Sawtel Road Tormina NSW 2452

Subdivision-Non Strata - 57 LOT SUBDIVISION

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 1 year ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Coffs Harbour City Council, reference 0818/18DA)


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  1. Ruth commented

    I am surprised that council hasn’t notified all the properties that back onto this DA.

  2. Dave Wood commented

    Why is the address for this application not listed, and the map location shown incorrect?
    It is a development application for Lot 2 Sawtell Road which was the subject of a petition signed by over 100 nearby residents and submitted to Coffs Harbour City Council in 2015. A petition which received no response from Council, and; in which significant issues raised, have not been addressed by this application.
    While the majority of the documentation submitted with this DA involves potential impacts on wildlife and particularly Koala habitat, I see no reference to, or study undertaken on the impact on existing nearby residents; either during clearing and construction, or as a result of the loss of the significant existing natural sound barrier between the residential and industrial areas.
    Council is well aware of local issues with noise from the adjacent industrial estate and yet continues to ignore this as a significant issue worthy of consideration and needing an effective implementation strategy to guide all future residential developments.
    While appreciative of much of the intent of the developer in this instance, I am one local resident not in favour of this DA in it's current form.

  3. TREVOR RUSSELL commented

    I totally agree with everything David Wood has to say,as I am a resident on the boundary of the area to be developed,and am most unhappy that,until today,this is the first I have heard of this application having been submitted.I add my name to the list of local residents who are against this proposed development and I was one of the residents who signed the petition in 2015 that David Wood mentions in his statement.

  4. Debbie Sullivan commented

    I also totally agree with everything David Wood has to say and my husband and I also signed the petition. I bought my house thinking that the trees behind our house were a Koala Corridor. I have seen many Koalas use this Corridor as the trees are established and tall enough to get away from predators when they crawl along the ground from one tree to the next.This is also the home of what my kids call the little black wallaby's and the bird life in those trees are THRIVING, birds come out of those trees that I have never seen before.These trees also provide a natural sound barrier from the Industrial Estate, Hogbin Drive and the airport. For the residential people that live here the natural abundance of nature as the backdrop of our property's is truly a paradise to us and I am sure to all the wonderful little creatures that live there and call it home.

  5. Eric Swinton commented

    Surely the correct process is to communicate with the surrounding residents with transparency.
    The council need to discuss this issue of development with the people it impact most.

  6. Michael Galloway commented

    I totally agree with everything David Woods has said. This development would be
    an environmental disaster. I am also a local resident not in favour of this DA in its current form.

  7. Daniel Burford commented

    Why should anyone need consideration for a residential subdivision application in a residential zoned area. I back on to this area, i always new it was R2 land as anyone else who purchased, and sooner or later a development would occur.

  8. Angela Furlan commented

    As yet another nearby resident of the area, I too oppose the DA in its current form for many of the same reasons as outlined by David Woods above.

    Transparency and disclosure to Council ratepayers affected by this DA is sorely lacking. This is disturbing when considered relative to the failure of Council to acknowledge the petition lodged by residents.

  9. Richard commented

    I will not be part of the generation that extincts Koalas so hereby object to this development

  10. Linda & Andrew Phillips commented

    We only bought our villa unit in Palm Trees Drive 12 months ago and were told it was a Koala corridor and nothing from the council to the contrary. I like the idea of sitting on my back patio and overlooking the tall gums with its wildlife, particularly the birds who sing and chatter all day. The Koala corridor blocks out some of the noise from the factory area and also the airport. I did not receive any notification by mail, my next door neighbour received a 'flyer' with a map about 3 weeks ago, but she is one of only 8 of us in the units to be advised. The extra traffic will cause noise and congestion in Sawtell Road although I am happy there will be a roundabout at Linden Avenue/Sawtell Road

  11. Frank Falkenstein commented

    I am also a resident who borders on to this wildlife habitat. I am strongly opposed to the development. Habitat such as this should not be developed.

  12. Denise Teitzel commented

    We live on a nice battle-axe block of land off Lamberts Road and back onto this wonderful peaceful landscape. The industrial estate is not far from us but fortunately we rarely hear any noise from it due to the thick bush protection.
    We have a wonderful variety of wildlife that call this bush their home and the bird life is amazing. I have been told by Senior Biodiversity Officer Coffs Harbour City Council that the swamp wallabies I often see bouncing through the bush are not an endangered species. So does this mean that it doesn't matter if we wipe out their habitat? If we continue along this path they will surely become endangered just like the Koalas.
    Does anyone care where these animals are going to go, are 100 year old trees going to be replaced and grown again over night?
    I was told by the council member that when the last owner owned the land it cost thousands of dollars and a long approval process to cut down one tree that was affected by termites and threatening adjacent property. How in the world can the developer get approval to cut down all these old gums.
    Haven't we lost enough of our beautiful bush.
    This subdivision is definitely going to devalue our property and many others.
    I really don't want to be around when they start with their bulldozers. How horrific the impact will be.

