6 Walker Street, Rhodes NSW 2138

Extension to Trading Hours for Rhodes McDonald's to allow 24/7 trade

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 4 months ago. It was received by them 7 days earlier.

(Source: City of Canada Bay, reference DA2020/0360)


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  1. Jennifer Dixon commented

    Nobody needs a McDonald’s in Rhodes.
    They may want one, there is a difference.
    There is one going in to a residential building.
    There is absolutely no circumstance that would require this international conglomerate to operate in our peninsula for 24 hours a Fay 7 days a week.
    This is not the city.
    This is not a holiday destination.
    There are many other McDonald’s establishments nearby that can be delivered through one of the many delivery services at all times of day and night.
    There would need to be an overwhelming and substantial reason for it to operate these hours.
    I personally disagree with the amount of rubbish and waste these places produce. The packaging would also end up in the Parramatta River due to careless garbage practice by consumers.
    I vote NO on every level.
    No! No! No!

  2. Katherine commented

    NO to McDONALDS 24/7 operating hours in a residential area.

    Crime, rubbish, noise and hooligans, no thanks.

    We live a few meters from this proposed site. It is currently a peaceful place to live.


  3. M Roberts commented

    Having McDonald's is already bad enough for Rhodes, but 24/7 means people hanging around the area and noisy cars all the time.

    Rubbish bins overflowing (of which there is hardly any at the present - not to mention on the bridge which has long been asked for)

    Is there anybody besides McDonald's that actually thinks this will benefit Rhodes?

  4. Alan Wong commented

    No McDonalds at Rhodes. It is not needed. This will cause unneeded traffic, hooligans and excessive rubbish within the surrounding areas.

  5. Tracy B commented

    The hours need to be reconsidered. It is not beneficial to operate a McDonald's 24/7 in Rhodes.

    Having a McDonald's operate 24/7 in this suburb will attract noise from cars and gatherings at odd hours of the night which will impacting residents negatively. The amount of rubbish associated with mcdonalds will also increase with the limited of bins provided and will most definitely end up in our parks and waterways. While I support the operation of McDonald's, I do not support the trade hours to be 24/7. McDonald's needs to close when majority of the centre closes.

    Please consider these factors and the consequences of having a 24/7 McDonald's in Rhodes.

  6. Catherine Nigron Salama commented

    A 24/7 means more noise, more dirts in the streets, more traffic.
    Please consider the people who live in the area for once

  7. Mac commented

    No McDonald’s in rhodes. Let alone a 24/7 one. It will ruin the area with a trouble making demographic, increase
    Loitering, increase crime, reduce the value of nearby properties, and the street isn’t built for the number of apartments or the number of people that will come for the McDonald’s. Parking will be a nightmare. It should be simple - no McDonald’s in high density residential rhodes area!!! Definitely not 24-7!!!

  8. Yammi commented

    No McDonald's at Rhodes! No to 24/7 trade!
    It will potentially attract teens / McRefugee staying there overnight, thus an increase of crimes, noise, traffic, waste.
    It is doing more harm than good.

  9. Kelvin commented

    Yes for Macdonald's at Rhodes and run 24/7.
    Since Macdonalds Sydney Olympic Park doesn't do 24/7 trade most of the Macdonald's stores away from Rhdoes at least:

    7 min drive West Ryde, Gladesville
    9 min drive West Ryde BP
    11 min drive Lidcombe, Enfield
    9 min drive Auburn

    Rhodes does need a Macdonalds.

  10. Mich L commented

    No 24/7 McDonald’s! Walker St is noisy enough with all the freight trains and traffic noises from A3 main road. We don’t want more people hanging around passing midnight creating noises and possible crimes.

  11. Jessica Edwards commented

    NO NO NO and one more time NO.

    The area has enough trouble with rubbish in the waterways. McDonald's will just bring more.

    Also, 24/7 McDonald's are usually on main roads. This is not a main road, but a residential street. There will be more noise.

    The area has enough trouble with loitering late at night on Shoreline Drive at the park near The Connection. This will make it worse.

  12. Jo Nix commented

    I object to a 24 hour McDonals in the middle of a residential area. The noise of people and cars travels and echoes amongst the buildings and this will be a great disturbance to residents late at night and early morning hours. Also most McDonalds operating 24/7 are located on main roads, where as this is not a main road, this is high density residential living. It’s a peaceful neighbourhood and this will undo the peace for thousands of residents.

  13. Josh commented

    This will be a great addition to the area. It will be useful for shift workers and people that aren't wrapped up in a blanket by 7pm every night

  14. Melissa Alderton commented

    In an environmentally sensitive area such as this, we do not need a 24 hour McDonalds. The amount of packaging that is left lying around the streets of Rhodes and Wentworth Point from McDonalds purchases now considering there isn’t one close by is astronomical. This will only increase and will impact on our bay and mangroves. The added noise and increased traffic will have a negative impact on the amenity of the neighbourhood for local residents.

  15. Eugene commented

    Strongly object to 24/7 operation of McDonald's at Rhodes central as it is within a mixed used building that has residential dwelling as well. Furthermore it is just next to the entry of Tower A residential units. This would pose a safety risk for residents coming in and out of their home with non residents present 24/7 in front of their home entrance. The proposed McDonald's is situated just below residential units as well and will create 24/7 noise pollution which is not beneficial to the residents.

  16. Will commented

    Great ! Please have a 24hr Mcdonalds!! I can grab food after my shift work when I return home. Thank you mcdonalds.

