599 Old South Head Road Rose Bay NSW 2029

Demolish existing shop, dwelling houses and petrol station on the site and construct a new part 3/ part 4 storey residential flat building comprising of 28 units, with associated basement parking

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 1 year ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Waverley Council, reference DA-96/2019)


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  1. Dellane Conn commented

    There are already too many multi storey developments being constructed along Old South Head Rd in the Rose Bay area. Even now, the traffic along this road during peak hours and on Saturdays is extremely congested. One cannot begin to imagine how much worse it will become when all the developments currently under construction are completed without adding this further proposed development into the mix. The dangers of cars entering and exiting these properties into traffic is an added safety issue. In addition, one has to question whether the existing water and electricity infrastructure is adequate to support all these developments

  2. Karen Freeman commented

    We are putting hundreds of extra cars in the area and this is the 2nd petrol station to be removed in the area. There is already constant traffic jams out of peak hour and the council keeps allowing more units to be built with only a single lane running from Vaucluse cemetery to O’Sullivan Road. Very disappointing.

  3. Anne clarkson commented

    Iam unsure how our roads and surrounding residents will cope with this size construction the traffic in the area is at capacity and there is very little green space for locals as it is.public transport in this surrounding area is unreliable so people are relying on their cars to go short distances which creates hugh traffic issues I don't see how this will benefit the community

  4. Daniela Castorina commented

    There are too many apartments being constructed in along.Old South Head Road i am afraid that bit by bit destroying this beautiful area creating lots of traffic, exhaust and pollution from cars such a shame it was a lovely place to live in but it will be very congested and noisy in the long run just like the rest of Sydney losing its magic.

  5. George Bissoli commented

    I'm not against new developments being constructed along Old South Head Rd in the Rose Bay area at the old BP service station.
    What is required is car parks for at least 56 vehicles [2per unit]under ground plus 14 parks for visitors.The traffic flow is a major concern no one looks at it when developing new apartments.
    Make Old South head Rd two lanes on both sides 24/7.This can also be done on Military Rd as well .You can get away with one side parking only on Military Rd this will make it easy for Cars and buses to travel opposite of each other.

    Its a nightmare traveling at around 0745-0845 going towards the Junction.

  6. Maureen Carr commented

    Please no more apartments on this road,enough is enough.Thereis still not enough infra structure to carry even more traffic plus street parking is already maxed out.
    More dust dirt and pollution, Leave Old South Head alone ,council ruining our suburbs
    For greed please STOP these plans and listen to the people

  7. Tracy Lockwood commented

    Dear Waverley Council, I live directly opposite this proposed construction, on the Woollahra Council side of OSH. Why haven't residents on our side of the road been notified of this extreme development? I had to learn about this from a friend who lives in Bondi Beach.
    This will be a large scale project due to the amount of remediation required to remove the petrol storage tanks and all associated toxins. The residents of Old South Head Road are fed up with the congestion, dust, noise, relocation of bus stops and structural damage to nearby properties caused by the heavy duty machinery used.
    I note that the much smaller development one block down the road necessitated the closure of the bus stop for over 2 years. During that time, passengers had to wait in the rain at another "temporary" bus stop with no shelter. There seems to be no end to the development your council approves, with very little consideration for the people who have to endure endless construction along Old South Head Road. Enough is enough.

  8. Joan johnson commented

    There is far too much development in this area and the roads cannot cope with the traffic as it is.
    I live just 10 kms from my work place and it takes me 3/4 hr to 1 hr to drive that distance.
    Please let us all know how come so many DAs are being passed without considering the traffic situation.
    I hope to receive an explanation.

  9. Daniela Castorina commented

    I totally agree with the comments posted our roads are not large enough for the amount of cars and the traffic is becoming a problem soon we will need a helicopter to get to work or even to get to do some local shopping takes forever in traffic such a shame for local residents to feel uncomfortable with over developments in the area which have been approved and with no consideration to the residents.

  10. Exclusive East Tours commented

    How can one council approve so many concurrent developments? There are not enough main roads on this narrow piece of land as it is,between the stretch from the western harbour foreshore to the Pacific Ocean on the Eastern side.
    New South Head Rd being closest to the harbour foreshore carries all traffic,(including schoool and STA buses) from WATSONS bay and VAUCLUSE through to Rose bay including traffic to the rose bay Ferry station and passing about 4 private schools en route .
    Old S.Head Rd carries the balance as does Military Rd. Trucks demolishing buildings and then construction vehicles ,obscure visibility and cause delays whilst traffic is stopped in both directions with lollipop staff.