  13. Stephanie Cauchi commented

    Thank you David. I second your comments but this is so typical of our Council - the no response. I also agree and reiterate all of the above comments. This is being done with no consideration to the flora and fauna. Where I live close by I enjoy the bush view and the many different birds we hear. Sawtell road would need to be improved to facilitate the extra traffic and I bet the Council haven’t taken that into consideration.

  14. David & Carolyn Bailey commented

    We are very concerned about the volume of traffic on Sawtell Road as it is. By putting a roundabout on Linden Ave and Sawtell Road we will have heavy vehicles braking and going through their gear changes right in front of our houses. Large trucks and semis use our road at all hours of the day and night, we feel this increased noise level would be of detriment to our family. Also the build up of traffic due to the roundabout would make it even more difficult to get out of our driveways.
    Also nothing could replace that natural sound barrier of the bush that we currently have between us and the industrial estate.
    We would also be very upset to see the loss of the prime koala habitat.
    We also signed the original petition and are very disappointed that there was no response from council to that.

  15. Eunice&Malcolm Campbell commented

    We are periferal to the Lot 2 Sawtell Rd proposed development,and are strongly against this DA being approved.The loss of such a significant wind barrier,could have a major impact on local residents.A few years ago (we only bought less than three years ago) in a strong wind our house lost its roof.May we also piggy back on Dave Wood's reasons for objecting to this DA in agreeing with him.

  16. Lesley and ben mcdonald commented

    We are residents in this area, and have been for the past 26 years. We are appalled with this proposed development, and cannot believe that coffs council can support this application to destroy prime forest with an abundance of wildlife. The variety of birds that come into our garden is fantastic.
    Our children who are now adults, grew up marvelling at the koalas, wallabies and possums that lived in the forest. I now have grandchildren living nearby and fear they will not get to enjoy these creatures.
    Council say they will keep an enhanced wildlife corridor, which is currently in swamp land, but this is totally unsuitable to koalas,.
    Apart from destroying valuable habitat, the natural noise barrier it provides will be removed, and noise from the industrial area and airport will be heard.
    The traffic on sawtell road would be backed up at peak times if the proposed round about goes ahead.
    I find it hard to understand how a koala corridor can be rezoned and developed.
    When we built our property we had to pay extra to have it comply with the bushfire regulations due to the proximity of the trees, will this be reimbursed if this proposal goes ahead, if so there would be over 100 houses in this area that would be affected.

  17. Andrew Row & Peta Hines commented

    We have already watched the destruction of acres of trees & natural habitat, for the sake of the new highway, up & down the coast, with more destruction in the wings to achieve the bypass. At a time when we should be protecting habitat for all native species, including our endangered Koalas, it seems just plain wrong to be wiping out valuable pockets of natural bush in our urban areas as well. We are so lucky to have these natural green spaces in our local area as they are part of what makes Coffs Harbour such a unique, attractive & remarkable place. Surely we could work within the existing footprint & any cleared land available to meet our future needs.
    We have a property on Sawtell Rd that will be directly affected by this development proposal. Our property with its close proximity to Linden Road roundabout will certainly be adversely impacted by the increased traffic, noise & air pollution, which is already high.
    We agree with the other resident's comments above, & although it is zoned R2, would personally rather not see the development go ahead. Notwithstanding the plan does not give enough space for a wildlife corridor, as it puts wildlife between a rock & a hard place, the industrial area on one side & domestic animals & cars on the other.

  18. TERRY PARRAMORE commented

    I will NOT be in favour of the excessive destruction of this area of beautiful bushland, especially as there is so little left in our suburbia and the place that makes up all areas of Boambee. Do we really want to be part of the murder of several types of wildlife, I know I don't. Residence bought their properties with an understanding of this beautiful piece of bush will be a permanent fixture. So that doesn't matter ? Coffs Harbour City Council so in our small township, what else doesn't matter ? It really does concern me.

  19. Claire Huggins commented

    I 100% agree with all the previous comments about this proposed da, the sight of the surrounding bush and birds etc are extremely important to my psychological well being, thats why I live near this area, and am sick to think the bush will be bulldozed so that developers can make money at the expense of wildlife and habitat for animals in this area. I bought in this area 20 yrs plus ago, because of the bush and beautiful area,. What is point of having bush corridors if developers can come and virtually do what they want. Their bottom line is profit , whereas the council is supposed to represent the rate payers that are effected.

