196-198 Jones Road Bellbird Park QLD 4300

Reconfiguring a Lot - Four (4) Lots into Forty-Seven (47) Lots Material Change of Use - Single Residential Not Compliant with the Self Assessable Criteria

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 1 year ago. It was received by them 3 months earlier.

(Source: Ipswich City Council, reference CA-6770/2018)


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  1. JBurnell commented

    I wish to lodge my objection to the above DA for the following reasons:
    The proposed development does not have appropriate access to commercial, employment and transport facilities to support the proposed density. Occupants of any dwellings will not have reasonable access to public transport and this will impact on already overloaded roads. The Sub Arterial road, Jones Road, is prone to flooding during periods of heavy rainfall which cuts off direct access to Ipswich Motorway.
    The proposed development is not designed to be sensitive to the environmental conditions and character of the locality. In addition, the proposed development is not cognisant of the existing landscape character and does not retain or reinforce that character or the existing environmental values. The proposed development does not minimise adverse impacts on the natural environment.
    According to the Bellbird Park Greenspace Plan these properties are part of a Bushland Sensitive Area and as stated in the Ipswich Planning Implementation Guideline No 9 this area should be treated as follows:
    Employment of bushland sensitive development techniques will provide opportunities for the optimal retention of vegetation when incorporated in the design of developments. These techniques include:
    • building location envelopes;
    • larger lot sizes;
    • site sensitive building construction methods;
    • minimisation of clearing and earthworks; and
    • the provision of supplementary planting.
    The flow on benefits of maintaining the longevity of these environmental assets includes:
    • increased property and aesthetic values;
    • retained and improved biodiversity;
    • improved water quality;
    • visual screening;
    • soil conservation; and
    • the maintenance of soil stability in the steeper portions of the study area. Development within the identified bushland sensitive areas shall be designed and undertaken to provide for the use of appropriate construction methods in response to the sites' environmental and ecological attributes.
    It is disappointing to note that the Implementation Guide has been completely disregarded by the developers and I trust Ipswich Planning Department will advise the developer to amend his DA accordingly.

  2. Margaret Stephenson commented

    Please stop turning our beautiful suburb into a ghetto... The infrastructure is not in place to support this intake of residents. The roads cannot support it! Traffic is crazy.. The animals are dying. The trees are being lost forever... Isn't this right on happy jack gully? What will happen to the ecosystem around that? This is irreversible.. It will never again be beautiful and all for what? A quick buck?? Please just say no!

  3. Rex Marshall commented

    The proposed development in Morgan Street will run the roof top stormwater from approximately 15 houses into the adjoining block of land. This block is at the top of the drainage line into Happy Jack Gully near to Jones Road and the proposed development at 196 Jones Road. This is the same drainage line that developers plan to fill and place houses on top. As a long term resident I have seen storm events that left 600mm deep ruts in my property some 500 metres up stream from Happy Jack Gully. The amount of stormwater collected and carried along this drainage line after development will be uncontrollable and create financial distress and hardship for proposed residents at the end of the catchment near Happy Jack Gully. This type of event will also affect the insurance premiums of everybody in the post code area. A common sense approach to the worst case scenario will avoid future problems. The drainage line should be kept as a wildlife corridor and cycle track linking Johnson St with Jones Road and Happy Jack Gully Reserve (beside high school).
    I see developers are still proposing duplex auxillary dwellings in Bellbird Park indicating that they will ignore any mooted changes by the Ipswich Council to the rules governing the density of these creators of over-crowding. When will council stand up for residents and stop giving in to hare-brained designs which will make the suburb unlivable? A good starting point of public relations would be to quickly publish residents concerns and not leave it until the proposed development has been approved!

  4. Kim Vellnagel commented

    This is a natural water course and council are going to build houses over it? Please explain.

