59 William Street Teralba NSW 2284

Medical Centre

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 16 days ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Lake Macquarie City Council, reference DA-482/2019)


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  1. Davies commented

    We had a medical centre in teralba years ago and it closed down to make way for one in woodrising , both of which have closed . This is amongst residential houses regardless of what the ridiculous zoning says . There is no where for the extra cars , being out the front of a primary school .if we need a medical centre this bad , put it in the Main Street where the rest of the commercial buildings are . Ridiculous idea!!!!

  2. Kylie Morley-Davies commented

    Placing a medical centre at locate would cause constant congestion on William Street. The becomes very narrow when there are 2 cars parked on either side. The street has restricted parking areas - due to the school zone. This is amongst residential housing.
    We have children that play within our area, having a medical centre raises the risk of children getting run over - due to the increased volume of traffic associated with a medical centre.
    We have a main street that would be a better-suited location for the development.

  3. Barbara paddock commented

    It is not the place for a medical centre.
    So close to homes and the school.
    What is wrong with it being put in the Main Street?

  4. Michelle Booth commented

    This development will be a good addition to Teralba. With the 600+ new homes being built in the Billy’s Lookout Estate, Teralbas population will double very shortly and having a medical centre for the local residents will be beneficial.

    My grandmother lives in one of Teralbas aged care facilities so it would be good to have a medical centre closer to her residence to take the burden off family members needing to drive her long distances to visit her current GP. There are two aged care facilities currently in Teralba and there is an additional large scale new aged care facility which is in the final stages of development, again adding to Teralbas population and need for more facilities such as a medical centre.

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