  20. Yvonne Were commented

    Even though i don't back onto this subdivision i overlook the area and it protects me from the noise of the industrial center below. Palm Trees Drive has created lots more traffic at the front of my place and i don't see the wild life coming into my yard like i used to.
    The wild ducks and birds.My friend who lived in Warland St, backed on to the trees below me and she often saw and heard the koalas behind her place.

    I agree with everything David Wood has said and wish to voice my disapproval to this corridore of trees being cut down.

  21. Dean Hancock commented

    If the council allows development of this area of bushland they will loose any environmental credibility that they were clinging to.
    Surely questions need to be asked about the zoning of the area and any changes to this zoning over the years to allow the destruction of this koala habitat.
    When there is so much cleared land in the region that could be used for houses, why knock down trees and fill wetlands/swamp to build houses. Koalas and wallabies do live in this area, however their value however would appear negligible in in the face of developers money.

  22. Adrian and Amanda Pickup commented

    We would like to object to the proposed application as Sawtell road is now a too busy road used by cars busses truck and Children. Every school Morning and after school you will see school children riding walking home or too school. CHCC want to add more cars to this already overused road. As car back out I have seen many near misses, children running across busy roads to cross. Wake up Councillors not only removing bushland and native animals but increasing the road use of a too busy road. Totally agree with all the other objections also we live in Worland drive and find the trees a pleasing backdrop for the industrial area

  23. Joan-Mary Palmer J.P. B.Hum.S. Grad.Dip.Law commented

    We object to the apparent degradation of the bushland at Lot 2, Sawtell Road which provides the habitat for our kaolas and birdlife .This is their home , and for the council to even consider such destruction is unbelievable.There is also the deprivation that we residents will miss as the birds roam our gardens and we even had a visit from a kaola. The noise and the loss of our beautiful trees will cause emotional distress to all the local flora and fauna, as well as us residents .

  24. Hayley commented

    I am STRONGLY AGAINST this development as it will completely destroy the beautiful and valuable habitat provided to the abundance of native wildlife & plants this area consists of. I recently moved to Palm Trees Drive and during both day & night this development area is completely alive with wildlife such as possums, wallabies & kookaburras. This development will destroy their home & also reduce the prime koala habitat in the area.

  25. Berenice Smith commented

    I have lived on Sawtell Rd for 34 years, the proposed development for Lot 2 is opposite, we have already lost a huge section due to the construction and expansion of Marion Grove/ Mater Christi and it has had a huge impact on the natural habitat and wildlife in that bushland. When my children were young we often had Koalas, echidnas, bush wallabies, carpet snakes and an amazing variety of birds in our property.
    I object to the proposed development for the following reasons:
    *Traffic > Sawtell Rd is heavily used 24/7 by trucks, buses and vehicles, a roundabout at Linden Ave may well slow down traffic, however it will cause major congestion and I would like to know if we residents are going to have problems exiting and entering our properties safely?
    *Lot 2 DA is for 56 homes and a Child Care Centre which is a multi million dollar development yet Sawtell Rd is still not curbed and guttered, is this going to change? there is already so much noise I keep all my front windows closed.
    * Most of the residents here purchased their properties because of the beautiful surrounding bushland and this was always a protected Koala corridor and habitat.
    * When did the land in question change to R2 residential and why were near by residents not informed?
    * The developer proposes a 'biodiversity offset' with land that is not even in Coffs Harbour.
    * The developments that council approved many years ago ( despite being swamp land) in Sunbird Estate and Corrigan Avenue, flood when we get torrential rain, the storm water pours thru our properties on Sawtell Rd and this has caused major structural damage and stress to us as ratepayers.
    There is so much land available for development in Bonville and the western side of the highway, please save what is left of beautiful natural habitat and the critters that have resided there for many generations.

  26. denise martin commented

    I HAVE A FEW CONCERNS ABOUT THIS DEVELOPMENT:There ARE koalas in the bush here I recently helped one to find it's way back from the road.I get a lot of birds in my yard,no trees no birds.The wildlife will have nowhere to live.I bought my house with the understanding that trees would be left in tact as it is a koala walkway..A roundabout on Sawtell Road will cause MAJOR traffic concerns sometimes I have to wait 10 minutes to get out of my driveway now,imagine how far traffic will be banked up..The noise from the industrial estate in Hogbin Drive will carry to us if these trees are destroyed, in certain conditions I can hear it now. You can add my name to the list of those against this proposed plan.I thought Coffs Harbour was proud to have a reputation that looks after it's fauna and flora but obviously not..If this development goes ahead I will be selling up,I bought this house because of the bush behind me.I might as well go back south and buy what I know I'm buying,I feel the council has lied to me

