10 Beddek Street, Mcgraths Hill, NSW

Place of Public Worship

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website almost 5 years ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Hawkesbury City Council, reference DA0503/15)


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  1. John Harris commented

    Please do not build this structure.
    It will only have a negative effect on the traffic and the happiness of the local community.

    Mcgraths hill is not the place for this

  2. Sophie Douglas commented

    I don't think this is appropriate to be built in Mcgraths hill! This will cause extensive traffic in an already busy road and busy area!

  3. Ryan Walbank - 15 commented

    With an ever evolving culture and society in Australia, the absence of religious building will only do GOOD in subsiding the issues and conflicts generate through opposing view points. It's detrimental to keep such a small community alive with its character and its lack of religious persuasion.

  4. Jeanine Vaticano commented

    I feel this will have a negative impact on our beautiful community we do not need the extra traffic flow especially in the weekend when we have more traffic flow. We also do not need the controversy that goes along with it.

  5. Penny Hartley-Gretton commented

    There is plenty of open land available for building these large structures that won't impact the surrounding community. Please vote NO to this application.

  6. Alyce commented

    Despite the fact this area almost flooded less than 12 months ago, the impact on traffic in the area for not only to local residents of McGraths Hill but also the surrounding areas which use Pitt Town Road and Windsor Road as their main access to their areas.

    This will also affect access to Windsor, Oakville, Pitt Town etc.

    I cannot believe that council have already gone through the preliminary process without flagging the potential impacts it will have.

  7. Rick Putra commented

    How many worshippers are there in Hawkesbury area and how many will come from other areas? How big is this proposed Mosque and how many is it supposed to accommodate. Is it going in as a place of worship or as a Community hall to be used as a place of worship. There are so many applications going in all over Sydney I wonder where all these worshippers are to come from. This information should be made public to ALL residents and to Council so as to be fairly considered. Will Council carry out a social impact study or will it merely tick imaginary DA boxes.

  8. Trish commented

    I don't believe that this development should be approved - my objection isn't based on the fact that it is for a mosque. It is based solely on the fact that the area can not cope with the heavy growth that has happened already in the area due to the Pitt Town development. The roads are already congested enough in this area - I live near Pitt Town and the drive to Windsor is an absolute nightmare already.
    Perhaps you should widely advertise the fact that this application is before council and let the community decide if it is right for them.

  9. Leanne Hurst commented

    Where do I start? -Traffic issues, roadworks due to heavy traffic will be ongoing...it is a constant struggle to get even a pothole in McGraths Hill filled let alone have more cars etc putting pressure on an already under-maintained road system. And lets not forget how hard it is to enter or exit the area in question due to the already heavy traffic.
    Hey maybe a ridulously small roundabout (just like the one outside Arndell) will be put in place to hinder the already choked system. ..or probably everyone will speed down Old Hawkesbury Rd which is a residential street to get away from the chaos in said area! Please say NO!

  10. Lauren Klippert commented

    Why here when there are so many other places with plenty of land....
    -traffic is already an issue in this spot
    -it's a flood zone
    -it will not fit in with the beautiful history of the area rather stick out like a sore thumb
    -create noise in an otherwise peaceful suburb
    -may force locals out of the area, some whom have been there from the start
    Please please vote against this!

  11. Gary commented

    Wow a lots of subtle "racist" comments here. It's Hindu Temple, not a Mosque, as if that should matter.
    Would there be such an outcry for another Christian place of worship?
    Windsor has heaps of Christian Churches on small aerial roads. Stop using your own personal religious beliefs to dampen other peoples enjoyment.
    By the way I'm an atheist, just believe in equality for all.
    Hawkesbury seems to be stuck in White Christians only policy.

    List of current Churches around Windsor -
    Anyone complaining about the traffic to close them down ???