  5. Stacey Derksen commented

    Stop allowing Bellbird Park to be carved up by developers! I am a long term Bellbird Park resident and I find it absolutely disgusting that this suburb is being carved up and morphed into a concrete jungle. Our block is adjacent to Happy Jack Gully and the increase in stormwater runoff from neighbouring developments such as Brentwood Forest have significantly increased creek levels during rain events, to the point where it is now effecting the footings of our home.
    We moved here for the peace and tranquility - 10 years ago you could leave your driveway gates opened permanently and not give it a second thought, now we have to ensure they're closed and locked every night as we regularly see groups of youths walking down the street checking car doors and scoping out houses. Crime rates have gone through the roof in what once was a peaceful place to live. Now the original residents are slowly being boxed in by blocks being carved up by developers. The roads can't handle the traffic, the waterways can't handle the extra load and I'm sure the police are sick of the additional crime! Not to mention the extensive wildlife that has been displaced because of the mass tree clearing activities. No thought or consideration is given to resident wildlife, and I've seen koalas literally be run out of bushland as mass clearing takes place, so called 'fauna spotters' unable to do their job effectively, resulting in koala injuries. Clearing has taken place during bird nesting seasons, and no one asks the neighbouring residents about wildlife when performing their so-called wildlife surveys during the application process. We've been told there's 'no evidence of koalas was found' in surveys prior to us literally having to run out and stop excavators to allow those very 'non-existent' koalas safe passage before they were killed as they ran out of the bush terrified!!! Absolutely disgusting to see first hand how the council keeps allowing this to happen for the sake of a dollar. Plenty of residents have had enough - we don't want small blocks here! Keep the lifestyle that once was Bellbird Park alive!

  6. Rachel Grant commented

    I am opposed to this development as it stands as the density is too high for the area causing loss of character, traffic congestion and over crowding. Also, some of the proposed lots are in a flood plain (Happy Jack Gully) which will increase the downstream effects of run-off, an issue already exacerbated by development in the area. A few weeks ago when there was a big storm, parts of Jones Rd which had never previously flooded went underwater.

    The gum trees in this part of Bellbird Park support a koala colony, so the development will lead to a loss of habitat for native animals. There is a sign adjacent to the proposed development indicating there are koalas in the area!

    Council, please do not allow this development to proceed in its current form. Please require the developer to show due sensitivity to the existing area.

  7. Sharon Uthmann commented

    To all staff making decisions regarding property development applications for Ipswich City Council,

    With reference to the following applications: RAL9772/2017; RAL2662/2017; RAL4333/2018; RAL4540/2018; RAL4429/2018; RAL5794/2018; RAL6469/2018; CA6771/2018; 7117/2017/CA.

    We are to express our concerns regarding the development applications above and their impact on Bellbird Park and Goodna.

    My husband and I have been living in and around Goodna all our lives and have noted considerable change - not all of it good. While we understand the need for change and the need for property development, We can not understand why Ipswich City Council is neglecting the very reason people come to live here - to be outside the city and have a reasonable sized block with green space still readily available and abundant, and to be able to access good roads and services.

    With the development of Brentwood Estate, we have noted an increase in traffic along Jones Road and Redbank Plains Road/Queen Street during peak periods - which seems to be all day these days. Jones Road is not coping with this traffic with an increase in pot holes and traffic jams for those coming in from side streets. Queen Street is regularly backed up with all the traffic from Bellbird Park, Redbank Plains, Kruger and Augustine Heights trying to access the motorway to get to work in the city. As the public transport system is not in place to fully service these areas.

    Gone are the backyards, parks and reserves. Instead every development is reducing block sizes to 400m2 and smaller and then building duplexes. There are very few trees and the wildlife has no where to go. Where we live in Andrew Walker Drive Goodna, there is a lovely bush reserve across the road where we have regularly seen wallabies, possums and goannas. This is now under threat with the Ascot St development coming off Redbank Plains Road (7117/2017/CA). This was going to be a 52 lot development to which the developer responded cheekily to ICC telling ICC to get with the times when asked to reduce the lots and increase the lots size - the developer then increased it to 72 lots.

    It would be a shame for ICC to be pushed around by developers in return for a quick buck.

    Drainage is another concern with Jones Road cut with flooding we had not witnessed before in the last storm event earlier this year. With Brentwood Estate now pushing more run off into Woogaroo Creek and the further development on Jones Road near Happy Jack Gully - the flooding will only increase - perhaps not in that area but another area will be affected.