  27. Linda Wallace commented

    I would like to object to the proposed development because it is not consistent with the councils own Koala Plan of Management (Act 1999).
    People that come to Coffs Habour to visit and to live come for the natural surrounds (flaura and fauna) which are specific to this area.
    Where else in Australia can you look out your window and see Koalas and a large variety of bird species. Do we really want to change what Coffs Harbour is known for?
    The first with a Koala Plan of Management and protected Koala corridors was insightful planning by the previous councilors.
    I have personally seen Koalas in the trees in this area and it is indeed exciting to witness.
    The biodiversity offset that is proposed is not even in Coffs Harbour.
    You also need to remember Koalas are not that smart and are very fussy in which trees that they eat from not only the species of eucalyptus but also trees marked with their scent they are also fussy about the type of ground that they will cross.(They don't like getting their paws wet). If you plant new eucalyptus in the swampy area the trees need to be established for at least 7 years or they are poison , they need to have a trunk size that the Koalas like (the trees in the proposed area have been there for as long as I can remember and the trunk size is still to narrow and as I said they wont use them as they will get their paws wet), If the Koalas cant get to each other - no more Koalas.
    Taking out the established trees in the Koala Corridor will undoubtedly lead to the extinction of Koalas to this area.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this and to consider the future for all. (Humans, Koalas, flora and fauna)

  28. Chantelle Cornalino commented

    My property backs directly onto the reserve. When I bought my property over 2 years ago I was told it was a protected reserve and would not be built on. Having a property surrounded by nature and animals was its main attraction. Not only is it a wildlife corridor, homing many animals particularly koalas, the reserve also acts a noise barrier from the industrial estate and a wind barrier from the coast. Losing the bushland threatens many animals and will take away the tranquillity of the surrounding properties. Not to mention the increased traffic flow it will cause. For many reasons I OBJECT to the proposed development.

  29. Lee McDonald commented

    Unecesary, unwanted and bloody unbelievable.
    Strongly oppose the removal or reduction of any koala habitat/corridors. The current corridor provides a natural noise and visual buffer to the nearby industrial estate. If the development is to proceed the scale of the development needs to be reviewed at the least. Disappointed council, disappointed.

  30. Helen Aranyi commented

    I agree with all of the above, especially the eco issues, removing the barrier to the industrial estate and the fact that current property owners are still living on a goat track (Sawtell rd).

  31. Judy Barthlomew commented

    I would like to add my voice to the comments made above re.development (destruction) of lot 2 Sawtell Rd. Like the other people who have voiced their objections, I feel very strongly that the development can only serve to increase noise levels, decimate the wildlife and increase traffic. As a local resident I will certainly be impacted and I am at a loss to understand how a designated wildlife / koala corridor can be changed at so radically.
    I would urge Council to listen to the valid and heartfelt concerns of their local constituents and please stop this application before we all lose another beautiful and important natural resource.

  32. Effie vouris commented

    Dear Council of Coffs Harbour,

    I moved here 2.5 years ago because of all the forest and wildlife in this area, it is very sad that a lot of land in the past has been cleared for cows and grazing but was happy there were still some forests left near by.

    I am on De Castlella dve Boambee East, when used to come out of my front yard I used to look onto a beautiful lush forest on Lions road... now I look into a whole lot of houses.

    I was here when the clearing happened on this land and it was devastating to see the animals running on to the street and having no where to go..
    A lot hit by cars.. It was a very painful site and horrible experience and would not wish it upon anyone to loose their homes like this.

    Now I find out there is more clearing to be done in Sawtell not far from me at DA number 0818/18DA

    This is a disgrace at this day and age
    Australia has already lost so much native land in such a short amount of time
    Where are these pour creatures supposed to go for you to make a $
    what is there going to be left for the future generation when you are taking all its wildlife and forests down so quickly..

    please reconsider, we need out environment safe and our koalas happy in the very little they have left.. we all want a future left for our children to see..
    Please don't take away their future, rather protect it.

    When the last tree will be gone, its will not eat or breath money
    please reconsider.

    kind regards Effie Vouris

  33. kerry joy commented

    I am also a local resident not in favour of more Primary Koala Habitat being destroyed and local biodiversity being lost forever. The Coffs Council cannot let this DA proceed. The proposed 50 metre wide “enhanced” wildlife corridor is a joke. For a start it will destroy a swamp which is zoned an Endangered Environmental Community, and will take years, if ever, with taxpayer funded council management, to develop into a suitable koala corridor. The only way this DA can get around the KPOM is by using immoral biodiversity offsets. It is a long way from being environmentally “ethical” despite what the developer would have us believe. The Council should never have sold it off, nor rezoned it R2. Whatever were they thinking? Buy it back and turn it into a reserve and public resource Council.

