50 Pekin St, Spring Farm 2570 NSW

Subdivison of exisiting lot 5324 in DP 1210459 to create 11 residental allotments and construction of 11 dwellings, full details in attachments

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 2 years ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Camden Council, reference DA/2018/595/1)

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  1. Gina commented

    It is such a shame that camden council is yet again approving or considering approving 9 lots of land be subdivided into MORE smaller lots.

    This subdivision of 9 lots to 11 lots doesn't work with the current vision of Riversidd precinct of dwellings. 98% of the dwellings have MINIMUM 13m frontage and lot sizes are the smallest of 375m2. Now this major builder is trying to cut this even further.

    Can the correct traffic management report be added to the file as this is for leppington and needs to be adjusted.

    My reasons against this subdivision:

    1. The dwellings will be directly across from a brand new childcare centre where there will be children around and heavy traffic due to this.
    2. Congested streets with insufficient space to park cars due to smaller lots and restricted driveways. 2-3 cars per house across 11 lots equals minimum an extra 22 cars across the street where majority may have to park on the street. This results unfortunately in accidents involving children as people can't see their blind spots due to other cars.
    3. There really isn't a clear reason to add an additional 2 lots to this block of land other than extra money not only for the builder but let's face it Council will get their extra rates involved too.
    4. There isn't this sort of housing construction in any of the riverside precinct and therefore will be completely out of order.
    5. The fact that council has admitted recently their error in allowing dual occupancy houses on small lots.
    6. Approval should not commence until a proper traffic check can be conducted when the childcare centre has opened and is being used. A traffic report cannot be conducted properly until someone actually can determine childcare safety.
    7. Talk to the residents, ask them first what they think and what should be approved or recommended.

    Camden council please do not allow the 11 lots and please keep this to 9 lots and perhaps consider the aspects of riverside. This was never in the original plans.

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