19 Gardiner Av Warradale

Three tow storey row dwellings

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 9 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: City of Marion, reference 100/2263/2018)


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  1. Ferna Dawn Harris. commented

    Oh my Goodness! Not again! This is getting too much for our area. Three homes where only one was previously situated. The streets are already getting too cluttered with cars making it dangerous driving about. We do not have the infrastructure for this type of development. Also, too many double story dwellings cutting out the sunlight for existing dwellings as is definitely the case with our house along our western boundary. Marion Council, you have got far too greedy for rates in allowing all these new dwellings to be built. Start thinking about your existing ratepayers who, like me, have been paying our rates for 36 years and in some cases, more.

  2. Johanna den Dekker commented

    Completely agree with Ferna. Unfortunately Ferna they all give us the runaround until we get sick of trying. Just want more rates and chop down trees. I have no objection to 2 on 1 block but in Struan ave they are building 7 on 2 blocks plus 6 on 2 blocks right next to it . Not enough car parks . All single garaging. No one listens.

  3. Ferna Dawn Harris. commented

    Yes, I don't mind 2 on a block either. I did know and have commented previously about the 7 in Struan Avenue which is horrendous but I didn't know about the 6 next to it. That is completely ridiculous. It reminds me of the terraced houses in England where I have visited because that is how we will end up. They all park their cars in the streets on either side and it is really difficult but they are used to it and give way to others. Somehow I don't think Australians will be so polite. So, somehow, Johanna, I don't think we will get any replies from the not very polite Marion Council.

  4. Johanna den Dekker commented

    Also Ferna. On the corner of Lascelles and Struan Ave they have asked for approval for three units !!!
    How can we keep protesting.? I am of the older generation where it probably won't affect me too much as I won't be around. I just look out the window and catch glimpses of the blue sky with clouds and a bit of the sunset at times and feel good. Anyone involved in the mental health care will tell you to appreciate those moments. I am just concerned about our children and grandchildren who will not be able to have those breathing moments

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