16 Ramsgate St, Botany 2019 NSW

Demolish existing boarding house and construction of new 2 storey boarding house with 35 rooms and associated off street parking. Removal of 2 trees.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website almost 2 years ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Bayside Council (Botany Bay), reference 10.2018.1164.1)


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  1. Vince Hansimikali commented

    Very good for the area, new, updated and offering affordable housing.

  2. Tanya B commented

    How affordable? What is the cost per room Vince?

  3. Dayle commented

    I strongly oppose the building of this boarding house. I understand it is to replace the current one at the same address however it most certainly does not need to be of this size. Boarding houses are by their very nature used by people of lower socioeconomic standing. These people often present with mental health challenges, due to the hand they have been dealt in life. I can't even understand why this application is being considered. It is located 20m from a childcare centre, and 50m from a primary school. A lot of these children live very close to school and therefore make the journey to and from, unaccompanied. It is possible with this new establishment that at any one time there may be up to 70 persons, some of undesirable in nature residing within the boarding house which is of great concern to parents. The street itself is already at capacity with the school, childcare, church in such a short Street that at various times of the day is already too busy for the children let alone adding additional traffic. The safety of children should be of utmost importance above development and financial gains! The property is not suitable for the reasons specified above. I do not object to them renovating / improving what is currently on the premises.

  4. Brad Humphries commented

    I oppose this development. It is a gross over development of the site.

    All through the submission, there was no mention of how many beds there currently are at these boarding houses. They now want to put in 24 single rooms, 9 double rooms, 2 accessible room and a managers room. 36 bedrooms !!! This equates to 45-48 living at this site. All these people and a communal room of just 21.5sqm and very little garden space for this many people.

    The buildings and hardstand parking spaces fill the site. Leaving very little usable garden space. Resulting in a loss of green space to the surrounding properties and buildings that dominate and overshadow their neighbours.

    14 car spaces for 45 people isn't enough for this many people. Public transport to Botany isn't good. It is often unreliable and doesn't run all night. We have a lack of decent shops in Botany so there is a need to go to other shopping centres and this generally means most people in Botany have cars. Already the current boarding house has a number of vehicles parked on the street at weekends and nights. This will only get worse with the huge increase in rooms.

    As for the statement "Furthermore, there is abundant on-street parking available along Ramsgate Street and surrounding streets, as shown on the aerial photographs in Appendix 2". This is total rubbish and anyone who did a proper check of this would find that street parking is becoming increasingly difficult. Due to the overdevelopment in Botany, all streets are now suffering from a lack of parking and if developments like this go ahead then it will only get worse.

    These boarding houses aren't the best places. Over the years there has been constant fights shouting swearing and other unsociable behaviours. Even a shooting. Fire alarms going off and general disruption and concern to all surrounding residence. I can only image how much worse it will get when they cram in all these extra people. Add to all this is a kindergarten and primary school just down the road. Do we really need to put more of these people so close too a school?

    Finally in reply to Mr Vince Hansimikali. One, do you even live or work in the area? I don't think so. My guess is you are connected to the development. This isn't nice or good. It is just cramming in as many people as possible to maximise the profits of the owners with no regard or care for the surrounding community or even really the residence of the boarding house. As for being affordable. For what they are being given, not really.

  5. Aaron Poon commented

    I oppose.
    This is over-development and pushing more cars to park on the streets.
    36 units and potentially 48 people with only 14 parking. Street parking should primarilly be for visitors and not aimed at providing permanent parking for new development. I would say 25+ parking is needed for this development. They should have a basement level to provide enough parking and not an increase in building height.

  6. Edwin Ellard commented

    In response to Brad Humphrie's final comment and in the interest of full transparency:

    Vince Hansimikali was a founding member (director) of NGPV Investments Pty Ltd (company registered 30.09.2016). NGPV Investments Pty Ltd is the applicant for the boarding house project @ 16 Ramsgate St.

    I believe that Vince Hansimikali should have disclosed this important bit of information when he made hist post in favor of the project.

  7. Jason S commented

    Hopefully everyone got their email from council regarding the meeting on the 23rd April. Very convenient day. I hope people have not organised holidays. Please check your post boxes shortly.

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