63 Lakeside Road Eastwood NSW 2122

Tree Application - Request for the removal of two Tree's (2) Reason: This tree is in poor condition, might be dying. ? Tree branches continuously drop down to front yard or footpath, which is definitely not safe for our two small kids and pedestrians. ? Large tree bark sometimes drops down to front yard or footpath, which is definitely not safe for our two small kids and pedestrians. ? It's not a native and undermining the integrity of the house and yard. The roots have already lifted the yard. ? I also have concerns about the integrity of its roots and how strong they would hold the tree in a severe storm or hard rain. ? Lots of leaves keep falling and make it impossible to keep front yard tidy.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 3 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Parramatta City Council, reference TA/184/2019)


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  1. Ruth Perram commented

    Has this tree been assessed by council for its structural health? We need trees and as many as possible-especially for your kids and the quality of air they will breathe. I don't think bark coming off a tree justifies its removal as many trees do this. I think it would be best to get the tree assessed by council.

  2. Suzanne Leslie commented

    I would hope that an arborist's report would be required by Council before permission is given to remove more trees from our suburb.
    Can falling leaves that look untidy really be considered as a valid reason?

  3. JDawes commented

    Please explore pruning the tree. Talk to a qualified arborist about what is needed. There are too many trees being cut down in our suburb. Trees provide shade and improve our microclimate and we need to keep them thriving.

  4. Doug Eastman commented

    Please explore cutting down the tree ASAP its a rug of a tree. Talk to a qualified arborist about what is needed to chop it down ASAP. There are too many trees in our suburb. Trees provide mess and destroy our microclimate and we need to keep chopping them down.

  5. SMak commented

    If the community wants to preserve trees then perhaps can offer a hand to the family. Looks like they have their hands full, and would rather have a low maintenance garden.

  6. Neil Donovan commented

    Some of the comments here are unhelpful. Council has policies in place which allow them (hopefully) to make responsible decisions. It is not unreasonable to argue for trees to be kept in our suburbs. The only exceptions are well known to Councils and can be enforced, without the smear of Doug Eastman's comments. Unhealthy trees pose a risk to residents and the public. However, if one buys a property with trees, one is responsible for their upkeep, just like upkeeping a house. Heritage in every sense is important to a community. If you want to live in a treeless environment with plenty of facilities, Parramatta CBD provides that in abundance.

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