    St Matthews - Moses St, Windsor
    St Johns - Tebbutt St, Windsor
    Christian Pentecostal - Cnr Macquarie & Brabyn St, Windsor
    Hawkesbury City Salvation Army - Church 290 George Street Windsor
    Church Of Christ - 504 George St, Windsor
    Baptist Church -739 George St, Sth Windsor
    Jehovah's Witness - Cox St, Windsor
    Uniting Church Windsor - Macquarie Street, Windsor
    Seventh Day Adventist Church - Macquarie Street, Windsor
    Potters House Christian Church - Bligh Park Neighbourhood Centre, 4 Sirius Road, Bligh Park.

  12. Bridget English commented

    Just 1 question - is this place of worship for all in the community or just Muslims? If it isn't helpful for the entire community then it shouldn't be built.

  13. Steve davison commented

    Please don't build this here in this location the affects it will have on local residence will be massive , the traffic is already at a stand still in the mornings and afternoons this will only make things worse, it is also going to cause havoc with parking it has only 50 odd car parking spaces where the hell are the rest of these people attending going to park on the tiny one way streets surrounding the place also I'd love to know how something like this actually gets passed through council when it will 100 % not fit in with the current heritage surrounding the Hawkesbury it's set to stand 10mtrs high this will be seen from far and look straight down into the backyards of the houses adjacent to the site, it's not fair and definitely not wanted it seems like Hawkesbury council are just lining there pockets and has no local interest at hand do not build this monstrosity in our beautiful part of Australia !

  14. Greg commented

    I have a little planning experience so: -

    Forgetting any cultural/religious considerations.......Inappropriate visual imposition, shadowing and excessive traffic generation not in accordance with the road infrastructure to support any type of development that results in these outcomes - are valid reasons for opposing/denying such development.

    If you feel that strongly about ANY development, then exercise your right to contact your local Councillours and formally lodge objection with Hawkesbury City Council - but base your comment on facts that support your objection/s rather than just giving opinion.

  15. Vicki Durrant commented

    The Hawkesbury is an Historical Town in which we should be proud of.
    McGraths Hill is the gateway to beautiful Australian Historical Buildings, Business have been built on our heritage so to have a place of worship that does not reflect our History as the first thing you see coming to Windsor does not make logic.
    Please help them find and area that suits there needs for there place of worship, one with parking space and away from main stream traffic.
    As far as there being other places of worship with parking and traffic problems in the Hawkesbury these buildings are mainly Historical and can not be moved so why build another building that will have the same problems?

  16. Carly commented

    I believe this is an inappropriate area for such a building. I have no problems the culture it will bring, however the Hawkesbury is already struggling to house the local population- for example, houses are selling before a sign is even put up. I think HCC needs to be looking after our current community first before bringing any more people to our town. Our roads are already congested and dangerous. Over 4000 homes are being built in box hill + more in Pitt Town. Add in a temple and people will come from far and wide.. Our town will not cope.

  17. Stephanie commented

    Without further development of the roads this should not be built in Mcgraths hill. Traffic there is already ridiculous in peak hour. The roads in the Hawkesbury are not equipped for extra traffic

  18. Nathan commented

    The Hawkesbury is an area overflowing with examples of rich Australian history. As such, residents in relative areas must preserve the historic appearance of the area in their residential development.
    The Hawkesbury attracts a large number of tourists to the area to observe this history.
    Why should this application be any different? Surely council can see that a 10m high tower will devalue the visual appearance of the area?
    My objection is not religiously based, but rather based on the community preservation.
    We, as a community, can not, and will not stand for this.

  19. Shannon commented

    As a home owner of the McGraths Hill area I am gravely concerned what the application (if approved) will do to the property prices. I pay rates, partly for the council to govern the area in which I live in the best interest of the community. Clearly, this application is not in the best interests of our council/community.
    As a member of the wider community, I am alarmed at the potential impact this could have on the area. The existing infastructure is not adequate. The building is visually unattractive, and as a result of the monstrosity the sky line of the district as a whole will be effected.
    The Hawkesbury doesn't have the volume of community members from this religious nomination to justify the dwelling being constructed in the Council area.

