31 Berringar Road Valentine NSW 2280

Multi Dwelling Housing - and Strata Subdivision

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 1 year ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Lake Macquarie City Council, reference DA-461/2019)


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  1. Diana Whitaker commented

    I Currently own 29A Berringar Road Valentine and lived there from January 1996 to October 2015. My house is currently rented.

    I am concerned as I feel this house represents a part of the early history of Valentine that many people may not be aware of.
    I am also concerned due to the number of multiple high occupancy dwellings that are being built which has changed the village feel that old Valentine once had and increased traffic and parking congestion.
    My other concern regards the safety for accessing the driveway as the property is at the corner of Berringar and Tallawalla Roads with traffic islands and Stop Signs.

    My neighbours, Mr. Allan and Mrs. Jean Fowler (and their Daughter Barbara) lived in the house up till the house was sold in 2004 due to ill health.
    Mrs. Fowler's father originally built the house (date unknown). He owned the land and grew fruit trees for many years. I believe the land was eventually sold for development.
    The Fowlers moved into the house when Mrs. Fowlers father required help. Mr. Fowler added onto the original house where they raised 3 daughters. Mr. Fowler was a keen horseman and kept a stable at the back of the yard for many years.
    The family at the time had many memories of living and growing up in Valentine when there were only dirt tracks and roads and very few people lived there.

    I am happy to be contacted for further information.

  2. Joanne Laird commented

    We too, are extremely disappointed with what LMCC are approving within Old Valentine, and agree with Diana Whitaker. This is ruining the small village atmosphere it has & most importantly its HISTORY. Please reassess what your doing to this area in approving multi dwellings.

  3. Luisa Hinton commented

    I am concerned about this development being so close to the intersection and the impact it will have on the traffic at the intersection. I also have major concerns about another multiple dwelling project that is putting pressure on the existing infrastructure. Valentine public school and the feeder high school (Warners Bay) are bursting at the seams because of continued approvals like this. Where there used to be one family with children on a site, there are now multiple families (up to development house size capacity) with multiple kids putting pressure on these resources and the surrounding recreation areas. The council appears to have lost sight of the big picture.

  4. B and J Owen commented

    As with the previous commenters, we would like to express disappointment that Lake Macquarie Council would consider yet another multi-dwelling development in Valentine. Our concerns relate to the impact on the community, on traffic, on local infrastructure/resources and the immediate neighbours. Living in Berringar Rd we have lived through the increase in noise and traffic both during and after other such developments in the area. This property is located at an already busy intersection and we can see real safety issues with vehicles from several dwellings entering and exiting the property. Existing residents in Tallawalla Road and Berringar Road consist of younger families and older community members who we believe live here due to how safe and community focused the area was. This is becoming less so with the numerous recent developments in the street which have acutely changed the feel of the neighbourhood. We think it's also relevant to note that some of the more recent high density property developments have been unable to be sold for considerable lengths of time, advertised but sitting vacant and opening up the area to a greater influx of people/traffic. Others have already commented on how the local school, facilities and recreation areas are just not able to accommodate development in such high numbers. Lake Macquarie Council please consider the damage you are doing to the suburb of Valentine with these approvals.

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