  34. Jane Corda commented

    I agree with all the above, the loss of our natural habitat would be devastating, We bought our property for the fact we had beautifull bushland nearby, but not only that, a major concern for my family is the exit and entry to my property if a proposed roundabout is put in at the top of Linden Av and Sawtell Rd.
    ( living only 2 houses from the corner) With the volume of traffic, trucks and the like, it will be a nightmare and dangerous.

  35. Valmai KELAITA commented

    I am concerned that the Council is considering a development to remove trees and habitat that houses our most valuable Australian icons,our beautiful (known world wide
    I am also concerned that removing the trees and shrubs is another loss of beautification to not only the people who live in this area, but for our wildlife who survive in this area. The trees give us oxygen and we give them back nitrogen...cleansing the air for all. The Koalas give us just absolute joy and pleasure...Are we becoming a country which is not based on what Australia has been to the world... that is natural beauty in all suburbs?
    Come on council, wake up before we lose what Australia is all about....

  36. Heather Myers commented

    I object to this DA application in its current form for the following reasons:

    It will mean the destruction of the current green space, which provides natural habitats to animals and birdlife and is a valuable environmental asset.
    Importantly, too, the trees provide a natural sound buffer from the industrial estate and airport to many residential properties.

    This proposed development will increase traffic to Sawtell Road, which will create congestion and hazardous situations.

    The noise and dust from a development of this size will compromise the quality of life for nearby residents.

    There has been a complete lack of consultation and transparency to local residents regarding this application.

    I implore the Coffs Harbour City Council to reject this DA application in its current form.

  37. Hannah Louise commented

    Hi Council, please don't let this development go ahead. It is not worth destroying this small area of important wildlife habitat for 57+ house lots. It is not just about taking a bit more expendable bush from around the 'edges'. As I am sure you are aware, Lot 2 is a critical junction between a Regional and Local wildlife corridor. That is why it is still there, and why it must remain if we are serious about our fading local Koala population and the important controls in the KPoM. It will cut and severely compromise the southerly route through Marion Grove and totally ignores the current corridor link with Cordwell's Creek via Linden ave. Despite the sales pitch it is not a Development about sound Ecologically sustainable principles or providing a benefit to the Boambee East Community if it is prepared to sacrifice this critical piece of the local Wildlife puzzle for financial gain, regardless of whether it is for a worthy cause or not. It is not based on sound ecological principles, it is a clever attempt to circumvent all the Environmental controls on Lot 2 for money. Ethical NO,.... dodgy yes!

  38. Conor Mcdonald commented

    If the removal of hundreds, if not, thousands of australian native plants and animals gets approved for the sake of 60+ cheap family homes, what's stopping the Coffs Harbour Council from developing the same type of land all the way along the koala corrider of hogbin dr 'link road'. We may as well remove the koala crossing signs as well.

    I have grown up in this area for 20 years and admired the tall eucalyptus trees everyday. I hoped generations after me could do the same. Shame on all involved in this development.

  39. Arthur Swift commented

    The land that most of these objectors that there houses sit on Lambert , Worland etc was the same enviourment than what objecting to. That land was cleared and subdivided about twenty years ago without all the objectors we have now. How about we knock all your houses down and re grow the trees and forest and the koalas and all will be happy ever after. Absolute hipocrites

  40. Brad and Emma Smith commented

    We wish to oppose the proposed development for Lot 2 Sawtell Road and wish to encourage councilors to consider the following points of concern.

    We are local residents and like many, assumed this Lot 2 was deemed a Koala habitat and therefore protected from any development. After reading the relevant documents, it is clear the current DA is not consistent with the Koala Plan of Management (KPOM), and will significantly impact the critical linking corridors in the Boambee/Bongil Bongil KPoM area.

    The KPOM 1999 states that consent will not be granted to carry out development which will involve the removal of specific tree species unless the development will not destroy, damage or compromise the values of the land as koala habitat. The trees listed include: Tallowwood Eucalyptus microcorys, Swamp Mahogany E. robusta, Broad-leaved Paperbark Melaleuca quinquenervia, Blackbutt E. pilularis or Forest Oak Allocasuarina torulosa, all of which have been identified as being on Lot 2. Removing these trees will result in loss of primary habitat and loss of an effective corridor link to Sawtell road and Hogbin drive habitat areas.

    The 50m wide “enhanced wildlife corridor” proposed in the development contains an EEC, comprising vulnerable sedge swamp land and lacks suitable feed trees for Koalas. Which is why the koalas would transit in the Western area of Lot 2 where the suitable eucalyptus trees are located. We are not confident that a fully functional corridor can be re-created here in the short term. How long will it take to reach an acceptable level with a large enough canopy for koala not to be vulnerable from the ground? Who will manage it?

    The Ecological Assessment conducted on the proposed development site states;
    “the suitability and value of this as a significant habitat linkage would be altered, due to reduced patch size as well as increased visitation, noise/light pollution and edge effects within this area.”

