110 Lodges Rd, Elderslie 2570 NSW

New Multi Unit Housing

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 1 year ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Camden Council, reference DA/2018/1325/1)

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  1. Luke and Tanya Chesworth commented

    My wife and I are pleased to see this small retail development finally moving ahead, and the amenity of Liz Kernohan Drive connecting to Camden Valley way and connecting both Camden Acres and Vantage Point estates is also welcome.

    We are concerned with the scale of the development though, the number of residential apartments and the impact of the additional traffic in the area is worrying, especially given the tendency towards greater density in the housing developments of the area.

    Of greatest concern though is the height and imposing stance that this development will have, which is out of character with the rest of the buildings in the local area. I would like to draw council's attention to the unit developments recently constructed on Vicary Avenue as a much better example of higher density accommodation for this area. We also note that large parts of level 2, and all of level 3 are above the 9.5m height line.

    We ask council to respect the 9.5m height line in this case, and restrict the development to the proposed spaces currently proposed to fall beneath this limit. This will allow the local community to benefit from the amenity of the proposed retail spaces and what we hope will become much needed affordable housing, while at the same time not suffering from the visual and tangible impacts of the proposed over height development.

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