  20. Lauren Leay commented

    With the recent flooding and constant traffic across Windsor road and the bypass bridge, building this structure in such a small area which is already heavily impacted by traffic would negatively impact further on McGraths Hill.
    The Windsor, McGraths Hill and Pitt Town area is one with strong and long historical ties. It is a rural, country town. This building would be out of place and take away from the sleepy, scenic, film worthy (and often is used for television and films) area. I strongly believe that allowing this structure to be built would TAKE more than it would ADD to McGraths Hill. Please do not approve this structure.

  21. casey Thompson commented

    please do not approve this application. The Hawkesbury is not the appropriate place to house such a place of worship.
    Vote No to this application, it is not suited or wanted here

  22. robert timbs commented

    This is disgraceful the way this temple or whatever has been quickly pushed through council without consulting residents ..This is a very important issue as the Hawkesbury district is a noted historic site in Australia..Imagine coming to see Windsor etc. from the city and as you approach the first thing you see is a large temple..That is ridiculous planning..It would not fit into the scheme of things--And mcgraths hill has always been a bottleneck for Hawkesbury traffic so im sure this will only be the start of more problems there..Council needs to consult the residents and think more on this issue not just give the ok .Cant turn back the clock once its built..

  23. Elizabeth Grady commented

    I think we have enough places of worship in the Hawkesbury. Our roads are congested now and nothing is done to improve them. What have we to gain by building this? Is it going to be used only as a temple or used as a meeting place/hall/education centre??? How many more will be allowed in the Hawkesbury? Will there be noise restrictions? Will it be bigger than any other building in the Hawkesbury?
    Councillors are voted in by the people to represent the people and do the best for their community. Are you really doing what's best for us or just lining your pockets in money paid under the table.
    Would you like this to be built next to your homes?

  24. heather commented

    We have just moved into Pitt Town. We chose this area for its heritage and its charm. There were many rules that we had to follow so that we blended in with our beautiful surroundings and in keeping with the Hawkesburys charater and charm. We were more than happy to comply with council on all of these matters because at the end of the day we are specifically moving out this way for that country atmosphere that the Hawkesbury still manages to provide. We are confused and dissapointed however that the same council who seemed to place great importance on keeping this area of ours beautiful has now decided that it would be ok to build an enormous building in colours that would contrast with the local environment and not blend in and compliment it. Not to mention the impact it would have on the local roads. Our vote is NO and quite frankly if we had known this earlier we would not have moved out this way. Very disappointing council.

  25. sally commented

    Having recently moved to Pitt Town I have become aware of the issues that any future developments will impose on the hawkesbury without the infrastructure to support the growth. The hawkesbury council needs to realise and be proactive in the growth that is fast approaching the area. Without the infrastructure to support the growth I have grave fears on the negative impact it will create not only on the existing community but the rural environment that the hawkesbury is and stands for.

    Furthermore, I am opposed to the development of the above DA application due to the following impacts I believe are extremely significant; the location of the development is a huge concern based on existing traffic that is already bumper to bumper on windsor road come peak hour am and pm that lasts for hours, if this development is approved and the council don't act on implementing infrastructure to not only clear up the existing traffic but to also take future growth into account. I am also concerned that the design of this development will denote the significance of local heritage buildings and land. Having watched my parents fight so hard to preserve and maintain a significant property that is heritage listed and the hawkesbury put so many restrictions on what they can and cannot do in order to preserve what it stands for and then for the council to consider this development is so contradicting on so many different levels. And lastly my concern is around flooding and evacuation, in the recent floods there was quite a large pooling of water which I would consider to be a mini flooding at mcgraths hill, basically opposite where the proposed location of the development is. So I am concerned that without any planning to avoid future flooding (infrastructure) that more traffic to this location will cause issues around potential accidents with people not being cautious of how dangerous even a small pooling of water can be will create caos and havoc.

