1 Malinya Crescent Moorebank NSW 2170

Alterations and additions to existing dwelling and change of use to a health consulting room with associated fit out.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 7 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Liverpool City Council, reference CCB-73/2019)


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  1. JS commented

    Pretty sure this property is already being used as a medical facility and has been for some months. Having driven passed and seeing what I would assume was a patient getting dressed and the blinds were open, the look on their face when they realised their privacy had been compromised was quite sad. They looked mortified as they grabbed for their clothing. Very unprofessional of the facility.

    As numerous cars are always outside this house we are pretty sure it has been running for some time. What worries me is the rubbish issue. This property always has rubbish bins completely full and overflowing and I worry about the clinical waste that may be in these bins. How is one allowed to have clinical waste in their house hold garbage bin if this is what it is? The bins are out the front of the property so it is a worry that contaminated waste may be going in them. The property already looks over run and unkept and if it is to be used as a business it should reflect a professional outfit. Also I have driven into the street and had a car do a u-turn straight infront of me as it is the first house in the street. Extremely dnagerous. These are definitely concerns that should be addressed and governed if this is to continue and go ahead. Not happy about this development in a residential street. It should be in a more appropriate area.

  2. Hans Zecevic commented

    Hi to all,. I would cordially request that an appropriate party review the suitability of the location with respect to traffic flow at this particular corner. It is difficult enough with current traffic conditions as is, without the impact by the Moorebank Intermodal.

    Please do not approve this property for business activities that would further negatively impact traffic conditions.

  3. Helen Carter commented

    I hope this application is a joke.
    One of the most dangerous intersections in Moorebank. To get past the cars parked outside this house you have to cross over double lines to the other side & pray nothing comes around the corner from Nuwarra Rd to collect you.
    I cannot believe another application has gone in.
    Also can't believe it is already being used & presume if this is a modified application that there use is currently without council permission 😡😡😡😡

  4. Mark commented

    There are plenty of commercial properties around without the need to convert our suburbs into pseudo-commercial properties.

  5. Helen Carter commented

    Going on the amount of work being done in the front yard and rear yard preparing for concrete driveways I am assuming this place has already been given approval for a medical facility. Can someone please confirm this??

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