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In Mc Graths Hill NSW on “Place of Public Worship” at 10 Beddek Street, Mcgraths Hill, NSW:

sally commented

Having recently moved to Pitt Town I have become aware of the issues that any future developments will impose on the hawkesbury without the infrastructure to support the growth. The hawkesbury council needs to realise and be proactive in the growth that is fast approaching the area. Without the infrastructure to support the growth I have grave fears on the negative impact it will create not only on the existing community but the rural environment that the hawkesbury is and stands for.

Furthermore, I am opposed to the development of the above DA application due to the following impacts I believe are extremely significant; the location of the development is a huge concern based on existing traffic that is already bumper to bumper on windsor road come peak hour am and pm that lasts for hours, if this development is approved and the council don't act on implementing infrastructure to not only clear up the existing traffic but to also take future growth into account. I am also concerned that the design of this development will denote the significance of local heritage buildings and land. Having watched my parents fight so hard to preserve and maintain a significant property that is heritage listed and the hawkesbury put so many restrictions on what they can and cannot do in order to preserve what it stands for and then for the council to consider this development is so contradicting on so many different levels. And lastly my concern is around flooding and evacuation, in the recent floods there was quite a large pooling of water which I would consider to be a mini flooding at mcgraths hill, basically opposite where the proposed location of the development is. So I am concerned that without any planning to avoid future flooding (infrastructure) that more traffic to this location will cause issues around potential accidents with people not being cautious of how dangerous even a small pooling of water can be will create caos and havoc.

I am all for development in order to promote and support local businesses that growth will bring however the hawkesbury has such a huge significance to the Australian history and it would be really sad to see this demolished with developments such as a place of worship and the impacts it will cause our community overall.

I would like to see the council put more thought into the future of the hawkesbury and be proactive and sensible about the decisions that are made based on the history and culture that the hawkesbury is about. Don't ruin what the hawkesbury stands for.

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