    I am all for development in order to promote and support local businesses that growth will bring however the hawkesbury has such a huge significance to the Australian history and it would be really sad to see this demolished with developments such as a place of worship and the impacts it will cause our community overall.

    I would like to see the council put more thought into the future of the hawkesbury and be proactive and sensible about the decisions that are made based on the history and culture that the hawkesbury is about. Don't ruin what the hawkesbury stands for.

  26. Hailey McConnell commented

    Please do NOT build this temple! The idea of building a hindu temple in McGraths Hill surrounded by Australian residents is truly rediculous and definitely should not be considered. A tiny little alley is not the spot for it. Placing a temple there will 100% effect the traffic conditions, the community and even more so the close by residents like myself. This idea should not be considered. DO NOT BUILD THIS TEMPLE!

  27. Michelle commented

    As a home owner & rate payer I strongly object this application, the impact it will have on the already congested roads will be a bigger headache to all the residents in McGraths Hill & surrounding areas, this building will not blend in with the heritage buildings that already exist.

  28. Charmaine Hetherington commented

    I have grown up in Mcgraths Hill and my mother is still here some 35 years after building. I do not have an issue with whichever religion is applying for this building, I have concerns about the affect on our community, house prices, traffic and the position for which this building is proposed.
    The Australian pub is part of our history and with so little parking for new building it will impact on the pub and its little amount of parking. Will it take away from the quiet afternoon beer or meal many people enjoy..?
    To integrate any religion is great but to dominate an area? There is so much land and wide open spaces that to stick a temple between a pub and a historical graveyard seems a little hasty. I love our history and country town feel, I am concerned that this building will not fit in to it.. and take away from our sense of history and age.
    Will this drive our house prices higher or send them plummeting? Will we have an influx of people wanting to buy in area or the real locals that have been here from when Mcgraths hill was open land all move out due to the congestion and over crowding.
    I am not apposed to the religion, each to their own, but to that location I have a strong objection.
    The out pouring of objections and concerns of our community should be enough for council to reject this particular application. I am sure a more suitable location can be found.

  29. Renae Darlington commented

    I have strong concerns regarding this development on three levels. Firstly relating to the heritage impact, secondly the cultural dynamics of the community and lastly the lack of infrastructure ie roads and traffic management to support current community and traffic movements, let alone adding to that further.

    The Hawkesbury is renowned as a historic precinct, which epitomises early colonial heritage in its buildings and stories. Our area has the five Macquarie Towns which is testament to this. In any development, what appears to be important to council is that developments are 'in keeping' with the current environment and sympathic to the surroundings. The construction of a temple of this sort would simply not be in keeping with the area, and to be located at one of the two gateway points to Windsor is not appropriate from a local perspective, nor from a tourism perpsective.

    It is also questionable as to why the structure needs to be so large when there are apparently so few people who will be using it on a regular basis.

    There may be a limited tolerance to, and lack of understanding of other religions within this primarily Anglican and Catholic area, which may lead to cultural conflict within the community. Current media and world events contribute greatly to this situation, and it must be considered.

    Lastly, the intersection closest to the site, is one of the major bottlenecks getting into the Hawkesbury, on both weekdays and weekends. Adding the potential of essentially what is an event venue in the precinct is simply ludicrous.

    I do not support the development of the temple/mosque in McGraths Hills.

  30. Tamar Edmunds commented

    RE: Proposed Place of Public Worship at 10 Beddek Street, McGraths Hill.

    This correspondence is in relation to the above development application. I have studied the plans and I recognise the proposed location. I strongly object to the development of this place of public worship in this location.

    I recently moved to McGraths Hill from an inner city suburb. The main attraction to move to the Hawkesbury was due to the heritage character of this area. It is my knowledge from the Hawkesbury Council website that "Council's vision is for sustainable and livable communities that respect, preserve and manage the heritage, cultural and natural assets of the City”. Allowing the construction of a temple in such a historic area would overwhelm the character of this area and I believe would take away from the historic appeal of the Windsor area. The scale of the proposed temple will be quite high so anyone approaching or leaving Windsor will have views of it and aesthetically it would not fit in to the streetscape or neighbouring properties.

