22 Livingstone Ave, Botany 2019 NSW

Demolition of Existing Residence and Garege. And construction of 2x2 storey detached residences,Torrens Title subdivision into two lots and associated site and landscape works.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website almost 2 years ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Bayside Council (Botany Bay), reference 10.2018.1174.1)

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  1. Jon Amberlike commented

    This email is in relation to dispute the proposal of 2 x torens title dwelling on 22 Livingstone avenue botany, I wish to object in relation to this build as it will cause presidency to the neighbors and also block sunlight comming into us across. I believe this development shouldn't be approve as we are overcrowded enough.

    Reasons as follows:
    1. The street parking will majorly be affected with more cars with less parking for existing residents.

    2.It will set presidency to all the neighbors.

    3. It will over shadow both street frontages with less visible sunlight in the street, and fellow owners and neighbors will lose sunlight and privacy.

    4. It will affect privacy to fellow neighbors from the top level on Both sides in all directions.

    5. It will be overcrowded with more people and more noise pollution.

    6.It will be noisy and no room for trucks, traddies to park while building causing significant delays to residents.

    7. It will cause more pollution in the street with vegetation and dust whilst building going into the street and dirtying cars and other homes.

    8. The 2nd level of the build will cause overshadowing from most directions.

    9. The environment will servility be affected with the cutting of existing trees, plants and other natural types in the street, also causing the plants to die from not enough sunlight.

    10.Hayden place will severely be affected with more pedestrian traffic.

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