    Please ICC consider keeping our Ipswich suburbs places with large lots, green spaces and wildlife when assessing these applications. It seems the current community is no longer consulted when these applications are assessed and feel that this needs to change. Our rates pay for you, who make the decision, to make one that meets the needs of the Ipswich Community, not some developer who does not even reside in the area.

  8. Ross Moore commented

    We had a storm on the 21 October that deposited 57mm of rain in about 1 hour - it flooded Jones Rd AGAIN ( have photos) - water blew the storm water lids off at the lower end of Nugent St - now residents are getting tired of replacing storm water lids in Nugent St after almost every shower - the storm water lids in Jones Rd are now bitumened over to stop cars accidently falling in to them when ever the water is over the road - the water was running down the northern side of Jones Rd and too deep for cars to safely get through at its peak height - what will happen if all these development applications in this catchment / Happy Jack Gully are approved -

  9. Natalie Palethorpe commented

    I object to this development. The density of the housing does not fit with the semi rural area of Bellbird Park. I am concerned the development will be advertised to council as four bedroom homes, whereas they are actually duplexes. This has occurred in three other developments in Bellbird Park. How can it be guaranteed they will be stand alone houses and not duplexes? Happy Jack gully supports Koalas, Kangaroos and other wildlife. The development along Joes Road, Tanarea Drive and Brentwood forest have contributed to significant flooding of Jones Road. There is a high school 100 metres up the road. The flooding also goes over the footpath. What safety considerations are there for school children. The storm water drains are an eyesore like the one up Jones road which is a concrete ditch now filling with rubbish. This was only two three years ago a beautiful semi rural area with wildlife Koalas! And no flooding. This development and similar ones need to be stopped. This block of land has many trees. Are they all going to be mulched up as what was done to all the other developments. There are still Koalas around! Please stop this development until a more environmentally sensitive one is put in. Failure to do so shoes the complete lack of regard for the local area. Bellbird Park needs to remain a bushland environmentally sustainable suburb not full of duplexes and drainage basins.

  10. Vicky Rall commented

    I strongly object to this development! The developers' obsession to build look-alike boxes on patches of land so small it doesn't leave space to plant a tree, is brain-numbing. Why is this allowed? Apart from the soul-less destruction of natural habitat, the idea to build homes on top Happy Jack Gully is reckless and will deliver a multitude of social and financial problems. Where will that water go? What about rising damp? The whole idea is astounding.

    Please do the right thing and do not allow houses to be built on the water course.

  11. G and R Comber commented

    CA - 6770 / 2018 – 196 to 204 Jones Rd

    We are long term residents (20+ years) and we would like to object in the strongest possible way to the above planning application. We've looked at some of the drawings - 47 lots, with the smallest starting at 450m2 - with JUST ONE lot more than 600m2. 37 OF THE LOTS ARE 450m, with another 8 between 451-500m, 1 @ 520m and 1 LONELY LOT BEING MORE THAN 600m @ 665m. We'd simply like to know how this meets the Ipswich Planning Scheme? If we refer to Fact Sheet 8 Ipswich Planning Scheme, it says: "Residential Low-Density Zone – generally 10 to 15 dwellings per ha (average 600m2 lots)" – I’ll just repeat that - AVERAGE 600m2 LOTS. Ipswich City Council - could you please enlighten us to the calculation that would make this application meet the AVERAGE 600m2 LOTS, as our calculations get an average lot size of approximately 459m2.

    We would also like to know why have developments such as this (which have an average lot size of less than 600m) been approved in our suburb? When we bought here, we could have bought at Springfield, but chose to buy and live in a suburb with larger blocks, because that suited our lifestyle. We understand that the small blocks suit some people, but believe most residents bought at Bellbird Park for the larger lot sizes. That was our choice, a choice which is being taken away from us, one development at a time.

    We object to every/virtually every tree being chopped down – that’s not what our suburb looks like and not what we chose when we moved here. We object in the strongest possible way to the wholesale slaughter of the animals and birds we live alongside here at Bellbird Park.

    We object to Watercourses being bulldozed over, so a developer can make money – these people don’t live here, have never lived here and have no intention of living here in the future. What right do they have to ruin our suburb and the visual amenity we bought here for, where we raised our children and where we now have falling property prices because of similar substandard developments with their poorly planned/built homes/retaining walls?