    Another complication with this development application would be the impact it would have on traffic. We currently have a traffic congestion problem in this area due to all the new development at Pitt Town. Vehicles are already using an alternate route to avoid the congestion at Pitt Town Rd & Windsor Rd by travelling on Old Hawkesbury Road and McGrath Road. Having a place of worship approved in this area will only be increasing the amount of commuters to the area, hence making the already congested roads significantly worse.

    Overall, I feel this development is not in the best interest of the citizens of the Windsor / McGraths Hill area, and I strongly urge you not to approve this application.

  31. L Verheyden commented

    Seriously reconsider this proposal. As an Australian who is proud of my country/ culture and heritage this would be like burning another section of our past. The Windsor area has a vast history, one we should be proud of, one that needs to be preserved. They are basically requesting this temple/mosque/eyesore to be at the entrance of of this amazingly, peaceful, traquil area.
    Question: Why is every culture/race/religion considered more important than our own??
    Its time we preserved our own history. Say NO!!
    My fear is that someone will be paid off so this monstrosity goes ahead.

  32. Clare commented

    Not suited to the aesthetics of the area... #atall How did it become possible?? Questions need to be asked? McGraths Hill is such a small suburb, traffic congestion?

  33. Toni von Pein commented

    Please do not approve this application. The Hawkesbury is not the appropriate place to house such a place of worship.
    Please Vote NO to this application.

  34. Tracy commented

    Please don't build this building in McGrath hill. We need more parks and places we can take our family's not temples.

  35. Katrina Kelty commented

    I am a rate payer of McGraths Hill and my family and I object to this being built.
    It will effect traffic and have impact on our already crappy roads also the beautiful country atmosphere of the Hawkesbury.
    It will be an eye sore and it is not welcomed.
    Council stop it !!!

  36. Kate Kustreba commented

    I object to the building of this 'place of worship'
    The proposed building does not suit the rural landscape of the Hawkesbury
    The proposed location is already known for terrible traffic conditions which will only be made worse with so many worshipers coming to this venue.
    There are only a small number of Hindu faith living in the Hawkesbury according to the last census, therefore is this really the best location for their place of worship.
    I believe that the construction of such a large building will impact on value of the Mcgraths hill and surrounding areas.
    Whilst there are numerous reasons for this application to be object to. I strongly believe the most important to keep in mind is that the Hawkesbury is a rural area. Even though there are other developments in the area these are all kept within guild lines to help maintain this rural setting and I do not believe the building in the plans submitted (especially at 10m high!!!) are to this specification.
    We as residents of the Hawkesbury are very passionate about the lifestyle we have here and will do what we can to protect and maintain it. Strongly disagreeing to this proposal.

  37. ST commented

    Please don't build this structure in the Hawkesbury, it's the wrong thing for this area and our community. The traffic and congestion is bad enough already also, particularly in the the area where this is proposed to go - it's not worth the trouble it will cause and negative affects on the area that will result.

  38. Ashleigh Harvey commented

    I feel like this is one of the last small quiet areas left in McGraths Hill. Families feel safe allowing their children to still play in these streets knowing they will be safe because of the low traffic volume. I believe that if this were built here it would be taking that away from families and children due to the rise in traffic in the area. Please do not build here.

  39. Gary commented

    Council grabbing more money???

    So many houses being built at Pitt Town, and now an major religious Center on the same route.

    Come on Hawksbury, common sense must prevail....!!?

