1/3-13 High Road Bethania QLD 4205

Crematorium, Caretakers Residence and Advertising Device

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 8 months ago. It was received by them 4 days earlier.

(Source: Logan City Council, reference COM-62/2018)


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  1. Brian Hair wrote to local councillor Cherie Dalley

    Attention Councillor Cherie Dalley, as a resident of Palm Lake Bethania I am opposed to the Crematorium, Caretakers Residence and Advertising Device to be built at 3-13 High Street Bethania. While the present site may have light industry I do not believe the
    crematorium as the area surrounding is both residential as well as an over fifties village and nursing home.

    I find it in poor taste to build a crematorium so close to the people who are in the twilight of their years. We know how close we are to our finial chapter of life. We do not want a reminder in our backyard.

    Delivered to local councillor Cherie Dalley. They are yet to respond.

  2. Development Assessment Branch, Logan City Council commented

    If you would like to contact Council to discuss this development application in more detail, you can do so during business hours (Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm) via the following methods:
    - phone on 07 3412 5269; or
    - in person at the Planning, Plumbing and Building Counter at 150 Wembley Road, Logan Central.

    Alternatively you can email Council anytime at development@logan.qld.gov.au

  3. Marion MacLeod wrote to local councillor Cherie Dalley

    Attention Councillor Cherie Dalley I live 1.3klm from where this proposed crematorium is to be placed I find it hard to comprehend why you would pass the application for this type of business this close to residential and shops on a busy road. And why the community were not informed, many of the local residents, schools and businesses had no idea that this type of business would be going in our area without consulting or informing the locals.

    Delivered to local councillor Cherie Dalley. They are yet to respond.

  4. Heather Radley commented

    Attention Logan Council, Surely a crematorium should be built with consideration not only of the population surrounding it, but also for those who will use it. There is a lot of rural land in the Bethania area where several acres of land could be purchased, landscaped and gardens laid out to improve the impact such a business has on people. We all know there is a need for this type of business, but locating it on the proposed site is offensive to everyone in the area and most callous to those elderly and infirm living very nearby in aged care. This business has no place in the middle of suburbia, relocate it to the fringe and beautify the surroundings and it won't be so offensive.

  5. Karen Renna wrote to local councillor Cherie Dalley

    Attention Councillor Cherie Daley
    As a resident of Edens Landing it concerns me that something like this could be considered in a residential area it’s bad enough that we have to put up with the smell of the abattoir that should of being moved when all the development of the new estates were being built . It is in poor taste that the residents of Palm Lake resort need to have a reminder of what is next for them please consider the residents views

    Delivered to local councillor Cherie Dalley. They are yet to respond.

  6. Gordon Simmonds wrote to local councillor Cherie Dalley

    This development should NOT proceed under any circumstances !
    It defies common sense - These people need to be treated with respect - they have all been a part of this community for decades worked their whole lives . They need to have a nice relaxing (physically AND mentally ) place to live -
    It is not fair -
    This should not just be a case of " look at the planning rules " this should be approached with care and compassion - not from a book of black and white rules -
    The people reviewing this application need to imagine themselves in the position of the Palm lake pensioners - how would they feel ?

    I truly hope common sense prevails -

    Delivered to local councillor Cherie Dalley. They are yet to respond.

  7. Clint Hodge commented

    I think it’s absolutely disgusting that a crematorium be placed in a location so close to retirement villages and also the surrounding community with the local children accessing their local schools having to also be impacted by the business itself but also the transportation of the deceased in vehicles around the local area .
    I find it amazing that a business owner whom has been previously been charged with fraud can obtain the green light from council to proceed with establishing a crematorium here . Also amidst a time when council itself has members under investigation.......
    I think we need a clean up of council because this absolutely stinks

  8. Brian Hair commented

    No response from the acting mayor Cherie Dalley, nor will there be one now as all but four (4) are suspended. The best council "dead" money could buy!

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