    Please reject this application outright. The developer response to ICC’s request for further information is, in our opinion, abysmal and addresses little to nothing of issues raised. Please reject it now.

    Greg and Ronda Comber

    Have also emailed this to the following addresses:

    ICC - you may publish our comment, but not our address

  12. d moore commented

    This development application is incorrectly listed on PD on Line - it says it only applies to lot 196/198 plus lots 200/ 202 ONLY -
    when in actual fact it also includes lot 204 / 206 AS WELL AS THE REAR OF LOT NUMBER 208/210 -
    Real Areas are as follows
    196/198 area is 1.02ha
    200/202 area is 1.085ha
    204/206 area is 1.244ha
    AS WELL AS THE REAR SECTION OF LOT NUMBER 208/210 with an area of approximately 1500 sq meters - lots numbered 1 and 31 plus road access area
    The total area up for subdivision under this application has a total of 34990 sq meters
    What a STUFF up
    Re calculation of lot size - there are several methods of doing it
    Method 1 - total area of 34990 sq mtres divided by 47 lots = 744.4680851sq mtrs / LOT which is well above the 600sq meters requirement
    Methot 2 - 10 to 15 lots / hectare - 3.4990 hectares multiplied by 15 = 52 lots - this development also meets this criteria easily
    And as you can see there are 32 lots with an area of 450 sq meters
    That's even before the saga of vanishing wildlife in the area and tunnels under properties to provide drainage

  13. david Harris commented

    I totally object to this development.Also I hope I didn't heart right but its going around that you may approve this shocker as it was mooted in Jan
    Besides my lengthy objection, add to this . What will local people and indeed anyone else think when they see this block totally cleared. it is a travesty. Although there is a reserve opposite, you accept that another clearing so near to the reserve further isolates Koalas which I thought was oan absolute no I have checked out the 6 approvals being sought. They all have one thing in common the clearing of bush. How do you explain to us residents that planning will from now on be at the developers behest.
    Bellbird and its character is being treated like the wild west. What are you going to do to stop this horrendous avalance of developers unchecked STOP IT RIGHT NOW

  14. Emma Perry commented

    I am opposed to this development. Removing all bush land for residential houses is both detrimental to the ecosystem and bad for residents. Diseases that are currently localised to the bush areas (tick born diseases) will have no place to go but into residential backyards. Plus we already have the koalas down as an endangered species and this is making it worse

  15. david Harris commented

    I totally object to this development.Also I hope I didn't heart right but its going around that you may approve this shocker as it was mooted in Jan
    Besides my lengthy objection, add to this . What will local people and indeed anyone else think when they see this block totally cleared. it is a travesty. Although there is a reserve opposite, you accept that another clearing so near to the reserve further isolates Koalas which I thought was oan absolute no I have checked out the 6 approvals being sought. They all have one thing in common the clearing of bush. How do you explain to us residents that planning will from now on be at the developers behest.
    Bellbird and its character is being treated like the wild west. What are you going to do to stop this horrendous avalance of developers unchecked STOP IT RIGHT NOW

  16. Elise De La Rue commented

    My family and I strongly I object to this development!
    1. Enough is enough... There is already an over supply of housing, this is sending existing property prices in a downwards spiral. The rental market is flooded with stupid auxilary units that have no place in Bellbird Park, it is not in character with the suburb at all. Bellbird Park DOES NOT need anymore cramped developments, Bellbird Park DOES NOT need anymore auxilary units. And Bellbird Park is NOT the place for this ridiculous type of developments. Residents have bought in Bellbird Park for the space, the trees, the tranquil suburb that has large blocks.
    2. Have the wildlife been considered?? Of course they haven't because developers and council care more about making money for fancy luncheons than protecting the wildlife in our suburb! What an absolute joke of a council for even letting the developers get this far! The watercourse will be damaged beyond repair, the flooding that is already a huge concern and danger will only get worse with this type of development occurring. This suburb was never designed to reroute huge bodies of water (take a look at happy Jack gully, Jones road, and just about every man hole in the vicinity when theres a downpour).
    3. Wake up council!!! Developers have been submitting plans to build HOUSES, then mysteriously those original plans seem to disappear and are replaced by building AUXILARY DUPLEXES .. Auxilary dwellings ARE NOT houses.. They are duplexes... Bellbird Park is not suited for these types of builds.. Stop letting this occur.. Enough is enough!!!