    Increased residents, domestic cats and dogs will further pose a threat to any wildlife left after development in this area.

    The DA proposes ‘biodiversity offset’ agreements, which are not connected directly to Lot 2. How is this beneficial to our local koala habitat and our native wildlife?

    We live in a position where we view the tree scape and watch the birdlife enter this Lot and our backyard daily. If these trees are removed for further developments, then so too will the birdlife in our area.

    Without this area of land the residents will be affected by an increase in noise pollution from the local adjoining industrial complex, Hogbin drive, railway line and Airport.

    Proposing a roundabout at the intersection to Linden Ave and Sawtell Rd will increase traffic congestion and frustration for locals especially at peak periods.

    Please consider our objections and how this development will impact our local environment and community.

  41. Sandra Bruce commented


    Both the residents and the wildlife need this stretch of bush land. It provides a buffer from the industrial area and Hogbin Drive for the residents nearby. This development will surely cause a decrease in property value for the residents affected. The bush land is home for many birds, animals and insects who inhabit this area. It would be disappointing to say the least, if this development is allowed to continue.

  42. Jennifer Parker commented

    Thank you, for all the wonderful work that you are all doing. It is especially praiseworthy that CHCC was the first council in NSW to develop a comprehensive Koala Plan of Management, protecting koalas, back in 1999. We are very lucky in Coffs Harbour to have a healthy koala population, although their numbers are falling and their habitat is under threat.

    At the moment we live beside a beautiful natural paradise. It is a koala corridor which provides habitat for a rich diversity of native animals, bird life, insects and plants. The magnificent trees act as cooling filters, providing the necessary shade for the high humidity and heat. It is an environment with cool breezes, quiet and peaceful, with space to roam and breath. It protects us from the noise and smells from the industrial sites plus the busy roads, creating a natural sound and visual barrier.

    I have believed that our Koala Corridor of trees was a safe place, protected for future generations. To discover that there is a DA is in place, proposing to do the opposite to what the Koala Plan of Management instructs, and which will destroy the majority of the habitat at Lot 2 Sawtell Road is an abhorrent loss of trust and I am in utter disbelief. To eliminate this corridor will create an environmental disaster for all concerned with extreme debilitating and irreversible consequences.

    Sadly, while CHCC was the first to develop a KPOM, we are seeing more proactive approaches by other Councils to the north and south of us. A hot topic of concern is the loss of not only koalas, but all native animals and their habitat. Children are trying to help as they are learning and seeing animals dying, losing their food and homes. An 8 year old child wrote to Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull. “Will you help save Koalas please?” Port Macquarie is educating children, also giving them trees to plant for future generations of koalas. Lismore and our surrounding towns are making people aware of the rapid and sharp decline in koala numbers.

    As residents of Coffs Harbour we are learning that this proposed Development on Lot 2 Sawtell Road could destroy something so important forever. It will be a sorry day for Coffs Harbour if we lose any more habitat. Extra residents, car fumes, the added pollution will eventually affect the health and wellbeing of this community. It is extremely dangerous now for children getting to and from school because of busy Sawtell Road.

    I am a local resident, and I respectfully request that you read and value the submissions being forwarded to you by people whose lives will be irreversibly affected if this DA is passed. I am asking you to please let us keep our animal haven.

  43. Ian MacDougal commented

    I ask the Coffs harbour City Council to reject this application totally.

    The destruction of this wildlife habitat is unnecessary.
    Noise pollution will increase with the removal of this bush corridor.
    The natural beauty of established mature trees, that support a wonderful variety of animal and birdlife, will be lost.
    This is a vital environmental resource for present and future generations of humans and wildlife.
    It should not be wasted.

  44. Kerry McDonald commented

    I object to the proposed development of Lot 2 Sawtell Road.

    I grew up exploring this beautiful, enchanting ecosystem as a boy with my friends and family and it is where my fascination with the natural world began. I was so fortunate to watch a Satin Bowerbird build its nest or glimpse a Swamp Wallaby peek out from the bushland so for this inspiring childhood to be ripped away from future generations is an absolute outrage.

    The fact that this DA exists highlights that you have failed at recognising the fundamental importance of leaving this wildlife corridor untouched and seem only concerned with profit and that is alarming.

    We are talking about land that CHCC has deemed to be Primary Koala Habitat as well as areas of protected coastal paperbark and sedgeland swamp! Ten major groups of Australian native bees including hundreds of sub species reside in NSW and are essential pollinators who love eucalypts and melaleucas of which abound in this wildlife corridor.

    We look to CHCC to be at the forefront in conservation as highlighted in the Koala Plan of Management introduced in 1999.

