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Some planning applications attract considerably more community interest than others. In 2016 hundreds of people in the local community opposed the loss of a historic Sydney building. Their efforts succeeded in saving this building, their much loved hotel, due in no small part to their comments on PlanningAlerts.

However you probably would not have heard about this application unless you lived nearby.

Now we bring you the trending applications so you can see what people find most popular or contentious. This page shows you the top 20 recent applications from across Australia that people have made the most comments on.

  1. 14 comments
    26 Campbell Street Waverley NSW 2024
    28 days ago

    Remove one (1) Canary Island Date Palm from Southern boundary - this tree is planted in an unsuitable location and has insufficient space to develop as it is encroaching onto and damaging the applicant’s and neighbouring properties. Remove three (3) Honey Locusts from NE boundary - These trees are unsuitable & unsustainable in their location, there is insufficient space for them to flourish and mature in good health and vigour. As they grow they will continue to damage the boundary enclosure, fence line and pavers. Remove four (4) Box Elders from rear of property – these trees are unsuitable & unsustainable along the fence line that they are damaging. These trees have been poorly pruned and now have pockets of decay. Remove two (2) Hackberries from the front of the property – These trees are on Council’s exempt species list and can be removed.

  2. 7 comments
    34-36 MacPherson Street Bronte NSW 2024
    26 days ago

    Remove one (1) Eucalyptus sp. From parking area near Lugar Brae Avenue – this tree has dieback and an excessive amount of deadwood. It is positioned in a location where it has insufficient space to develop. As the tree matures and expands, it will continue to extensively damage to the neighbouring garage. Remove one (1) Pinus radiata from the rear of the building – this tree is unsuitable & unsustainable in its location. There is insufficient room for it to grow and develop as it is being suppressed by the Euc. Saligna. Prune one (1) Eucalyptus saligna at rear of building.

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