  40. Vicki Lewis commented

    I don't believe our current infrastructure could possibly support this planned building. The roads can't cope with the population we have..
    The Hawkesbury is a famous Australian historic town which attracts many visitors for this reason ... I believe a mosque will damage the image of the our beautiful historic town

  41. Belinda king commented

    The Hawkesbury is soaked in Heritage and a building like this will not fit into the area. There has been requests to demolish the Jolly Frog but that has been unsuccessful as it is "heritage" our bridge has been at a standstill for years as it is "heritage" so shy can a building be allowed that just does not fit in. There are many places of worship in the Hawkesbury but the fit the area in their construction. This site has a very old grave yard nearby what will happen to that? Councillors you live or have lived in the area we all know it is expanding at a rapid rate infrastructure needs to be in place before we open our LITTLE town to something that will possibly bring in 100s of people each week. If only 125 people are going to use this place of Worship the building does not need to be so huge. Our local school hall holds more than 300 students and it is the size of a small house. I really feel more research and preparation needs to be done prior to allowing this to go ahead.
    Thank you
    Belinda King

  42. Delaney commented

    This is ridiculous, the location for this is just stupid, not only is the traffic bad enough already but to build a building of this size in a one way street is just stupid.

    The Hawkesbury Council really need to think about the location, size and what it will do to the community of the Hawkesbury.

    I often walk down this road with my dog and enjoy being out in the open and enjoy the view, having this built will not only stop locals from walking down this road, but block the beautiful view for the people who live on this street.

    McGraths hill is not the place for this building nor does it fit in with the history of the Hawkesbury!!! How they have been able to even propose this is beyond me. The Hawkesbury Council should know better than to even suggest this may possibly happen!!

  43. Heather Smith commented

    I am against this development at McGraths Hill. If the council approve this application it will once again add to the destruction of our colonial heritage. Over 150 years have seen ridiculous planning by council in the second settlement in NSW result in the worse destruction of our wonderful Hawkesbury. You only need to drive around the area to see the "white elephants" a result of self seeking planning. If we are to preserve the rich history of this area the council must listen to all who have chosen to live and raise their family here. As a local historian In my research I have recorded the destruction of so many important buildings in the region "A TEMPLE BEHIND A PUB" is laughable. We must preserve the history of this area for future generations.
    The noted American author Peter Westbrook, records that'......so much of our future lies in preserving our past'.

  44. April commented

    I am very disappointed in the Council for considering this structure. The Hawkesbury is known its rural aspect and beauitfuls views. By putting this structure up this will ruin this view.

    The proposed building does not suit the rural landscape of the Hawkesbury
    The proposed location is already known for terrible traffic conditions which will only be made worse with so many worshipers coming to this venue.

    I do not support this DA

  45. Gary commented

    Hawkesbury - never let progress get in the way.. If everyone is so concerned about heritage and the look of the area. How did all those McMansions appear in McGraths Hill.
    They don't really suit the colonial environment, or the bloody great petrol stations across the road from the "historical" pub. They don't fit the rural charm either.

    and Sorry the Jolly Frog is an eyesore that needs to be torn down.

  46. Deborah Perry commented

    How can such a building, temple or other, even be considered between a historical graveyard and a historical building. It is disrespectful to the surrounding areas. Surely there is a larger alotment of land elsewhere that would be better suited, away from such a historical area. How sad that the developers have little respect for the immediate surroundings. And how sad if Council lets such a development destroy the status of the area.
    This is not about religion. This is about developing an area in an inappropriate way that will take away from it's former heritage.
    And on another point, how will the tiny streets surrounding that area cope with additional traffic flow? I see one-way streets in that area and narrow private streets where a parked car on the side of the road plays havoc with passing vehicles.
    And then comes the McGraths Hill to Windsor congestion as it already stands.
    As mentioned, obviously the developers have little respect for the area, or perhaps they have absolutely no idea of the area in the first place.
    I do not support this DA.

  47. Jim commented

    Sounds like the old racist card cloaked in heavy traffic problems.
    Same thing happened at Annangrove years ago. There was a Mosque built and since then no problems and the community seem ok by it.

  48. Vicki West commented

    Why is it that I have just learnt about this proposal this afternoon. The Dead line for objection closes tomorrow at 4pm, as a rate payer of Mc Graths Hill I feel that this should have gone to a public meeting for discussion, as it will be affecting the public of the Hill. And today is the first I have heard about it. Not Happy Council. When I rang the council chambers today I already knew that no one would talk to me. And I was correct, It to a voice mail. (Funny that).