    The Water pressure is presently challenged, the sewerage is compromised (and Nbn complicates the matter). Just over greedy developers! No extra pedestrian refuge or zebra crossings have been implemented to cross these now far busier roads in a safe manner and streams of traffic make it impossible to do so.
    Has anyone tried to turn RT into OSH rd lately from Blake street ? A new Construction site on the corner of Blake and old south head rd makes this dangerous and an accident waiting to happen.
    Turning into Blake street is now harder than before ,as one is likely to have to wait to turn safely in and then hope not to be rear ended by the next driver turning into Blake from O.S.H rd.
    When will it be enough, council?
    This can’t possibly be in the best interests of the environment either.

  11. Deborah Prosser commented

    I agree with the previous comments and dismay if mine and the others will even be considered, the amount of rampant development without the above considerations don't stop.
    Personally I don't think this is the place as it doesn't seem to work. Local living citizens seem to be gazumpted by profit driven developers constantly and we don't have the money or time to object to the ever popping up applications.
    I am starting to believe that even when Old South Head Rd will be totally grid locked one morning, which I believe is not far off...no one on council will care....and the applications for developments will continue to be passed.
    I think there are many like myself, people in dismay with what is happening to this area that many of us love and some have lived in all our lives.....maybe its about time to band together and try to change not just every new application which seems to happen nearly daily, but to eradicate a system that is not taking into account the fundamental needs of the residents that already are living here.

  12. Bruce Kluk commented

    The problem bus the council and the state government not spending money on the infrastructure, namely roads. Old south head road is a disgrace and need me to be upgrade and widened to cope with the traffic and people who live in the area. We have been ignored for too long.

  13. Bruce Kluk commented

    The problem is that the councils and the state government are not spending money on the infrastructure, namely roads. Old South Head Rd is a disgrace and needs to be urgently upgraded and widened to cope with the traffic volume for the people who live in this area. We have been ignore for too long.

  14. Mar Beltran commented

    Old South Head rd is a third world country’s road in one of the most affluent suburbs in Sydney. I wrote to the liberal member for Vaucluse Gabrielle Upton about it 2 years ago. They sent me a lovely letter back completely ignoring the issues.
    Better infrastructure and better public transport too have been required in the area for a long time

  15. Belinda Christie commented

    There have been a number of apartment blocks constructed on previous single dwelling sites over the last five years. There are also a number either under construction or about to commence between Dover Road and the North Rose Bay shops.
    Parking on Gilbert Street, is now almost impossible as residents on Northcote Street with more vehicles than garage space, spill over into adjacent streets.
    This construction has been 'in the wings' for over 2 years - evidenced by the sale of the 2 residential properties with 12 month or longer settlement clauses.
    Constructing a 24 unit apartment block with insufficient parking to house two vehicles per block, plus visitor parking, will further reduce the amenity for existing residents. Visitors to our houses will no longer be able to park within a reasonable distance as this parking will be taken by apartment residences and people attending the local synagogue.
    Council continues to remove existing bus stops to cater for development and provide temporary unsheltered stops in their place. However, they do not increase the number of bus services provided to cater for the influx of residents into new apartments.

  16. Lea Lev commented

    I am in full support of this DA. Not only is the current petrol station and neighboring decrepit properties an eye sore, but the design of DA is very well thought out and will definitely add to the street scape. The plans are well contextualised in terms of the size of the site and do not venture in the over-development of the site. I cannot believe the number of comments on here regarding traffic on Old South Head Road, honestly - if you don't want traffic, move to the country - this is city living and as the population increases, so does urbanisation, and with it comes increased housing density. Again, if you don't like it - move to the country. The gentrification of the Old South Rd corridor will only increase the livability of the area, not to mention increase the values of the surrounding properties. I am sure that everyone complaining about traffic in these comments uses public transport and car pools right, you know, to do their bit to alleviate the situation...

  17. Joan Johnson commented

    Lea Lev,
    I am wondering how you are sure that those making traffic comments use public transport or car pools. No one has asked me how I commute to work, and for your information, Lea, I drive. How do you commute to work each day?
    Move to the country? What a sweeping statement without any thought put into each and everyone's circumstance.

  18. Debbie Shapiro commented

    Road infrastructure needs to be addressed in the first instance. OSH is the main road to get to BJ and the train station. Congestion will get worse when the developments on OSH Road/ Hamilton street, OSH&Dover, OSH and Military, etc. This development will make things worse. Tired of Gabrielle Upton doing nothing aside from clogging my inbox with her promotional stuff or our lamp poles with " vote for me in the state election" which took place months ago. Fix the streets and congestion.

  19. Michelle Katz commented

    There is still not enough infra structure to carry even more traffic plus street parking is impossible and the road structure is not adequate. This will leave us with one petrol station along OSH road..

    Fix the infrastructure and stop over populating an already dense area. 45 minutes to BJ is not acceptable and buses every half hour (if they arrive) is not acceptable The 380 and 387 buses arrive shortly after each other.. miss one and wait another 30 minutes.

    We turning into a mini Bondi Junction..

  20. Bruce Kluk commented

    It is time to listen to the residents and fix the infrastructure and public transport

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