15 Kerr Court Bellbird Park QLD 4300

Superseded Planning Scheme Request - Single Residential with Auxiliary Unit

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 5 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Ipswich City Council, reference SPSR-3010/2019)


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  1. Chris L commented

    I object to this development as it is not in keeping with the rest of the houses in this area. This will add more traffic to the already strained roadways in the area. We do not need more small lot developments with auxiliary units!

  2. David Harris commented

    For my part and many other concerned with the applications for auxialery in bellbird park the council must make it clear on behalf of our community that such delelopment must be stopped . I say again these units are entirly inappropriate for bellbird. The concil must be seen to be acting on the wishes of our community and to reject suc h applications
    I want to find out whether the council has granted applications for these auxiliary units, Applications for this small scale development and granting of such application seem to be coming thick and fast. There are at least 2 years until our new town plan is set in place. Please dont wait until then to see the way clear for these "Units." they are nothing but subdivision by stealth. I have photographs of these units clearly being used by members of the family to use exclusively and also adds significant value to the property and also has the undesirable effect of small scale subdivision. Once again i say to the council to listen to our community and reject such development. Consulting the community says three documents, the Ipswich plan , 'to minimise impacts on adjoining residential uses', the"new planning laws with 22 references to consultation with the community ' and the 2017 Regional Plan' ' Maximising community amenity' and' ' drawing inspiration from the community'. Clearly, all of these plans call for input and consultation by the community, So why isn't it happening? The community are speaking to the Council. The rejection of these auxiliary units are but a small part of what the community dont want.

  3. David Harris commented

    As myself and our community have stated categorically, small scale development and auxiliary units are not wanted in Bellbird. This development is yet another attempt to pack people in like sardines and in one fell swoop increase the value of the property and is totally inappropriate to our "leafy suburb." We want the council to reject this application and pass on to those wanting such a development that the community have spoken.

  4. Natalie T commented

    I object to this as it is traditionally out of character for the area. Bellbird Park is a semi rural area with pockets of urban areas where the average block size is 700sqm. However this application states an auxiliary unit. During the past two years these have overwhelmed the suburb. They were intoduced by developers who made it appear it was just one dwelling. The council didn’t act at all when they were told this is not true. Now this has sent a precedent that these units are now in the suburb. What they are is housing owned by investors. They are all rentals. The area can not sustain any more development. The infrastructure of roads are still for a semi rural area. This development cannot go ahead. Council has shown in the past it has complete disdain for its residents. The administrator is the same by allowing this and not even considering objections (letter I received stated this). That creek nearby also floods!!! My environmental levy I have been paying on my rates is being spent where??? It seems developers and those who sit in the council chambers just love cash!

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