    Council, please put a stop to this!! You have the power to stop it so please do so!! For the sake of protecting the suburb, for the sake of existing residents that bought here for the big blocks, trees, wildlife and for the character of the suburb. For the sake of our children to grow up in a leafy suburb, to enjoy Bellbird Park for its unique environment.

    Last of all, we have a family of kangaroos that frequently hop around our backyard, we love them. There are koalas in the trees in our suburb (YES they really are there, the so called experts don't report them because they are paid by developers), they need protecting!!! The gliders, possums, lizards, frogs and birds need protecting!!!

    Stop the development!!!!

  17. Ronda Comber commented

    I just saw the document on pd online which refers to LOT NO 43. I thought ICC was listening to the Bellbird Park residents when they approved 29 lots last xmas. I thought ICC was sticking to the planning scheme by approving lots which were average 600m or more. Why has ICC not gone ahead with the appeal from these developers? Why does it appear that ICC will not protect the ratepayers of this suburb while we have no representation from a Councillor. It all seems to have been negotiated behind our backs - yet again!!!! We don't want small lot developments here. How many times have we got to say this? ICC stick up for us please.

  18. Philip Greenhill commented

    To: Planning Dept and City Administrator, Ipswich City - I thought with the former councillors now gone deals with developers would be a thing of the past. It appears not to be the case. With the Council's approval of 29 lots, down from the developer's 47, we now see reference to a Lot 43 of 400sq metres which is a concern to APT Petroleum in regards to safety issues and access with its pipeline that passes through the area. This also has to be a major issue for residents of the area if proposed fences around the lots prevent access to ensure the safe operation of the company's pipeline assets, along with residents lives and property.

    There should be no further deals between the Ipswich Local Authority and property developers that diminish the lifestyle of current ratepayers in Bellbird Park through the approval of small scale blocks where streets become parking lots with their over crowded cookie cutter homes.

  19. David Harris commented

    Clearly the council are treating Bellbird residents with disdain. I have suggested that it is useless to put in objections to any planned developments. The planner for the "Happy Jack block" told me, in that objections are treated genuinely. The shifting of the appeal from the middle of January to Christmas Eve was a truly cynical move making way for the another inappropriate development. I am one of the 99 community group looking at ways to give more "transparency"by council. "Happy Jack" was the Litmus test with regard to the processes and resolutions by Council. Most objections to developments are well thought out and constructive. But pointless. The council know or should know What Bellbird residents want or dont want. The New Ipswich plan makes 21 references to the role of community in relation to their role . Would you believe only one of the 21 have been enacted. It appears that the council are treating residents as fools as they "negotiate" with developers in secret. Do it quickly and ignore the views of residents. Often planners I have spoken to use the mantra of "look at our website its all there". We have the messy saga of negotiations with APA,described by the council as having a history of poor planning, but the Council tells us that this should not undermine their case. The masignations of Council and developers isn't there. Surprise, surprise. "Transparency' What transparency? "Happy Jack" has it all. Destruction of habitat,building over a creek,requesting the maximum lots in another sardine city. Duplexs and Ancillary units. No plans for infrastructure and "keep it quiet, we don't , act quickly we want the community finding out" .They are just "Mushrooms" anyway" Speaking to 2 of the direct neighbours I found that they think the Council did at least reduce the number of lots to 29. So much for community involvement. I for one think this whole saga is a complete disgrace. How can anyone have any respect for a council who seem to work hand in hand with developers as they laugh all the way to the bank. I fear for the future of Bellbird Park, we are not toys to be played with by Council.Where is support for us from the Council. Its like putting the fox in charge of the hen house.

