8 Mansford Street North Toowoomba QLD 4350

Multiple Dwelling 5x3 Bedroom Units

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 3 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Toowoomba Regional Council, reference MCUC/2018/5710)


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  1. Carroll Benson wrote to local councillor Sue Englart

    Being a next door neighbour to this property, is there any information regarding ownership and the layout of these dwellings. We have invested a substantial amount in our property since purchase from the previous owner of number 8 MANSFORD Street. This proposal was not told to us at the time of purchase in fact we were told by the agent and owner that the existing property on number 8 was to be restored. This street consists of residential houses so we do not think that 5 three bedroom units on such a small plot of land is in keeping with the area. We strongly object to this building without having a clear indication of what the proposed intention of these buildings are. Ie. for rent, or private individual ownership. We are very concerned that these dwellings May devalue our property and May impact on our enjoyment and privacy of our home.

    Delivered to local councillor Sue Englart. They are yet to respond.

  2. Virginia L LUNN commented

    Just another case of Rate Payers kept in the dark Carroll, such a shame we have a council like this in what used to be a beautiful area

  3. Carroll Benson commented

    I know Virginia. The house on the land has lovely old miners cottage with bull nosed verandah set to be demolished. Do we always have to destroy the past to make way for new all the time. One day there will be nothing left just a load of concrete designed to make a quick buck for developers.

  4. Chris Doneley wrote to local councillor Mike Williams

    I can see why you're frustrated, disappointed and saddened by this. The cottage would restore beautifully. No one seems to care.

    Delivered to local councillor Mike Williams. They are yet to respond.

  5. Janine Jackson commented

    This is a horrendous proposal. There needs to be firm guidance from council that allows for the look and feel of Toowoomba’s lovely suburbs to remain so. A development like this should be out in a suburb that’s already been ruined by over development. Please please please consider what the impact will be of setting this precedent. Once it happens once, it will be allowed time and time again.

  6. Audrey Lambert wrote to local councillor Geoff McDonald

    Councillors please preserve the history and heritage of our older suburbs and refrain from approving these kind of developments in their midst

    Photo of Geoff McDonald
    Geoff McDonald local councillor for Toowoomba Regional Council
    replied to Audrey Lambert

    Good afternoon Audrey

    Thank you for engaging in the Planning Alerts notifications. Council is yet to assess the development application you have commented.

    Kind Regards

    Cr Geoff McDonald
    Chair - Environment and Community
    P 07 4688 6784 M 0499 774 276
    W www.tr.qld.gov.au
    Toowoomba Region
    Rich Traditions Bold Ambitions

    On 21 Nov 2018, at 5:22 pm, Audrey Lambert <> wrote:

    Councillors please preserve the history and heritage of our older suburbs and refrain from approving these kind of developments in their midst

    From Audrey Lambert to local councillor Geoff McDonald


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    Planning Application for 8 Mansford Street North Toowoomba QLD 4350

    Description: Multiple Dwelling 5x3 Bedroom Units

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  7. Kirrily Scarff commented

    I am very confused by this application. As a homeowner in this street, I received a letter from the Toowoomba Regional Council last year stating that the blocks in this area were not allowed to be subdivided nor have units built on them??? Has this changed or is this only applicable to some numbers in the street??????? I will certainly be investigating this further. High density living will only contribute to the already congested intersection at North and Ruthven Streets - very poor town planning. In addition there is a beautiful native grass in the front yard, which is a protected species. Surely the council is not seriously considering such a development to go ahead, especially a multi-storey dwelling - it would stand out like an eyesore in the area. As well this area of the city is characterized by heritage homes - why on earth would someone want to destroy the old home to build units, totally out of character with the existing homes.

  8. Carroll Benson commented

    Now I’ve seen the artist sketch of the two storey dwellings proposed for this site I am even more concerned. I will have five homes all overlooking my backyard. I will have lost all privacy and my right to have privacy. Also the western sun will be blocked from mid afternoon onwards posibly causing our plants to suffer. With five families living on a suburban block there will be congestion in an already narrow street. I expect cars will be parked out the front of my property also. Agreeing with Kirrilly with regards to the native tree. It must be ancient as I have never seen one this size before and should be protected surely. I’m sure you need some kind of licence to even plant one these days. In your wisdom do not approve this plan Councillors.

  9. Paddy Boxall wrote to local councillor Geoff McDonald

    I agree with all of the comments that have been posted so far. We had a similar situation in Bridge/Cavell Streets. A proposal to built multiple two-storied units on conjoining blocks, necessitating the removal of two older houses. By any stretch of the imagination, consider that the units in Mansford Street will require car parking for at least five (5) vehicles, let alone visitors. Also we will be looking at Twenty-four (24) wheelie bins, Plus the associated noise, odour , etc from them. Also, the ever increasing amount of couriers delivering parcels, packages, etc due to the change in purchasing habits of the city. I see at least three, to four of these deliveries each day in my street, which is fairly wide and access is not difficult. Once again we are being screwed by the people we elected to govern our city on our behalf.

    Delivered to local councillor Geoff McDonald. They are yet to respond.

  10. Kirrily Scarff wrote to local councillor Bill Cahill

    It appears that the native grass tree on this block is at least 200 years old and possibly older - they can live for up to 450 years old. They are also of huge significance to the Indigenous community. These plants do not transplant as they have a very complex root system. Any development could not take place within at least five meters of the plant, so as not to disrupt its fragile root system. So amazing to see such a spectacular grass tree has survived the city's development.

    Delivered to local councillor Bill Cahill. They are yet to respond.

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