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In Sawtell NSW on “Subdivision-Non Strata - 57...” at Sawtel Road Tormina NSW 2452:

Jennifer Parker commented

Thank you, for all the wonderful work that you are all doing. It is especially praiseworthy that CHCC was the first council in NSW to develop a comprehensive Koala Plan of Management, protecting koalas, back in 1999. We are very lucky in Coffs Harbour to have a healthy koala population, although their numbers are falling and their habitat is under threat.

At the moment we live beside a beautiful natural paradise. It is a koala corridor which provides habitat for a rich diversity of native animals, bird life, insects and plants. The magnificent trees act as cooling filters, providing the necessary shade for the high humidity and heat. It is an environment with cool breezes, quiet and peaceful, with space to roam and breath. It protects us from the noise and smells from the industrial sites plus the busy roads, creating a natural sound and visual barrier.

I have believed that our Koala Corridor of trees was a safe place, protected for future generations. To discover that there is a DA is in place, proposing to do the opposite to what the Koala Plan of Management instructs, and which will destroy the majority of the habitat at Lot 2 Sawtell Road is an abhorrent loss of trust and I am in utter disbelief. To eliminate this corridor will create an environmental disaster for all concerned with extreme debilitating and irreversible consequences.

Sadly, while CHCC was the first to develop a KPOM, we are seeing more proactive approaches by other Councils to the north and south of us. A hot topic of concern is the loss of not only koalas, but all native animals and their habitat. Children are trying to help as they are learning and seeing animals dying, losing their food and homes. An 8 year old child wrote to Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull. “Will you help save Koalas please?” Port Macquarie is educating children, also giving them trees to plant for future generations of koalas. Lismore and our surrounding towns are making people aware of the rapid and sharp decline in koala numbers.

As residents of Coffs Harbour we are learning that this proposed Development on Lot 2 Sawtell Road could destroy something so important forever. It will be a sorry day for Coffs Harbour if we lose any more habitat. Extra residents, car fumes, the added pollution will eventually affect the health and wellbeing of this community. It is extremely dangerous now for children getting to and from school because of busy Sawtell Road.

I am a local resident, and I respectfully request that you read and value the submissions being forwarded to you by people whose lives will be irreversibly affected if this DA is passed. I am asking you to please let us keep our animal haven.

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