  20. S Derksen commented

    I'm upset that despite the very vocal objections of many current residents of Bellbird Park, Ipswich City Council is STILL not taking these concerns into consideration with what appears to be a total backflip on a previous decision and more lots approved for this development. A dead koala was photographed opposite this development site only weeks ago. Koalas were witnessed running from the Brentwood Forest estate during clearing activities occurring directly across the road. The Grey Goshawk resides in this area as do many other species of wildlife. Happy Jack Gully is abundant in flora and fauna that Ipswich City Council clearly appear to be happy to build right over the top of, no matter what dies in the process. Why do these developments keep being approved? Surely it can be done in a more reasonable way, with larger block sizes and accommodations made for existing flora and fauna. The crime rate here is going through the roof and what used to be a beautiful, leafy suburb is now becoming an absolute slum. It's disgusting that Council are allowing this to happen.

  21. Christine Cooper commented

    We moved to Bellbird Park 40 years ago when most of Jones Rd was a dirt track. We moved here for the tranquility and the wonderful green environment that surrounded our suburb. All that is gradually being eroded and quite frankly it is frightening to see houses popping up left right and centre on teeny weeny postage stamp sized blocks of land.

    Enough is enough, please consider carefully the ramifications of creating high density housing by cramming as many undersized blocks for pure profit. By approving this project with a possible 47 allotments sized around 400 square metres council will be creating a ghetto like area which is not in keeping with council's 600 square metre minimum policy.
    I implore the planning department to make a sensible decision which will preserve the very nature of Bellbird Park.

    Chris Cooper

  22. Rachel Grant commented

    Dear Council and planning staff, is it too much to ask that your enforce your own Planning Scheme? This DA fails the scheme on so many levels with regards to density, preservation of habitat and creek corridors, and limiting access to a vital piece of energy infrastructure. As a resident whose home borders the APA pipeline, I call on the Council to meet APA's requirements for the safe operation of this pipeline by not allowing a development which potentially limits access to the pipeline or gives residents opportunities to excavate in the vicinity of it.
    Bellbird Park residents are suffering under the weight of poor quality developments. We have had enough of cheap, hastily built housing which in no way takes accounts of the surrounds and character of our suburb. Please put residents ahead of developer's profits!!

  23. S. Bourne commented

    I am writing to express my dismay and disgust at the council’s inability to stick to their guns when it comes to making developers adhere to the guidelines for development in Bellbird Park. The original approved plans for this development were actually pretty good, decent block sizes and additional greenspace, but recent letters suggest that the council have once again completely folded to the wants of the developers without any regard for the residents. There has been no way that the residents have been able to follow whatever has been going on behind closed doors with this development and having no council representation and an unresponsive administrator means that residents have no way of following the progress (or in this case regression) of the proposed development. The residents of Bellbird Park are sick of the suburb being destroyed by developers who are not made to adhere to the guidelines and not made to contribute to the liability or sustainability of the suburb in any way, but are continually allowed to destroy essential wildlife habitat, waterways and the character of the suburb in order to make the greatest profit. They then walk away leaving residents to deal with the mess they leave behind. There is no doubt that mistakes have been made in Bellbird Park in the past but this is not a good enough reason to allow those mistakes to continue moving forward, at some point the council have to draw a line in the sand and say from now on we will make sure that the guidelines are followed and show that they are listening to the residents of this suburb who are suffering due to an abundance of this sort of poor development.

  24. Helen Wakerley commented

    I have grave concerns for all developments that have to pass through the hands of the Ipswich City Council as the voice of the residents is not taken into account . The only voice being heard is the developer.
    It is time for Council to listen to the residents who obviously made the choice to live in these suburbs where wildlife was abundant and large blocks prolific.
    Do not go ahead with this development - which will mean the major removal of our beautiful and precious bush land and the decimation of flora and fauna.
    We see enough of the horrible removal of bush land within the Springfield Development Zone.
    Do not sell the heart soul of our beautiful suburbs to the big boys with the big dollars.

  25. Glenys Tewes commented

    To: Planning Department, Ipswich City Council & Mr Greg Chemello, Interim Administrator, Ipswich City Council.

    PLEASE REJECT the small-lot housing development proposed for 196-198 Jones Road, Bellbird Park. By rejecting this development, ICC can become an integral part of the solution for Bellbird Park, rather than continuing to be part of the problem for our much loved suburb.

