Tabbita Road, Dunmore,

Dunmore Quarry - Establish two new extraction areas (Stage 5); extract sand by excavator and dredge; construct a pipeline between Stage 5 and Stage 2; pump extracted sand from Stage 5 to the Stage 2 processing area; pump processed water from Stage 2 to Stage 5; partially backfill the Stage 5 ponds with VENM; and rehabilitate the site.

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  1. Andrew Sloan (Deputy Mayor - Kiama) commented

    a) the proposed expansion areas are some distance from the original approved area (especially 5B) and as such a modification of the approval without full EIS is inappropriate.
    b) area 5A is directly over the road from a major landfill site. Quarrying here could mobilise contaminated groundwater (leachate) with resulting impacts on the Minnamurra River. This has not been modelled or properly assessed.
    c) area 5B is very remote from the existing areas and brings sand mining effectively to the banks of the Minnamurra River for the first time. This river is extremely important to the Kiama community and tourism. The location is very close to significant saltmarsh and mangrove ecosystems. Impact of greater groundwater fluctuations on these ecosystems must be undertaken.
    d) area 5B, should it proceed, will impact on residents of Dunmore Lakes and residents there have lodged a submission about noise and dust.
    e) the Minnamurra Progress Association points out that the larger trees on 5B are important nesting sites incl for sea eagles.
    f) this is NOT a modification. It brings the mining to new areas close to our beloved river for the first time.

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