21 Racecourse Road, Teralba,

Concrush - Concrush is seeking to increase the processing capacity of the existing facility from 108,000 to 250,000 tonnes of waste material recycled per annum. Concrush is also seeking to store up to 150,000 tonnes of waste at any one time and establish a retail component for landscaping materials and supplies. Works are to be undertaken over two Stages and include: • increase the site area from 2.4 to 4.8 hectares • construction of hardstands for processing and stockpiling areas • construction of concrete walls and material storage bays • construction of a vehicle washing bay • installation of five water tanks with associated poly pipe and pumps • establishing additional waste stockpiles and maintaining height of existing stockpiles (up to 10m) • establishing additional processing areas • establishing landscape mounds on perimeter and installing security fencing and lighting.

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  1. Jo Fitszimmons commented

    I have concerns with regard to the increase in traffic and types in the vicinity for access to this location.
    All minor and major roads will be impacted on due to traffic number increase and size of vehicles .The Speers Point roundabout at Five Islands Bridge is already inadequate with traffic volumes and the roundabout near Cockle Creek railway station will have increased use with the continuation of Muninbung road extension to Cardiff in the future as well as increase due to current residential expansion .This also includes the road noise increase
    The Weir road access will be adversely impacted upon with increase in use.
    The access roads pass through residential and school zone areas.
    All roads will have an increase in deterioration and therefore require increased maintenance. Who will fund this on a regular basis
    Will the truck usage be compliant with current load limits in the travel access areas

  2. Maureen Spilstead commented

    More dust pollution, that's all we need.

  3. Philip Uebergang commented

    Teralba requires significant road upgrades before this should be considered. Billy's Lookout is already one traffic disaster too many. To exacerbate the problem at the other end would be highly irresponsible. Racecourse Road is already an accident waiting to happen.

  4. Sylvia Ross commented

    My sister inlaw was in a car crash a few days ago with another vehicle on thIs road which is already dangerous. More traffic without road upgrades would be irresponsible. Also many homes in Boolaroo look upon this site on the hill and to make it even larger would again only give Boolaroo another isore to look at and add more dust to the already dirty area due to this and the ex pasminco site. When is council going to start letting Boolaroo become beautiful instead of allowing continued pollution, hasnt the area suffered enough. What council also allows a Main street premise to store hundreds of tyres in the open for all to see. Fire hazard. Dont allow the enlargement of this site to proceed.

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