    For more than 12 months now, Bellbird Park residents have been speaking out loud and clear to ICC, expressing their genuine concerns about small-lot housing developments in our suburb. Many residents have submitted well-founded facts-and-figures-based objections to all unwelcome small-lot housing developments in our once-peaceful leafy suburb. Their objections have been based on serious environmental issues such as continued protection of local native wildlife, new instances of flooding in areas never prone to flooding before, access restrictions to infrastructure such as important pipelines, the increase in traffic congestion in local streets and arterial roads, and cars parking in the streets and on footpaths obstructing vision for oncoming traffic.

    This is just a snapshot of the important issues raised by the many concerned residents who have contacted you, most of whom have expressed doubt that their concerns are even being considered during your assessments of these small-lot housing development applications.

    The original 1970s subdivision design for this area was for larger-than-average 1500m2 allotments and small acreage lifestyle blocks of 1 to 3 acres (4000m2 to 1.214 ha), where families could raise their children with their own large backyard to play in, all within a safe family-orientated environment. By comparison, the current ICC small-lot housing trend allows blocks as small as 400m2!! The large allotments in Bellbird Park were the major drawcard for those of us who chose to put down roots here in the late 1970s and have continued loving this suburb for ±40 years. Neighbourhood children often played together all morning in one backyard, then go home for lunch, then in the afternoon play together in a neighbouring backyard. All the adults knew all the children and all the children felt safe entering each other’s homes. They had very healthy outdoor childhoods – try fitting a cubby house, a sand pit, a trampoline, a swing set, a climbing frame and a tree house in one of these small-lot backyards (more like micro yards).

    Children in these small-lot housing enclaves have no decent outdoor play space at home, which can lead to them playing in the streets and creating danger for everyone, especially on weekends when visitors park even more cars in the streets, creating further clogging of the already over-capacity streets. The streets in and around Bellbird Park have become increasingly congested with traffic as a direct result of small-lot housing developments and the huge influx of additional people and cars that has brought. There are way too many people and cars here now for the current infrastructure to cope with.

    This is ICC’s chance to put a stop to the sheer insanity of all this small-lot housing development!! PLEASE REJECT this application for the sake of all your current Bellbird Park constituents!! Please consider this while assessing this application and any further (but hopefully not!!) small-lot housing development applications in Bellbird Park ... Saturday 28 March 2020 is only 8 months away.

  26. Natalie Thorpe commented

    I object to this development application. There is no thought of native wildlife and fauna. Jones Road now floods where previously before the development in the past five years didn’t. Happy Jack Gully is beautiful and extends throughout Bellbird Park. Once again we have developers who are just out to cram as much housing in as possible with almost what seems a complete disdain for locals and the native environment. Our beautiful suburb is being destroyed. With each new development no matter what the objection the developers get their way. So Ipswich City Council if you approve this development application as it stands you once again show that you do not care for the many long term ratepayers of Bellbird Park. We have no official representative in council and for many years have not had an elected official who actually cared about the natural beauty of the land only development.

  27. David Harris commented


  28. deb mostert commented

    It seems that Ipswich City Council does not have the best interests of their existing communities and the environment at heart, if this sort of development is allowed to continue at pace.

    What happened to LOW DENSITY zoning?! How can 400 square metre blocks be considered low density?

    How can blocks be clear felled and extra homes squeezed in without thought when it is an area classed as High Value Bushland for koala habitat by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection ... Where is the council's commitment to Land for Wildlife?

    We are imploring you to please consider retaining the unique wildlife corridor we have in this parcel of bush land and put a halt to developers clear felling and subdividing in existing acreage suburbs.

    I have sent many letters to council and am now adding my voice to this forum as well....please listen to the long term residents and stop this infilling of our suburb.

