19 Warrah Street, Ettalong Beach NSW 2257

Town Houses x 3

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 4 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Central Coast Council (Gosford), reference 011.2019.00056368.001 )


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  1. Moving out commented

    Coming out of the Hornsby area today my 8 year old said it’s so busy and noisy and horrible. if Umina gets this busy I will hate it there. Where will we live mum I don’t want to live in that.

    Poor kid Umina is being sold off to developers within his childhood and he is already looking for where he can move to get away from it.

    What’s hilarious though is that the beach and bayside areas of north Sydney aren’t getting trashed by overdevelopment, are keeping their backyards, village and community atmospheres, and have retained and built up their value. While overcrowded dumps of mass developments crash while residents leave in droves

    Well done Central coast council you have trashed another community, made it unliveable and even children here are starting to hate it.

    Why wouldn’t they - no longer able to ride their bikes because there are no footpaths and the roads are overcrowded and deadly. Only a matter of time.. already the speeding and agressive pissed of people are making the streets unsafe to walk or ride. How many people are out riding and walking... not many it’s becoming deadly

    Wonder who will buy these developments and live in the overcrowded mess that’s being created. At least Hornsby area has kept its trees and has side walks. It might be over developed and hideous but there are gutters and footpaths and even bike paths... and ... roads that can handle the congestion... and green spaces... and a lot safer and more loveable than what’s being done to the peninsula

    This area is being trashed turning into a slum, the property market is crashing and people are leaving !!

    Well done central coast council

  2. EB commented

    great to see new developments in Umina, demolishing the older houses from the 70s. Umina and Ettalong and Woy Woy are being developed into a nice area to live.Great to see new homes and townhouses and even highrise being planned and built. the future looks bright. no one wants to live in a backwater.

  3. So Sad commented

    Development is great - OVERdevelopment is what is now happening in Umina and it is spoiling the area.
    New houses on decent block sizes are very much welcomed throughout the community.
    We need the development of proper roads, footpaths and gutters to ensure the area stays appealing and safe for residents (new and current).

    The Peninsula should be playing up to the tourist attraction it is and to the migration of families from Sydney to the area.

    Removing houses and putting villas, units etc in their place will remove families from the area.

  4. Fun yet commented

    Haha that’s hilarious, said no one living in Hornsby ever! Nice one EB funnyy

    Along with:
    * Wow it’s great to get run over because there are no footpaths
    * sitting in traffic is so much fun
    * Hmmm traffic noise is just so relaxing 24/7
    * oh wow no I can hear hear my neighbours on the toilet, #blessed! listen to the serenity of the flush
    * wow unit blocks are just so pretty and appealing my property is going to do so well surround by all of these
    * it’s great to have that horrible sea breeze gone at last
    * sun sun baking hot sun, finally all the shade is gone and the concrete is here to stay
    * woohoo I love that all the families have gone and there are so many cheap boxy little rentals that no one stays in for long
    * Yes! The beach is closed again from being so dirty and polluted by all the waste runoff and treatment overflow from all these people I get to hear go to the toilet.

  5. reb commented

    i don’t think Umina or ettalong or woy woy is being overdeveloped, it’s just being developed . nothing gets built if it’s against the law. larger houses always replace smaller ones. any new development requires curb and guttering as per da requirement
    It’s up to council to keep roads updated, not developers.
    The peninsula will continue to grow as being on train line is a huge drawcard.
    attn- funyet, no idea what your talking about, this isn’t hornsby , so silly to compare.
    families continue to move to Peninsula and central coast from sydney. because of better lifestyle
    . can’t stop progress or winge about it.
    all good

  6. Against selling out The Peninsula commented

    Families are leaving the area. Backyards are turning into cheap rental accommodation. Congestion is rapidly increasing and liveability is evaporating. People in the area are angry about what is being forced onto them. Is this really the community that this council wants to be responsible for creating?

    As the train increases and technology continues to enable people working away from Sydney families will be wanting to be in liveable and responsibly developed areas of high sustainable value outside of Sydney congestion. Why live outside of Sydney if it’s the same as being in Sydney?

    Is our area going in the direction of being liveable, responsible or in-demand?

    Look at the property market for the area, it’s already very clear which way it’s going in response to the rapid changes on the peninsula, and it’s backwards, fast. The only way to retain people and build demand, is to provide an environment people value, want to live in and a community they respect.