    Don’t take a backwards step, instead take responsibility for our community’s future and have some respect for the land and wildlife.

  45. Jodie McCormick commented

    I’m totally against losing the beautiful trees that are home to the Koalas and other wild life on this land . Not to mention the traffic problem that already exists at the T intersection on Sawtell road near this application. We as residents already hear the noise from the industrial area so that would only increase with the development. This development would completely take away the beauty of this area. The council have not contacted any residents about this development application which is ridiculous seeing the huge impact it will have on us and our environment.

  46. Isabel Ricketts commented

    I strongly object to the proposed development of 2 Sawtell Road. The fact that it comes under a koala habitat and is home to other species of animals, plants trees and recognised by CHCC as important would make residents assume it is protected. At a time when more and more land is being used for housing, we should be saving this important piece of bush. The forward projection for loss of Koalas Is terrifying and appalling if this is our ‘legacy’ to future generations. This is an opportunity for council to show it’s real concern for our environment by not approving this DA. If this bush land goes, we can’t get it back again.

  47. Christiana Ferreira commented

    Please don't bulldoze lot 2 Sawtell Road.

    Amongst other issues mentioned, this is an important natural koala corridor....
    Did you know that WWF predicted koalas may be extinct by year 2050. WTF! Extinct??? We must do something, start local, start now.

    Save the wildlife and the residents. Save Lot 2 Sawtell Road. Thanks.

  48. Beth Lynch commented

    This is an absolute disgrace. How can you take away native animal homes on this scale and think it is right?
    Shame on humans.

  49. Marco Bacci commented

    totally wrong and in breach of the KPOM

  50. Richard McDermott commented

    Just what is CHCC trying to do to our environment? Not too many years ago there was supposed to be a 500m wildlife corridor from the highway to Boambee Ck now look at the mess with the mega gated community Boambee Gardens retirement village now a blot on the landscape. This literally cleared all Koala habitat in the vicinity of my residence at 43 Sawtell Rd. Before this I regularly had Koalas in the trees in my yard and not one since. This DA#0818/18 will directly contravene the Council's own KPOM and do to remaining Koalas exactly what the development of the retirement village did i.e. kill them off. The small amount of coastal creek swamp habitat left will be destroyed destroying yet more wildlife species. DA by DA the CHCC is reducing our city precincts to an urban desert further reducing the reason tourists want to come here. This will remove yet another wildlife corridor between the hinterland and the estuary and kill off yet more biodiversity. What is the point of having a KPOM if DA’s are allowed to directly contravene it? This is an unethical way to run a council and surely must be contra to environmental laws.

  51. Margaret Henley commented

    I strongly object to this application on behalf of the animals, insects and birds whose habitat will be destroyed if this goes ahead. This is a protected swamp habitat. How sad it is that living, breathing trees can be destroyed and replaced with houses, concrete, dogs, cats and noise! I know we all need shelter but at the expense of such a precious environment? No
    I call on councillors to deny this application.

  52. Diana Deeley commented

    I am a local resident AGAINST more Primary Koala Habitat being destroyed and local biodiversity being lost forever. Coffs Council cannot let this DA proceed. The proposed 50 metre wide “enhanced” wildlife corridor is a joke. For a start it will destroy a swamp which is zoned an Endangered Environmental Community, and will take years, if ever, with taxpayer funded council management, to develop into a suitable koala corridor. The only way this DA can get around the KPOM is by using immoral biodiversity offsets. It is a long way from being environmentally “ethical” despite what the developer would have us believe. The Council should never have sold it off, nor rezoned it R2. Whatever were they thinking? Buy it back! Turn it into a reserve and public resource for all residents.

  53. Morris & Elayne Hamilton commented

    We do not live as close ( Corrigan Avenue ), as some others who have commented on this proposed development, but have driven around the Hi-tech Industrial Estate to examine the likely environmental impact, we are concerned that the Coffs Harbour City Council is not being "upfront", as it appears that this "Proposal" has been on the "books" since 2015.

    Having been an Environmental & Planning Officer in Local Government for several Country Councils over 30 years - retired for the past 24 years - a development of this size in my opinion, is totally out of character with Council's Policy of a "Koala Management Plan", let alone the impact upon the "local biodiversity" of the area.

    The current Hi-tech Industrial Estate is well "screened" at this time with minimal impact on the area, both "visually" and "sound wise" and should remain so.

    We are extremely concerned that this "Proposal" is an attempt to be "pushed-through", and should never at this stage of being considered by the Land and Environment Court.

    We are therefore strongly against the Proposed Development, certainly in it's current form.

    Morris & Elayne Hamilton.

  54. Valerie Stevens commented

    We do not want the Koala Corridor disturbed, we overlook part of the reserve so far very peaceful abundant birds, and many more creatures.,, NO WAY THIS SHOULD GO AHEAD. already too overcrowded as is.

