659 Victoria Road Melrose Park NSW 2114

Development Application - 659 Victoria Road, MELROSE PARK NSW 2114 - Construction of 3 x 7-9 storey residential flat buildings containing 234 residential apartments, 3 basement levels providing 274 car parking spaces, earthworks, landscaping, public domain works including new road, strata subdivision and Torrens title subdivision. The proposal constitutes stage 2 of concept plan approval DA/1157/2016. This application was determined by the Sydney Central City Planning Panel.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 6 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Parramatta City Council, reference DA/1025/2017/A)


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  1. Barry Shirley commented

    This is overdevelopment at its best and must be stopped before the Ryde and Ermington areas are destroyed forever. This will be another disgraceful development like Meadowbank which has absolutely ruined what once was a peaceful and quiet area, now gridlocked in traffic snarls and over population.
    Where are these people going to shop for instance? Naturally it will be at West Ryde and certainly won't affect Parramatta.
    What about the extra traffic problems that will gridlock Wharf Road and Victoria Road.
    Weekend traffic in this area is worst than peak hour.
    Parramatta Council MUST say NO.

  2. Gladys commented

    What is the traffic plan for all these new developments? On Victoria Road from Marsden Road through to West Ryde is just a nightmare, especially on the weekend. Will the shops at West Ryde and Carlingford be able to cope with this influx of residents? This development is ridiculous do you really think that each apartment will only have one car? You are dreaming, public transport in Sydney is a joke and everyone has two cars usually per household. Where will these extra cars park?

  3. Ruth commented

    Fully endorse what has already been said by Gladys and Barry. Unfettered development which doesn't appear to be any restrictions but no consideration given to the pressure on existing infrastructure.

  4. Ursula commented

    Agree with what has been said Ruth, Gladys, Barry. I have already given feedback and Enquiry to the transport NSW last year, on whether there are any plans to add or expand the roads, plus how would the upcoming light rail ease congestion (since light rail also uses the road). Transport NSW said “Light rail is designed to operate as part of the road network with the same number of traffic lanes maintained along the alignment. Stage 2 of the Parramatta Light Rail has been designed to integrate with other forms of public transport. “ I have not heard anything concrete from them on whether the infrastructure in this area will be improved or not, other than the fact that the light rail project is going to progress anyway. Its very Disappointing that the council just approves development without looking at the existing infrastructure or at least report this to transport nsw for them to do something about it.

  5. Jorjet issavi commented

    There is already pressure on Victoria Road which is at its capacity. The Ermington shops cant cope with another 230 units. As it is I travel far to go shopping because I can never find a spot at Ermington shops West Ryde is the same. We dont need anymore units in this area, I travel all around Syd for my job and Ermington and Olympic park are the only suburbs I see units being built one after another. The area cant cope with anymore residents moving to use the roads and other facilities. Parramatta council enough is enough have some mercy on the poor residents of this area.

  6. Henk commented

    I agree with all the above comments, please note, I am not against progress, however, I am against overdeveloping of this area. Try to go shopping at either one of the closest shopping centres, its a joke everybody is most upset trying to find a parking spot.
    Secondly, try to get out of wharf road to go either to the top of Marsden road towards Carlingford or to west Ryde on a Saturday or even Sunday its a joke, counsellors who approve those applications obviously don't live here.

    Lastly, what really gets me, why approve an application if you can alter it anytime you like.

    Approve only the one and final application don't keep changing in favour of the developers, so they can make an extra $$$$$.

    Ryde council has stopped all developments due to road infrastructure not being ready could Parramatta council not do the same at least for this area.

  7. Mark commented

    Totally agree with all posted comments as well.

    I live a few hundred metres down the road and there has been zero community consultation. The idea that you would plan to house thousands more people in an area where the roads are already clogged 7 days a week is madness of the highest order. The infrastructure is not there to cope with this.

    The only people in favour of this are the developers. The rest of us will suffer noise, disruption, traffic, overcrowding,...

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