119 Addison Road Marrickville NSW 2204

Dual Occupancy

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 year ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Inner West Council (Marrickville), reference DA201800562)


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  1. John Williams commented

    This building has some heritage merit and the construction of new proposed development threatens the amenity of neighbouring properties. Brisbane Council does allow development of sites that are graced by historic houses of the house is physically moved and restored (perhaps that could be a last resort option?). Surely the original house could be sensitivity renovated and expanded upon?

  2. Andrew inheritance.org.au commented

    This area and Addison Rd is quite a heritage area. Overdevelopment is not welcomed by residents in these areas. With falling house prices there is even more urgent need to curb overdevelopment. The DA proposes buildings out of scale and character. We must preserve the fabric of this area and these workers cottages. Stop ruining Sydney.

  3. Grace Lech commented

    As the neighbour to this property I have an abundance of praise for Joe Strati of the Inner West Council who fought gallantly in the Land and Environment Court to save us from this monstrosity being built and ruining the ambiance of our community.
    For many who may not know, the very first house in Marrickville was built on this site - known as Ferndale. Surrounding it was a riding school.
    This property deserves another chance and it’s clear to me people are genuinely interested in its welfare and kept from being over developed.
    There’s much more to be said here, but that’s to be given at the next round as a new DA has been submitted and please voice your say before 24 Jan ‘19.

  4. SILVIA LEVAME commented

    I do not live in this part of our municipality but I know it very well. This area is of heritage value and as such, it should be acknowledged, respected and preserved. The neighbors of this property in particular and the municipality, in general, deserve protection from the authorities, not destruction and overdevelopment in the name of false progress.

    Armaggedon only exists in the Bible. It should not , I repeat, it should not be embodied in urban planning. I strongly oppose this project and I sincerely hope that the Council and other related authorities will reconsider and will not allow it.

  5. Justin Simon commented

    Support this development. We need more duplexes and gentle densification.

  6. Steve Gartsky commented

    I don't live in this particular area, but live suburb adjacent. I agree that gentle increases in density is necessary, however the execution of this design does not fit its context.

    Council should consider the upper level be set back considerably from the street. Perhaps the massing shown on drawing DA-07 / 2 / Northern Elevation should be how the street elevation is presented. I think the community would receive this project better if the dual occupancy presented a single level with hipped roof as the street elevation, matching the built form of the neighbours and the locat heritage character. The upper level could then be towards the rear of the block, out of public view.

    The artist's impression can tell you how out of context the current design is.

  7. Matt Johnson commented

    This development is completely out of character with the surrounding buildings, and would loom monstrously over the street. The upper level should be set to the rear of the building, not the front.

  8. Jennifer Killen commented

    This house should NOT be demolished. The "heritage report" which suggests it could be replaced by a sign is full of inaccuracies - they could not even get the name of the well-known Addison Road Community Centre correct.
    They point out that the building was not heritage listed by Council but fail to acknowledge that the former Marrickville Council was not proactive on heritage matters and many councillors were ideologically opposed to heritage listing and placed no value on heritage.
    As others have pointed out, this building is an important part of our shared heritage and must be retained. A good architect could design a dual occupancy with the heritage house as one component and this would add value to the whole as houses of this type are very rare.
    Although I live in another suburb of the former Marrickville municipality I volunteer at the community centre several times a week and I am very familiar with the house. I had been hoping someone would restore it, which is still possible. Do not allow it to be destroyed.

  9. Kate Doyle commented

    Living in a city, we should expect a degree of densification, but at what cost? Heritage buildings should be protected, otherwise we’ll have no physical reference to historical architecture and nothing but modern square boxes filling the streets (some of which should also be protected in the future so that future generations can appreciate a different slice of history).

  10. Helena Machado commented

    Marrickville is becoming a trendy suburb. New designs of buildings should be considered as the suburb is changing over time.

  11. Sanjay Dewnath commented

    I support this new contemporary development. It is a beautiful architectural design which is blends into the streetscape nicely. I can’t see why this part of Addison road needs to preserve any buildings, as the existing surrounding houses have no heritage significance. Council has already defined that this part of Addison road is not a conservation area and that the existing house is not heritage list. Truly, the existing house has no heritage value and is wrongly positioned, but the land itself has a history which I believed Council should have some documents in archive. We need more new buildings or duplexes to bright up the streetscape.

  12. Mark Lipman commented

    I don’t live in this area and I quiet often pass through Addison Road, to be fair to say the area has irregular housing mixes of old houses, shops and apartments.

    The proposed duplex is a highly architectural design that I support this development as long as is meet the best practices for urban infill development controls.

    By skimming the proposed building which I believed it has met this objective. I pretty sure once it is built, it will be a good design benchmark in the area.

  13. Anonymous commented

    I am concerned that the two supportive comments made above are from work colleagues of the applicant, not local residents with a deep interest in the outcome of this development.

  14. Dan Flegg commented

    I am a resident of Addison Road in the vacinity of this development and am overall in support of this plan. Although this proposal is not perfect it would be a significant improvement on the current situation this property is in. For the last three years we have lived in the area, this property has remained derelict and the subject to constant vandalism. Although many people have suggested a heritage listing associated with this property it has undergone so much damage and a fire that it is irreparable.
    By better utilising the land in a low/medium density fashion and allowing two duplex’s to be built I believe this will overall improve the look of the area, whilst not impacting on other residents and liveability as the property has off street parking. Marrickville is an evolving and dynamic area and as such deserves new ideas and designs to be brought to the table.
    Terrace and semi detached style houses fill the surrounding streets- Illawarra, England, Agar etc and as such the proposed terrace style is not disproportionate in its occupancy or style to our neighbourhood.

  15. Daniel Chambers commented

    I generally agree with this development. The existing plot is derelict and it would be unrealistic to expect someone to buy the property to restore it, simply for the sake of past use. If council has deemed that it is not of heritage value, then I’m willing to accept this and look towards intelligent uses of the space.

    Two stories is appropriate for this part of Addison rd and is an appropriate site to increase density.

  16. Kevin cruz commented

    I totally agree in developing this area. I live in Sydenham and for quite a while, I have been driving through this area. I dont think there is consistency with the structures built around the area.

    I believe there is nothing wrong with the construction of the proposed duplex. It will help in the development of the area and show other people that there are new concepts/designs.

  17. Colin Martin commented

    I am not the resident in this area, But I am familiar in this area as I often visit my friends in this area. This section of Addison road is not a conservation area and heritage listed item. I can’t see any heritage value to restore the house. The house seems to be neglected beyond repairs.
    I support this development. The design is double stories from the frontage and single story at the rear with off-street parking that will minimize impact to its neighbors from Agar and England Street. We should increase density of this section of Addison road and should allow more contemporary duplexes/terraces to be built.
    The proposed new duplexes are in proportion to the scale and style of the neighborhood, especially with the already approved development of multi-level apartments and commercial shops at the corner of Illawarra Rd and Addison Rd( Love car wash)

  18. Anon commented

    Heritage buildings should be preserved and not demolished. Once they’re gone they are forever and cannot be brought back. This application should be thoroughly rejected.

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