    And it has nothing to do about religion and everything to do about the love and care I take in the Windsor area. I love it here. It's not to build up for my grandchildren. We can still hear the Kookaburras, Magpies and Bell-birds on our walks. Do you really need to fill ever little space of land with a building, whats wrong with having open spaces.

    Further more in saying that, why would you even think of another building been built on that small signal lane street that will only add to the traffic congestion is on that corner is already bad enough, every day for hours at a time.


    By Vicki

  49. Dale Andrews commented

    Dear General Manager Hawkesbury Council, Kim Ford, Bob Porter, Patrick Conolly, Mary Lyons Buckett, Jill Reardon, Christine Paine, Mike Creed, Paul Rasmussen, Barry Calvert, Leigh Williams,Warwick Mackay, Tiffany Tree, Louise Markus MP, Andrew Johnston, Dominic Perottet.

    I have viewed the DA0503/15 and am strongly opposed to the development proceeding due to the
    following reasons -

    On any given weekday during peak travel periods Windsor Rd looks more like a carpark then a major thoroughfare. Windsor Rd is not cannot adequately accommodate the current volume of traffic during peak periods. The intersection of Windsor Rd and Pitt Town Rd McGraths Hill contributes to the existing traffic congestion problem as the right turning lane is inadequate in length and well beyond capacity during peak travel periods with traffic backed up to Vineyard on most days. Currently the residents of Wolseley Rd and Old Hawkesbury Rd already experience high volumes of thoroughfare traffic from people who ‘cut through’ McGraths Hill residential streets in order to avoid the Windsor Rd/Pitt Town Rd intersection. I fear noisy traffic will continue to increase further should this Development application proceed, which will negatively impact on our community. The regular operating hours of the proposed Place of Worship, provided in the Noise impact Assessment, align with peak hour traffic congestion periods and therefore further traffic congestion will be inevitable during operating hours.

    Those attending the Place of Worship via public transport would be arriving via Train at Mulgrave Train Station which is only a short 10 minute walk from this proposed development. Additional pedestrians will be walking along Mulgrave Rd onto Windsor Rd and then using the same intersection to cross over onto Pitt Town Rd (two pedestrian crossings). There are currently no footpaths to accommodate pedestrians from Pitt Town Rd – to the proposed development site. With only 50 car parking spaces provided, if guests are forced to park on surrounding streets then this will obstruct the vision of pedestrians who will be forced to walk on the side of the road.This is very unsafe and will need to be addressed.

    During special events and festivals the DA applications mentions an estimated 125 attendees at the proposed building with only 50 parking spaces to accommodate these guests and staff etc. It is documented in the Operations Management Plan that ‘Bollard and Chain barriers’ will be used once the rear car park is full. I can only assume that once this car park is full, the overflow will have to park within the residential streets immediately surrounding the development site or on the shoulder of Windsor Rd, as there are no other parking facilities in the area and the surrounding streets are currently too narrow to accommodate kerbside parking.

    • NOISE
    McGraths Hill is well known for being a quiet small community with a rural outlook and local heritage. This will be jeopardised during special events and festivals held at the proposed place of worship. I also note that section 2.3.2 of the Noise Impact Assessment mentions that attendance of more than 125 people is ‘not expected’ however the size of the proposed building seems largely excessive and would likely accommodate double the amount of people. I them question why a building if this size is required if attendance is not expected to exceed 125 people during ‘peak’ operating days. Noise levels may very well exceed those presented in the Noise Impact Assessment should this occur.

    I believe the external appearance of the proposed place of worship is not compatible with the surrounding buildings and rural outlook of the area. It is not in keeping with the Hawkesbury’s heritage identification.

