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In Bellbird Park QLD on “Reconfiguring a Lot - Four...” at 196-198 Jones Road Bellbird Park QLD 4300:

JBurnell commented

I wish to lodge my objection to the above DA for the following reasons:
The proposed development does not have appropriate access to commercial, employment and transport facilities to support the proposed density. Occupants of any dwellings will not have reasonable access to public transport and this will impact on already overloaded roads. The Sub Arterial road, Jones Road, is prone to flooding during periods of heavy rainfall which cuts off direct access to Ipswich Motorway.
The proposed development is not designed to be sensitive to the environmental conditions and character of the locality. In addition, the proposed development is not cognisant of the existing landscape character and does not retain or reinforce that character or the existing environmental values. The proposed development does not minimise adverse impacts on the natural environment.
According to the Bellbird Park Greenspace Plan these properties are part of a Bushland Sensitive Area and as stated in the Ipswich Planning Implementation Guideline No 9 this area should be treated as follows:
Employment of bushland sensitive development techniques will provide opportunities for the optimal retention of vegetation when incorporated in the design of developments. These techniques include:
• building location envelopes;
• larger lot sizes;
• site sensitive building construction methods;
• minimisation of clearing and earthworks; and
• the provision of supplementary planting.
The flow on benefits of maintaining the longevity of these environmental assets includes:
• increased property and aesthetic values;
• retained and improved biodiversity;
• improved water quality;
• visual screening;
• soil conservation; and
• the maintenance of soil stability in the steeper portions of the study area. Development within the identified bushland sensitive areas shall be designed and undertaken to provide for the use of appropriate construction methods in response to the sites' environmental and ecological attributes.
It is disappointing to note that the Implementation Guide has been completely disregarded by the developers and I trust Ipswich Planning Department will advise the developer to amend his DA accordingly.

delivered to the planning authority

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