    Umina and the peninsula are being sold a lemon. ‘Can’t stop progress’ the quote comes from a morally and ethically corrupt wannabe developer character in the Muriel’s Wedding play/movie if you don’t understand the ridiculousness of that statement watch it. Is this what our area wants to be?

    Progress can be responsible and beneficial. Progress can persevere and retain. Progress can build value and progress can support community if that’s the goal at the start. Good progress requires strong and reliable leadership. I don’t have the impression that the majority of residents on the peninsula feel that the leadership for the region is strong or reliable.

  7. tab commented

    Im not sure if families are leaving the area? quite the opposite. they love the peninisula.
    People are leaving sydney because its too expensive!! they are coming here because its cheaper!!!!
    Property is booming, and holding steady not going backwards like in Sydney.
    Cant stop progress is a great moto. and very fitting for Central coast.
    Lots of residents in peninsula are elderly and complain about everything. time they allow young people to take control and build for there future!

  8. Concerned resident commented

    I can tell you. We are a young family with small children and we are looking to leave, as are many of our friends. We have friends who have not moved here after looking at the area, due to the overdevelopment of units and cheap infill housing.

    We have spoken to an agent and our property has lost value, substantially, due to the development in our area in Umina. We are looking at a very substantial loss of value since 2017, when we had backyards next door to our backyard and our street was a beautiful family friendly area people wanted to live in. Now it’s rental turnovers with different people coming and going, noisy, no adequate car parking and unsafe on the street due to the cars and lack of paths. This isn’t new and this isn’t a one-off, this is exactly what is happening to residents on the Peninsula right now as backyards are infilled with unit after unit and laneways are being used as roads and parking bays. Overdevelopment is causing significant social issues and anger in the area.

    It’s easy to belittle people with ‘ NIMBY’ and ‘cant stop development’ when those saying it aren’t the ones loosing out because of what’s being forced onto them in their backyards and lives.

    Central coast council is failing the peninsula and the residents are paying the price.

  9. Janice McDougall commented

    I fully agree with the comments made by concerned resident. It was a beautiful area for young families who felt so much safer here so different to Sydney. NOT Now though. Bad language comes from speeding cars racing up our streets for one. Our privacy is taken over our homes by these developers with the multi-storey stories. Hard to get parking at shopping centres. We can’t afford to move if we wanted to as prices have gone down. I am sure councillors and city planners wouldn’t like this happening where they live. It’s the money they are making that is more important to them. Not residents who are so angry and disappointed with all this happening.

  10. nimby commented

    prices are going down because of realestate downturn , some cases 150k , the market is righting itself.
    The Peninsula is metamorphising and responding with demolition of the small 1970s houses with larger ones for bigger families
    Rents are rising so it will push away the riffraff.

  11. Concerned resident commented

    These developments are not houses for families. The one commenting on here is a 3 unit townhouse development on a small block that used to be a home, townhouses, small units and unit developments not a family friendly development and won’t attract families.

    And the advice on house prices in the area was from a local agent standing on the affected property and directly stated the problem is the infill housing in the area driving down prices, other areas on the central coast are not affected!! no one wants to buy near cheap infill housing.

    Very few if any of the applications on the peninsula are houses. They are infill units, small rentals, small units, small townhouses.That’s the future being created and that’s is not an environment anyone wants to raise their children in or live in for any length of time.

    The developers and those making quick cash will be long gone once all the damage has been done and the residents left will have to deal with it.

  12. Sammy Smith commented

    Dear All
    Please could you send all of your well written responses to each council member, Mayor Jane Smith, and the CEO of Gosford.
    Also please join Save Woy Woy Waterfront/ sign up on Facebook and RRED ( residents for responsible Ettalong development) - sign up by emailing
    info @rrettalong.org.
    both groups are acting on behalf of the peninsula. There are thousands of concerned residents and we need to work together to let the Council know our concerns.

  13. Sybylla6 commented

    We have a house near Warrah Street that we have plans to develop into a lovely family home but are having serious second thoughts - might now just keep it as an investment, add a granny flat at half the cost and move elsewhere. Who wants a modern single level family home surrounded by villa units and two-storey townhouses on all sides, all concrete courtyards and driveways with no gardens? Neighbours are so close we can hear their phone conversations, no privacy and who whinge if you water the lawn.

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