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In Bellbird Park QLD on “Reconfiguring a Lot - Four...” at 196-198 Jones Road Bellbird Park QLD 4300:

Sharon Uthmann commented

To all staff making decisions regarding property development applications for Ipswich City Council,

With reference to the following applications: RAL9772/2017; RAL2662/2017; RAL4333/2018; RAL4540/2018; RAL4429/2018; RAL5794/2018; RAL6469/2018; CA6771/2018; 7117/2017/CA.

We are to express our concerns regarding the development applications above and their impact on Bellbird Park and Goodna.

My husband and I have been living in and around Goodna all our lives and have noted considerable change - not all of it good. While we understand the need for change and the need for property development, We can not understand why Ipswich City Council is neglecting the very reason people come to live here - to be outside the city and have a reasonable sized block with green space still readily available and abundant, and to be able to access good roads and services.

With the development of Brentwood Estate, we have noted an increase in traffic along Jones Road and Redbank Plains Road/Queen Street during peak periods - which seems to be all day these days. Jones Road is not coping with this traffic with an increase in pot holes and traffic jams for those coming in from side streets. Queen Street is regularly backed up with all the traffic from Bellbird Park, Redbank Plains, Kruger and Augustine Heights trying to access the motorway to get to work in the city. As the public transport system is not in place to fully service these areas.

Gone are the backyards, parks and reserves. Instead every development is reducing block sizes to 400m2 and smaller and then building duplexes. There are very few trees and the wildlife has no where to go. Where we live in Andrew Walker Drive Goodna, there is a lovely bush reserve across the road where we have regularly seen wallabies, possums and goannas. This is now under threat with the Ascot St development coming off Redbank Plains Road (7117/2017/CA). This was going to be a 52 lot development to which the developer responded cheekily to ICC telling ICC to get with the times when asked to reduce the lots and increase the lots size - the developer then increased it to 72 lots.

It would be a shame for ICC to be pushed around by developers in return for a quick buck.

Drainage is another concern with Jones Road cut with flooding we had not witnessed before in the last storm event earlier this year. With Brentwood Estate now pushing more run off into Woogaroo Creek and the further development on Jones Road near Happy Jack Gully - the flooding will only increase - perhaps not in that area but another area will be affected.

Please ICC consider keeping our Ipswich suburbs places with large lots, green spaces and wildlife when assessing these applications. It seems the current community is no longer consulted when these applications are assessed and feel that this needs to change. Our rates pay for you, who make the decision, to make one that meets the needs of the Ipswich Community, not some developer who does not even reside in the area.

delivered to the planning authority

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