25 Station Street, Diamond Creek VIC 3089

Use of the land for a micro brewery, food and drink premise, manufacturing sales, sale and consumption of liquor, the removal of an easement, variation to the car parking requirements, internally illuminated business identification signage and associated buildings and works

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 1 year ago. It was received by them 6 months earlier.

(Source: Nillumbik Shire Council, reference 287/2018/02P)


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  1. Sarah Le Page commented

    I consider this proposal inappropriate as the Diamond Creek Hotel is in the same street and the car parking in this area is insufficient as it stands. With a primary school and train station with bus stops almost immediately across the road, it is necessary to consider that we don’t want to increase parking in this specific area as it creates dangerous conditions for those trying to get in and out from any of these locations or pedestrians crossing. This is a particularly poor visibility corner and more customers in vehicles is not a good choice.

  2. Nathan Panzer commented

    I support the idea of developing this land and using it for the requested purpose. My concern is the lack of parking in the plans and would put a large burden on the pool car park and surrounds it would also make it hard to navigate down Elizabeth street on the weekends if cars parked along the length of the road. I note the parking assessment done by the applicant was when the pool was closed. I would think if Elizabeth st could be upgraded to have the parking bays built into the road reserve leaving the road free for traffic to flow may fix the issue.

  3. Melissa Collins commented

    I support the proposal of using this land as a microbrewery. It will bring more jobs to the area which is great. However, I do agree with the others that measures to improve parking facilities need to be carried out to ensure the community isn't impacted by congestion and lack of parking around the railway station.

  4. Alex commented

    I support the idea of a microbrewery.
    We don't need every person to be driving a car and parking it on site. It's about time people start using alternative options for transport , or stop being lazy and walk an extra 50 metres and park across the street.

  5. Brian Flaherty commented

    I support this proposal providing there is more parking made available nearby. The car park at the rear of the swimming pool should have been extended a couple of years ago. A petition was presented to council requesting to extend this car park out the side to the vacant area at the rear of the pond, our local councillor decided to erect the posts that are there now ignoring and not responding to the petition, this area would be ideal and also assist parents of children when dropping off and picking up children after school.The parking and traffic issues in this area are of our own making.

  6. Stewart Collins commented

    I support this proposal. It will be great for business in Diamond Creek bringing people from outside to spend money. That will have flow on effects for other businesses in the area. Some extra parking would be ideal but there is parking in other areas for people to work from. This will be awesome for Diamond Creek.

  7. Susan commented

    I’m in strong support of this proposal, I believe this will create more jobs in Diamond Creek and lift the profile of the area. This will be fabulous for our area and can’t wait to see it up and running.

    Susan Di Fabio

  8. Janelle Hyett commented

    I do not support this proposal as it stands. This area is so dangerous as it is. The current businesses have trucks parked which reduces this stretch to one lane and when buses are there the cars get banked up. School pick up and drop of times are horrendous. Once that issue is solved, then yes, provided the development does not exceed the current size height wise of the adjoining buildings.

  9. Laura becerra commented

    At last! A business like this will be great for diamond creek! It will lift the profile of the area. Fully support it.

  10. Katrina commented

    I support this proposal. Wow Looks amazing and will create jobs and money for the area. Well done

  11. Kristy commented

    I absolutely support this proposal. Not only will the venue create new jobs for the area it will also create an exciting new eatery for families, a gathering place for sporting clubs in the area that have end of season break ups as well as coffee catch ups after school drop off. How exciting!

  12. allan barnes commented

    i surrport the proposal. great for jobs and bringing people into the community. plenty of parking around at both footy gronds and netball courts bring it on.good to see more manufacturing trying to build up in the area

  13. Janelle Smith commented

    I support this proposal. It will be a fantastic addition to the street, lifting the profile of the area and Diamond Creek as a whole. There’s nothing like this anywhere in the Diamond Valley or nearby suburbs. It will be fantastic.

  14. Sharon Wright commented

    I think this would be wonderful for Diamond Creek. I would go there.

  15. Rebecca keenan commented

    I strongly support the micro brewery what a fantastic addition to diamond creek and the surrounding area. It will create jobs for the local community and be a fabulous gathering space for all. Looks fantastic in full support.

  16. Suzanne Green commented

    I strongly support this application. This new place in Diamond Creek will enable several local community and supporting groups to have somewhere to meet along with providing several new jobs in our community. Having lived in Diamond Creek for 20+ years it will be nice to see an exciting new venue which will bring more people to our beautiful suburb and provide a great place for existing residents to frequent. I look forward to attending this new establishment and I'm confident it will be a big win for Diamond Creek.

  17. Susan Dunne commented

    I don't have a problem with the Micro Brewery as such but I do have a problem with the increase in traffic it will produce. The area is already congested with traffic with a lack of suitable parking. How much parking will be provided on site? The Plaza car park gets full during the day making it difficult, at times, for shoppers to find a space. If the Brewery opens during the day this problem could be exacerbated by Brewery customers parking in the Plaza which is only a short walk away, across the rail line

  18. Lisa lewis commented

    What a great idea we need more boutique places like this in diamond creek and another business creating jobs

  19. Michal McNeill commented

    So excited by this venue, will bring some great atmosphere to DC plus employment, great food and a night out!

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