58 Bissenberger Crescent, Kambah, ACT

AMENDMENT TO APPROVED DA201834483 - Amendment to the development application for proposal for dual occupancy - the amendment is internal alterations, changes to decks, windows and addition of privacy screens to upper floor windows.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 2 years ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: ACT Planning & Land Authority, reference 201834483)

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  1. Nancy and Jason Lee commented

    We would suggest a privacy fence or plants to screen the patio behind the proposed U1 garage from our back balcony. The current plans only have the fence that allow direct visibility from our property directly into this area - giving the residents no privacy at all.

    We have concerns about how close the proposed plans has the U1 garage is to the fence line and would suggest providing more room from the fence line.

    Please be aware that we have established plants growing on our side of the shared fence by the big trees and power pole in front of the proposed U1 garage. If any part of the fence is to be removed during construction all precautions should be taken to limit the damage to these plants

    From the plans it looks like the large tree/hedges on the fence line in front of U1 garage will be retained. We note that the roots from these trees/hedges are pushing up the paves on our side. If these trees/hedges are to be retain we suggest a plan should be put in place to stop any further damage to the paves.

    We are concerned about the shared driveway. The big equipment that was used to demolish 58 Bissenberger damaged the driveway (created potholes). If this happens to the 56 Bissenberger side of the driveway due to the proposed construction, we obviously would want the driveway to be repaired to the state it is in at the moment (we have taken photos).

    The plans state the driveway needs to stay clear at all times. This must happen as we must be able to come and go as we need without any vehicles or equipment in our way.

    Thank you for considering these comments.

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