  29. Natasha Catling commented

    I notice not shown on the maps is that happy jack gully also has a creek. This creek flows through the Moodai Reserve. The creek branches of from Woogaroo Creek and Oppssum Creek. This creek also floods. The council have built a sturdy bridge over this creek in the Moodai Reserve. This creek then flows down to Goodna. Guess what? In 2011 it flooded as it is connected to the Brisbane River. Also let’s not forget the sensitive frog population at a Moodai Reserve. Those frogs are throughout Happy Jack Gully. I know your environmental assessment showed up nothing. Amazing how town water was found in this creek???? So any development in this area affects the local creeks, does lead to flooding and destroys the wildlife. Look back on other environmental reports from a decade or more ago. You know the one showing a high density Koala population and the platypus in Opossum Creek. All the Brentwood developers had to do was one show the creek was contaminated (town water also killed off the platypus) and buy offset bush land far away and voila the council approved and continues to approve absolute destruction. In regards to the flooding of this creek you are aware that last year in heavy rain there was swift water rescues at the bottom on Nugent street???? Not a good idea to place housing anywhere near this creek. The creek also runs right through this block as well!!!!! If you destroy it the water will go straight down Jones Road causing flooding right where school kids cross the road.

  30. David Harris commented

    196 Jones Rd. What a response. but mark my words the Council will ignore them. you would think they would acknowledge the objections.We are wasting our time.
    What a way to deal with us. Try the council web site. Nothing about the masignations, of the council and the developers. Transparency.The fabulous 99 are being asked to review
    and suggest ways of making information transparent. By the time the new planning system is promulgated Bellbird park will be unrecognizable. The state government are the final arbiters but why should they intervene. Ipswich will double the population . What a great wicket the developers are on .The council and the state government wont stop them The developers are rubbing their collective hands together. The developers are doing the work of the state government and council are hand in hand with the developers .So all they have to do is sit on their hands while the developers are having a dream run. So when we see them going for average 450 sqs
    and now we see duplexs and ancillary units spreading like wild fire. But remember don't
    spend valuable time explaining your objections to the council forget it. Just give them one liners "i strongly object to this inappropriate development in Bellbird Park"But wait a minute. The council planners only have to skip read and ignore your one liner then have a bit of mediation with the developers. Ring them up to ask them what they want . 47 lots at "happy Jack" No problems. Be quick like the application to destroy the bush there.Move the hearing to Xmas eve. You can fool us some of the time, etc etc

    David Harris

  31. David Harris commented

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10
    Be clear polite and to the point and your comment will be listened to"My retort to that is that these residents objections are clear and polite and well considered . Being to the point is most difficult as there is so much wrong happening. "Happy jack" epitomizes what is so wrong with the "Planning process".
    You know what I object to so i wont bother reiterating.
    To the point? Read 3 pages from the Qlds new planning system.
    21 references to the role of the community. Now being as polite as I can, how can the Council have dealt with only one of the 21 ? Really the council should hang their collective heads in Shame.
    They get paid for what they do. We have to do it for free.
    "Happy Jack" exhibits all that is wrong with how the Council deals with planning and developers. it is clearly without shame and follows the time honored path. Keep Bellbird residents in the dark and feed them ... The council made some "promises" in relation to "Happy Jack"and broke all of them. We have 2 years before the new plan is promulgated. Surely the council know that our residents in Bellbird will see the destruction of our suburb by then.
    Residents objections i can assure you are a complete waste of time. Happy Jack is the lightening rod .On display the destruction of habitat, the environment,developers greed sated, the community excluded. Moving the consideration on Happy Jack from the middle of January to Xmas eve was the height of cynicism. Have the council no shame?
    To the "Shaping SEQ" .Be "dropped jawed".When I read it I felt nothing but angry and mesmerized. Ten pages with the role of community pointed to and analysed. Add to the 20 above another 30 references to such a things as consultation, collaboration You would think that the community will be at the centre of input into planning. i challenge the council to find who has read this "book", let alone take notes. We are vindicated, the council should hang it's collective head in shame .Ring me/us,the community. Email me whatever . We In Bellbird care for our environment and amenity. The council clearly don't.
    The Councils tactic is simple. Any controversial planning issue,make it quick and certainly keep us in the dark.
    The developers are having a dream run . Being as polite as I can ,the councils dealing with the destruction of our suburb is like putting the fox in charge of the hen house. It would be crass and laughable to rely on the council to do the right thing. That's the way to get rid of a creek fill it with rocks and build over it. My camera is running hot.
    David Harris

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  2. Please use your real full name if possible.

  1. We never display your street address. Why do you need my address?

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