68 A Wellington Street Kew VIC 3101

Post Request(S72) Demolition of an existing dwelling and boundary fencing and construction of two (2) dwellings on a lot within a Heritage Overlay.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 11 months ago. It was received by them 6 days earlier.

(Source: Boroondara City Council, reference Post19/00293)


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  1. Kerrie Knott commented

    My understanding of a heritage overlay is that this protects the particular heritage aspects of the area and this will be respected. So why are we seeing the destruction of homes and fences within a designated heritage overlay zone over and over again?

    In Pauline Hanson's words "please explain"

  2. Bob Appleyard wrote to local councillor Phillip Healey

    Good point. How about someone gets Boroondara to clearly clarify the rules for the benefit of concerned residents?

    Delivered to local councillor Phillip Healey. They are yet to respond.

  3. Mae Kitwork commented

    Rules are in the planning scheme.

    Demolition is not prohibited nor is the construction of 2 dwellings but they do require a permit to be issued.

    Unless you enjoy your rates increasing year on year then I suggest increased density is the answer because cost cutting is clearly not on Councils agenda given the fees paid to update their website.

  4. Kerrie Knott commented

    Mae, my point is demolition in a heritage overlay should be prohibited. There are so many options. Boroondara is well on the way to losing it's much loved character and historic buildings.
    High density is already the hallmark in Boroondara just look around it's horrific.
    We do not have the infrastructure to cope with the increased population. Gridlock on main roads and side streets. I just don't think planning can cope with the influx. I agree the cost of the "paperless" office was exorbitant and came as a huge shock to ratepayers.

  5. Tony wrote to local councillor Felicity Sinfield

    Kerri and Mae, are you aware that Camberwell activist and resident Mary Drost and her friends at BRAG (Boroondara Residents Action Group) have been campaigning Council and the State Government ministers for well over 10 years. Had the Liberals had won the election last year Mary had direct communications to David Davis. The current minister for planning pretty much does what he wants and may have a negative view of those living in the leafy council of Boroondara. A few years ago I think it was Cr Jim Parke wrote a letter to all Boroondara households explaining that council had very little say in stopping developments and demolishing building and houses due to State laws. That letter may still be online and worth reading

    Delivered to local councillor Felicity Sinfield. They are yet to respond.

  6. Terry Dear wrote to local councillor Jack Wegman

    Kerry, Mae, Bob etc
    The Boroondara Council does it's best to protect heritage buildings and try to maintain its heritage strategy but this has been taken out of its hands by VCAT. A few years back a landmark decision was taken at VCAT to demolish a house on the corner of Burke and Canterbury Rd even though it was the subject of a heritage overlay.
    VCAT is 110% pro-development, making it clear that every building is on a potential development site. Overlay or listing is no protection. The council fought tenaciously, taking the matter to the Supreme Court twice - but the matter was referred back to VCAT who immediately found in the developers favour.
    VCAT is the problem here and if you want to make a change talk to your local state govt member.
    The State Govt isn't interested in changing VCAT as it supports its growth strategy and acts at an arms length from govt - conveniently!
    So it's a very unsatisfactory system and one that is destroying our inner suburbs at a rapid pace.

    Delivered to local councillor Jack Wegman. They are yet to respond.

  7. Rosemary Merralls commented

    Well said. We fought against inappropriate developments in Mont Albert - all without success. Those of us who maintain gardens and pay for their upkeep make nice neighbourhoods for developers to pillage. Sadly the developments don’t include any garden space or somewhere to hang washing let alone play backyard cricket.
    The Supreme Court have a lot to answer for. It’s one thing to tear down a quality home but look at the sentences the judges hand out for murder! They have cloth ears and no consideration for people’s lives.

  8. Kerrie Knott wrote to local councillor Coral Ross

    Hi Terry, I totally agree. But has anyone seen sight or heard from our esteemed new local member on ANYTHING? I will make an appointment with John Ormond Kennedy this week. I went to his office to discuss these matters. Met with his manager, gave her all planning alerts details and have never heard a word since. This was a fortnight after the election. John Pesutto was supportive and attended council planning meetings regularly. In fact he was part of our team that won a heritage overlay battle in our neighborhood. I grew up in Kew and have lived in this area for 73 years. The total desecration of our one "leafy area" is beyond sad and the complete lack of consideration for the surrounding groaning and inadequate infrastructure is gob smacking!

    Delivered to local councillor Coral Ross. They are yet to respond.

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