18 Allens Parade Bondi Junction NSW 2022

Demolition of 2 x detached dwellings and construction of a three storey residential flat building with basement parking and 6 units

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 6 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Waverley Council, reference DA-88/2019)


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  1. Marc McLachaln commented

    This is different to the original DA.
    The original application was for 4 units retaining the original facade. And there was no mention of underground excavation for parking! Each of the 4 units was supposed to have a driveway parking space.

  2. Roslyn McBriarty commented

    Currently we can park 4 cars out the front of 18 & 20 Allens Parade - with 6 units and usually 2 cars per unit (underground car park will cater for 1 car each unit) - are we losing 4 car spots out the front as well to allow for entrance and exit from car parks below and adding 6 more cars to the street which is already a nightmare due to gyms and Westfield in the area.

    How are you going to accommodate this additional parking in Allens Parade. My concern also is that residents from the large apartment block being built at the bottom of Allens Parade and the huge development going up (was the Cock and Bull) is going to be a massive problem in Allens Parade, yet I sometimes drive around the block as it is 5 times to get a spot when I come home from work at night.

    Also - please advise how you are going to guarantee that our building is structurally sound (#16) when digging so deep?

    Also I would like to know why trees are allowed to be cleared from these properties when I can't remove a tree out the front of #16 which is damaging our roof. We have been told we are only allowed to prune?

  3. Sue Trim commented

    Another over development in the area this time in Allens Pàrade. Residents who have been in the street over 40-50 years and other home owners im the street are over-looked once again. The impact to the street will be huge. Disgraceful Council - all about greed.

  4. Jane Howes commented

    This feels like a disingenuous change to the original DA, which was quite sympathetic to the street and residents. But, lo and behold we now have a new , larger and much more impactful application. This is disappointing. Issues with this application:
    Whilst we appreciate the attempt at creating additional parking it is not sufficient to accommodate the likely number of residents. This is obvious.
    Parking is already an issue here which regularly requires me to spend up to 30 mins looking for a park so I can enjoy my home. I often have to navigate my two small children, our bags, the shopping up to 800m. This development will make this materially worse.
    The traffic going up and down Allen's parade is frequently unsafe which I have discussed with Council before. People driving up to 80kms down the road and making unsafe turns in their desperation to obtain parking.
    The property is next to a heritage listed property which may be damaged by the deep excavation.
    The proposed property height is now overbearing and out of step with a residential street. This will decrease property values in our street as it will make the street much uglier. Can you please confirm regulation compliance for height?
    It is an unappealing design. Absolutely unrelated to the 1920-30 and Federation style homes that it surrounds. This is a taste issue but surely there are more imaginative and appropriate designs. It seems that Bondi junction is where architecture goes to die. Who is driving an overarching vision for the landscape of Bondi Junction? Isn't this you Waverley Council? Let's do better.
    It appears from the model to be a greedy footprint. All house no outdoor area. Can you pls confirm it complies with regulations?
    Thank you for reading.

  5. Stefanie Sonnleitner commented

    I am actually happy about this development in the hope that it will attract a higher proportion of owner occupiers and/or better quality tenants. The 2 existing properties are not particularly aesthetically pleasing so I am not upset that they are no longer retaining the façade of Number 18.

    But my issue with this new DA is the size, particularly the extra two 1 bedroom units on the rooftop – I think this is where the developers greed has taken over. I can live with 4 units replacing 2 dwellings (as per the previous DA) but not 6 units replacing 2 dwellings and at three storeys no less. The third storey also has a wrap around roof terrace meaning there would be noise not just from the 4 ground level backyards but also the rooftop and that's a huge difference from the current set up and would really impact our quality of life. I moved to Allens Parade especially because it still had the feel of an actual neighbourhood with single level dwellings rather than high rise apartment blocks.

    I love the underground car park of this DA and much prefer that to 2 driveways since this actually means we gain extra street parking. But in my opinion they should have 2 parking spots per unit, not 1 but from what I can gather from the DA, 1 spot meets council requirements. However, if they were forced to do away with the 3rd storey (the 2 roof terrace apartments) then they would gain an extra 2 spots for the remaining 4 apartments which seems more realistic given it's unlikely that people occupying a 3 bedroom apartment would only have the 1 car per unit.

    Thanks in advance

  6. EMMA CARMODY commented

    I have sent a letter of objection direct to Council.

  7. Andrew Dickson commented

    I don't understand how a development like this could be considered in what is zoned as a general conservation area. We should be protecting what remaining original low-rise housing there is to retain a shred of character in this neighbourhood.

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