attracts is generally criminals. There is a beach only a 1 km down the road, there is a beautiful big park/playground for children there too, as well as a school, a football oval, a soccer oval, a number of public toilets, all of which would be putting children who frequent these places at risk. There is a pub and a two bottle shops in West St, only a short walk from this location.
    Gosford may possibly be a better location. Gosford is near a train station, the courthouses are located here, as well as the Centrelink offices and other relevant services, the Gosford CBD is not residential which is most important.

  43. Kevin Woods commented

    There is currently a development application for an 11 unit/room boarding house at 454 Ocean Beach Road, Umina Beach. All Umina Beach Residents I know are vehemently opposed to the proposal.
    A little known fact is when criminals are released from prison if they have nowhere to go they often are relocated to boarding houses because of the cheap accommodation. Developers tried to build a similar boarding house at Ettalong where residents strenuously objected and successfully prevented it being built. The homeless people gathering at Woy Woy are a sad blight on the area with drunkenness, fighting and foul language common. The people of Umina Beach don’t want to see this beautiful beachside suburb turned into a slum area of the future.
    This development is opposite the CWA hall where Senior Citizens regularly congregate. It is near the Umina Beach Public School and numerous children walk to school sometimes unsupervised. It is a long way from Woy Woy Railway Station and is nowhere near a ready employment hub. There is enough pressure on public transport now without adding an unknown, unstipulated number of residents from this site. Under the Terms and Conditions of the proposal, The number of guests occupying a room must not exceed the number stated on the reservation document. How many are allowed to be stated on the document and live in each room?
    There are 11 Units self-contained with no apparent stipulation of the numbers of people allowed in each unit, as well as a minimum of one manager on duty at all times, just how many people will be living on one block of land?
    At (8.4) Hours of Operation 8 “The hours of operation of the Boarding House will be:
    Monday – Sunday 0:00 to 24:00”, in other words the boarding house will be operational 24 hours a day seven days a week and requires a minimum of one on site manager there during all hours to keep the peace.
    Smoking is strictly prohibited within the internal parts of the premises, including all rooms, bathrooms and common areas. Meaning of course nicotine addicted residents of the boarding house will gather outside on Ocean Beach Road smoking, which will be a form of intimidation of the Senior Residents attending the CWA Hall opposite, nearby residents and children going to and from school.
    In light of the sheer weight of numbers of Umina Beach Residents, opposing this development, I look to our Council Officers and our elected Council Representatives to act responsibly and stop this outrageous development in a residential area.
    Please do not destroy the natural ambience of Umina Beach with inappropriate developments like this. I caution if this development is allowed, other similar applications will follow.

  44. David Turnbull commented

    what a dumb and stupid idea
    Why not put it in Gosford where there is plenty of room and growth to be had
    Having a working with childrens permit does not come easy theese days but i recomend that you have all of the people who make such descisions obtain one before any more backwards thinking towards our local families and childrens saftey and well being .not to mention local crime.
    Are you going to supply all houses in the area with cameras and alarm systems to help combat your bad judgement calls
    Or increase Police presence and patrols !
    Or offer more funding for this ?
    “No i think not “!

  45. M. Pierce commented

    I am opposed to this development. I believe the location does not meet the necessary criteria as outlined in the Central Coast Draft Affordable and Alternative Housing Strategy (2018). That states that location is ‘a key issue in terms of social equity and sustainability’ and should be located close to ‘larger service centres with a comprehensive range of retail, health, recreation and support services and facilities, and where possible, public transport. A focus on transit oriented developments near major railway stations is also important given the level of commuting out of area in the Central Coast.’ It recommends locating affordable housing within 800 metres of railway stations, and focusing on business zones such as Gosford and Woy Woy. Clearly, Umina Beach does not fit that criteria, being over 4 km from the nearest train station. Additionally, council is required under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act to ‘take into account the social and economic impacts of a development application’ and to ‘consider whether a proposed development is in the public interest’. The proposed location is close to children’s playgrounds, sporting fields, surf clubs, and schools, and right at the gateway to the suburb, yet not near social services, and in a suburb that has an undersupply of doctors, no police presence, and a consistently greater than state and national levels of unemployment. Furthermore, whilst across the Central Coast, apartments make up 8% of housing stock, in Umina Beach, dwellings other than houses has increased over the last 10 years to 23% of the housing stock in 2016. This has been coupled with a population increase of nearly 10%, without the associated infrastructure to support it. Adding to this already existing inequity in Umina Beach is ignoring the social impacts of higher density living and changing the essential nature of our coastal village. There are many investigations and studies that have highlighted the costs of development without attention to infrastructure, particularly ‘soft infrastructure’ such as access to employment, and the establishment of local services and strategies to develop community cohesion. The Macquarie Fields riots of 2005 are example of an area that had basic hard infrastructure provided such as shops and affordable housing, but without other hard infrastructure such as a community centre, and the essential soft infrastructure. (http://realoptionsconsulting.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Sharyn-Casey_Establishing-Standards-for-Social-Infrastructure.pdf). This study also notes The failure to provide adequate and sustainable community infrastructure results in long-term costs and consequences. This is particularly so in areas that are already disadvantaged or show signs of the potential to become increasingly disadvantaged over the medium to long term. The study indicates ideally a town of our size would have a neighbourhood centre, a community hall, and a senior citizens centre. Umina Beach, with its already higher than average unemployment, lack of a police station, and other essential infrastructure needs is in danger of suffering long term costs of ongoing unsuitable developments, including this one.

  46. Roz commented

    My son and his family are wanting to buy in this area because at this point it appears we have a good school and great amenities for a young family. However, this proposal has turned them off. I wonder how many other young families will consider other areas if this application goes ahead. We need young families to feel safe here.

  47. Concerned Resident commented

    I'm strongly against this proposal. I feel like something of this nature shouldn't be located so close to the local primary school, parks, beaches and shops, and would cause a great concern for residents and families in the area. It goes against everything our local council should be trying to avoid as such, and would be better located in an area where it wouldn't be so noticeable or have the potential to cause a rise in criminal activity and crime.
    The idea of having the building back onto the rear lane that is also shared with Berith street residents is alarming and causes concern for my families safety.
    I also find the design of the building ugly and out of context for this street and location.
    Why not propose something that is actually going to better the area.

  48. David Morrison commented

    I oppose such a type of development so close to a primary school and children’s play area

  49. Dirk Correll commented

    Please do not risk the children and youth in Umina by allowing this development. This development will be on a major thoroughfare that links children, parents and the elderly with West St shops, the surf club, the school, the existing playground precinct, the future Peninsula Precinct, the youth at Hope Church, the elderly at the CWA, and the tens of thousands of tourists who come to our lovely beach and village every summer. A Boarding House is certainly not in keeping with the surrounds and current demographic and it will lead to numerous issues. Please look for a more suitable and responsible position for this establishment.

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