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Some planning applications attract considerably more community interest than others. In 2016 hundreds of people in the local community opposed the loss of a historic Sydney building. Their efforts succeeded in saving this building, their much loved hotel, due in no small part to their comments on PlanningAlerts.

However you probably would not have heard about this application unless you lived nearby.

Now we bring you the trending applications so you can see what people find most popular or contentious. This page shows you the top 20 recent applications from across Australia that people have made the most comments on.

  1. 5 comments
    23 Sir Thomas Mitchell Road Bondi Beach NSW 2026
    about 1 month ago

    Remove one (1) Lemon Scented Gum from RHS of back yard and replace with one (1) local native tree anywhere on the property within one (1) month of removal. This tree shifted in the ground some years ago but has stabilised itself. Some branches were poorly pruned from over the garage, causing them to die. The tree is showing signs of stress; the canopy is sparse, in decline, showing abnormal growth and appearance with dieback and twigs. Pruning this tree would only put more stress on its health, and any regrowth would be a temporary response by the tree to regain vigour, these branches are short lived. The tree’s health will not improve.

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