    The Hawkesbury is the largest local government area in metropolitan Sydney and covers an area of 2,793 square kilometres with a population of approximately 65,000. The most recent Census data available indicates that throughout the whole of the Hawkesbury region there are only 97 people who are practising Hinduism. That’s 0.1% of our community. A Place of Worship of this magnitude is not required within the Hawkesbury local government area.
    I strongly believe that the impact on the remaining 99.9% of the Hawkesbury population will be negative due to the above reasons.

    I am strongly opposed to the development proceeding. A religious group which accounts for 0.1% of the entire Hawkesbury community does not require a building of this magnitude. It will negatively impact our local heritage that everyone associates with the Hawkesbury and will greatly impact on the poor infrastructure around the proposed building site. I believe that the vast majority of attendees at this Place of Worship will not reside within the Hawkesbury Local Government area given the most recent Census data, and therefore will not be contributing to land rates etc to improve/maintain/repair the infrastructure required to specifically accommodate this development. Our rates are better spent on infrastructure which will benefit the community as a whole.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Dale Andrews
    Wolseley Rd
    McGraths Hill NSW 2756

  50. Susanne Day commented

    Any building of this magnitude will impact very strongly on the heritage sites that surround this site and have a profound effect on the existing neighbours and other residents as well as making the traffic problems that have existed in the immediate area already , much worse. I am against building any structure of this size on the particular site that this DA is for. There are three significant historical sites very close by and two are of national importance historically. These should be taken into major consideration by Hawkesbury City Council when the application is looked into.

  51. Chris commented

    The SUBURB does not have the transport infrastructure to support a development of this size, including the nominated site. This specific site is not fit for purpose based on other considerations as well, such as historic, aesthetic, flooding etc.

    I'd be very interested to find out where the congregation is actually from (suburb) and why they consider McGraths Hill to be an ideal location for this project.
    Having lived in the suburb for many years I have yet to notice this large 'Hindi' community growing within the suburb.
    If they were local residents then they would be aware of the already congested and/or dangerous state of the roads, without adding out-of-surburb traffic using the roads essentially for (in my opinion only) their hobby.

    If the councilors chose to approve such a proposal I would suggest that they are not supporting the wishes of the people they are supposed to represent, in which case it's time to find leadership that does.

    In reply to "Gary":
    > "Wow a lots of subtle "racist" comments here..."
    There have been complaints about developments at other (christian) 'places of worship' within the area. So you implications regarding 'White Christians only policy' is unfounded. That the suburb is visually secular is one aspect that appeals to myself and other resident that I know personally within the suburb, but that is irrelevant to the main points of my objection.

    > "Would there be such an outcry for another Christian place of worship?"
    Yes, on the grounds that it would impact the suburb in tangible ways such as transport. But why speculate unless you're question is nothing but bait?
    I'd also suggest that any other sizable development regardless their purpose (religious, industrial, commercial or otherwise) would see similar objections.

    > "Windsor has heaps of Christian Churches on small aerial roads."
    Most of which have been there for a long time, i.e. before the area grew, making the point irrelevant.
    If those developments were applied for today they would probably garner similar opposition if they cause similar valid issues.

    > "Stop using your own personal religious beliefs to dampen other peoples enjoyment."
    Stop using yours to presume our intention. "Other peoples enjoyment" should not come at the sake of the local safety, nor should it come at the expense of the current residents' "enjoyment" for that matter.

    "By the way I'm an atheist, just believe in equality for all."
    What does 'equality for all' have to do with local infrastructure issues? How about you also take into consideration the 'equality' of the locals before labeling the suburb 'racist'. My suburb is full of educated, considerate residents; think twice before casually insulting us.

  52. Ranjoo commented

    I'm amazed to see so many negative comments on building a Hindu temple. had it been a church, no one would have dared to oppose it.. on one hand, Australians tell the world that they have democratic values and on other hand, they can't see people from another faith practising their faith. why so much hypocrisy ?
    is it a regime? is it a true democracy? how people could be so narrow- minded?

  53. Tim commented

    It will change the whole demographic of Windsor
    Strongly object!

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