  55. Denis Jeff commented

    Surely our Council and councillors should be giving serious consideration to the preservation of habitat for endangered species. If this area has been identified as a Koala corridor then it must be preserved as same. We know that there are substantial benefits in making our part of the world a desired destination....just look at the local benefits of the Marine Reserve.
    Why take a backward step, no matter how small, which may jeopardise the opportunity we have to make our part of the world an even more desirable destination, one renowned for its efforts in habitat and species preservation.
    Surely there are plenty of suitable opportunities to develop new industrial complexes in less important areas for the environment...such as beside the proposed by-pass!

  56. Stephanie Ireland commented

    As mentioned by many comments previously, this will lead to environmental devastation. The development as planned will destroy a protected swamp habitat and reduce local biodiversity.

    Why do we keep choosing to partake in destruction and consequent construction that adds stress to an already fragile ecosystem?

  57. Linden Bird commented

    I object to this development.

    This is a critical corridor for koalas. It has been identified that koalas in the Coffs Harbour LGA are under threat of extinction. My understanding was that it was protected under the koala plan of management.

    This development will be yet another part of the death knell for the viability of the koala population. They will be more exposed when travelling for new food sources and for mating purposes. They will be subject to more deaths by dogs and will have less food sources.

    In addition the local character of the area will be changed. There will need to be an intersection on Sawtell Road and Linden Avenue. The volume of traffic on Sawtell Road will mean that this intersection will either require lights or a roundabout.

  58. Nicole commented

    For a council that is driving ecotourism as part of the Coffs Coast future, approving such a large residential development in a koala corridor makes no sense at all. We bought in this lovely, quiet neighbourhood over 3 years ago and enjoy the peace and tranquility that it offers us. Increased development will impact not only the native flora and fauna, but also the peace and safety of this great area of Boambee East

  59. Peter Mein commented

    I oppose this development for the
    following reasons.
    1. SAWTELL ROAD TRAFFIC CONGESTION for all users. This older, narrow section is a major vehicle artery for SAWTELL and Toormina residents. The increased volume of traffic will require major upgrading of Sawtell Road. Do the rate payers again have to subsidise developers' profits?
    a) Removal of large trees which are a valuable carbon sink.
    b) Destruction of diminishing wildlife habitat necessary, not only for the well-being of animals, but also for the well-being of human health.
    c) The apparent disregard for the KPMO.
    a) Due to increased volume of traffic.
    b) Due to increased braking and then acceleration of trucks as they negotiate the proposed roundabout.

  60. Isabel commented

    This proposal is putrid. The environmental, ecological and social outcomes of this area will negatively impact the health of our community and of our neighbourhood, purely for economic gain.

  61. Tina commented

    Where is the community consultation process. I am concerned about the impact of additional housing, the loss of an ecosystem and declared koala habitat. Typical of Coffs Council to honour the mighty dollar over everything else. Disgusting.

  62. Barber commented

    I now live in the beautiful Sawtell region and frequently visit the area mentioned and I have seen Koalas, wallabies, a variety of bird life and beautiful native plants as well as other fauna and flora.
    This is greed to develop this area and I say to council please leave natural habitat areas alone.
    Once gone and replaced with ugly housing it is gone forever.

  63. Chris Judson commented

    I live in this area and would like to say NO to this application. To much land has been cleared for housing lots in the 20 or so years that I have lived here. It's just so wrong no green areas for kids to see and hear the wildlife around them.

  64. Jill commented

    I DO NOT agree with this DA.
    I often visit this site with children as I have friends who live nearby.

    Come on CHCC, stop destroying our natural environment.
    Local council is supposed to be there to represent us - rate payers, local residents. This is our home !
    Property developers do not live in areas that they destroy. They have zero regard for the mess they leave behind for us to deal with.
    Of course council is addicted to the money it gets from developers. But what about US? We pay your wages. We elect you to represent us - not developers.
    Come on CCHC, how about you set a precedent? Do what local residents want for a change.

  65. Chris Fahey commented

    It is amazing to me that people move into a residentially zoned area themselves, then object to others also buying, building and moving into a residentially zoned area. It is not a reserve, it is private property, of which a small part is zoned EEC.
    The koala bunkum is ridiculous as the area is not large enough to support koalas actually living there, it is obviously a corridor to move from one space to another, which the DA addresses.
    It sounds to me as if the majority of whingers just want to preserve their view. Why don’t they get together and offer to buy back the land from the developers then? Then preserve it as they wish and stop whinging.
    If the people saying they thought it was going to stay like that forever when they bought their house were really advised that by their real estate agent or conveyancer, they should question their advisor and stop being so naive.
    I agree with approving the DA.

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