929-931 and 933 High Street, Armadale VIC 3143

The purpose of this application is to facilitate the development of the land to allow building and works associated with the construction of a six (6) storey building including partial demolition of the existing building, demolition of the front fence and outbuilding, a reduction in the standard car parking and bicycle facilities requirement and alteration to access to a Road Zone – Category 1 within a Commercial 1 Zone, Heritage Overlay, Design and Development Overlay and Special Building Overlay.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 7 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: City of Stonnington, reference 0018/19)


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  1. Susan Barr commented

    6 stories in High street and waiving of parking and bicycle allowance is totally too much. Malvern streets are fast becoming dark and overwhelmed by tall inappropriate developments, particularly when there is no set back from the footpath. Please dismiss this application.

  2. John Tabbagh commented

    I object to the height and scale of this building. It is totally inappropriate for a local shopping strip. And waiving parking will just clog the already few car parking spots there are. Please stop these monstrosities being built in Stonnington.

  3. Leigh Lenton commented

    Totally inappropriate development for the area.
    It will loom over residential streets directly behind.
    The character of High Street Armadale will be diminished, as has Malvern Road. Soon there will be little character left in Stonnington.
    Parking already an issue.
    Sincerely hope this application will be ammended.

  4. Eleanor Pike commented

    As a resident in Northcote Road, we will be impacted by the potential loss of car parking in our already busy street. The size and density of this proposed building is inappropriate for the area.

  5. Marie Watt commented

    As nearby residents we object to the inappropriate density of this planned development. Six stories is far too high, and ensures a further diminishing of the heritage streetscape which is - or used to be - so precious in this area. Stonnington Council appears to continually agree to developers' requests for reduced car parking requirements within a development, and given the scarcity of parking spots in both shopping areas and surrounding residential streets in Armadale, we have to again ask WHY this dispensation?

  6. Allen Brent commented

    Reduced car parking just tells you what sort of development this will be. A number of developers recently have planned for one car space per bed room and additional open space in the way of larger balconies. Relying on public transport is just not possible with already over crowded trains and trams. Six levels is too high as there are no other six level buildings within this area and the development will over look the existing dwellings to the north. It's time the Stonnington stood up for residents and not developers.

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