  17. Tesaro Sandu commented

    To be honest I don't mind. It is sad to see that not many restaurants are open late night at rhodes. We have nice views of water etc.. yet you can't find a restaurant open.. of Mecca's is willing to open 24/7 good for them.. hopefully more restaurants will follow.. Now although I li e in rhodes and have been for 20 years.. if I want to go out for dinner late night have to go out of rhodes.

  18. Jing Hong commented

    Although I like McDonald’s but I don’t think 24/7 is a good idea. Rhodes already got a lot of noise issues.

  19. Mike Simonek commented

    Nobody needs a McDonald’s in Rhodes. It is a peaceful and quiet neighborhood. Our kids need a bigger playground and sport facilities. They don’t need unhealthy junk food here. It’s a family neighborhood and it is not CBD or tourists destination to need food venue 24x 7! There is absolutely no circumstance that we would require McDonald’s to operate in Rhodes peninsula.

  20. Rosemary Saur commented

    R Saur

    A definite NO to McDonalds in Rhodes. And a definite NO to McDonalds trading 24/7. The area is already noisy at night for local residents with cars hooning around and this will only be increased. The area would have increased litter that would end up in Homebush Bay and Parramatta River.
    Please consider the amenity of the local residents who don’t want McDonalds at all. It would increase loitering near the Connection and on Bennelong Bridge and cause disturbance for residents. This site is not a main road but high density residential area. Canada Bay Council must look after Rhodes residents!!! Please!!

  21. Serena xiao commented

    No 24/7 for Maccas as it’s too close to residents. Rhodes already has lots of noise and too many people here.

  22. Sandra Zhang commented

    please consider the residents nearby. The shops are already built very close to us, it will be very noisy at night for a 24 hours Macdonald. We don’t need it for 24 hours.

  23. Nick Hu commented

    I would like to say NO to this plan for a 24/7 McDonalds.

    As a resident lived here for years, I enjoyed the peaceful and safe environment of Rhodes for the past years. However, a 24/7 McDonalds could compromise everything we have here. Like others already stated, potential crime, noise and rubbish will be a huge concern.

    Please second thought about this plan. Even if you decide to build it eventually, please make sure it will operate within a limited time frame. Thanks.

  24. Joyce Wong commented

    I am totally opposed to this plan for a 24/7 McDonalds.

    By all means, have a McDonalds for locals and visitors to get their hamburgers and happy meals, but allowing it to be 24/7 will create additional noise, traffic and rubbish at all hours in the area.

    I took the liberty of looking at the other 24/7 McDonalds outlets in Sydney and saw the hours they receive customers. They really do get customers right up till 3am and as early at 6am. It's simply inconceivable to imagine that type of traffic noise in Rhodes night after night.

    Rhodes is still a reasonably nice area and a decent place to live. The last thing residents need is to have their peace disturbed on a nightly basis.

  25. Christine commented

    A 24/7 Maccas is really unnecessary for Rhodes. It is not build on the main road and 24/7 would not benefit the residents here but only attract additional noise.
    It is a peaceful and quiet neighborhood, please keep it that way.

  26. Leslie Cao commented

    No. No McDonald's. No one wants cheap food.

  27. Jacob Renderos commented

    Move along, 24hr Maccas. No one wants you & what you’ll bring to our beautiful community here

  28. Jacob Renderos commented

    Reasons why people move to Wentworth Point/Rhodes:
    Family oriented
    Pride & respect of the area by residence

    Reasons why I left the place I grew up in to move here:
    Drunken loitering
    Lack of pride & respect to the area & properties

    Unwanted/unnecessary things 24hrs Maccas attracts & most likely will bring to our beautiful community:

    24hrs Maccas doesn’t fit in to the culture of this neighborhood. We love our community as is, we don’t want it slowly downgrading into another gronk boganville. We already have a Maccas at Olympic Park. That’s good enough thanks

  29. Katharine commented

    I definitely object this submission. 24hrs McDonald’s is on Highway or on busy traffic roads, definitely not suitable for residential area. 24hrs McDonald’s doesn’t fit in to the culture of this neighborhood. We love our community as is, we don’t want it slowly downgrading into another gronk boganville. We already have one at Olympic Park this is enough.

  30. Nicole commented

    I object to this application. We do not need a McDonald's in Rhodes, and definitely NOT a 24/7 McDonald's. Rhodes is not an appropriate location for such a store. It will attract the wrong crowds of people (especially if it is open all the time) and pose a safety risk, it will encourage unhealthy eating and undesirable behaviour (e.g. loitering and littering), it will increase people and car traffic in the area, and eventually we will have more rubbish polluting the river. It will also create more noise and disturb the peace of the neighbourhood. The Council should say no to McDonald's and protect the residents and the environment.

  31. Dev commented

    The overwhelming objection towards the 24/7 maccas is not unfounded. Having a normal-hour maccas is still acceptable (although not entirely welcomed) but a 24/7 one is absolutely, and categorically unnessecary!

    Rhodes is a wonderful place for children and young families and should remain as such.

    The concerns about having a 24/7 restaurant so close to an already congested suburb will bring a continuous flow of people that may not nessecarily live in Rhodes, getting their maccas and subsequently hanging out by the waterside and various parks we have. Rubbish and noise pollution will become a daily routine for the families in Rhodes to put up with.

    We already have people screaming or revving their pathetic muscle cars at odd hours at night especially on weekends. It is inevitable that an 'attraction' like a 24/7 maccas will only exarcebate the situation.

    Having a 24/7 maccas is NOT going to be of any benefit to our community. And as a member of this community, I say NO!

  32. James commented

    I object to this proposal on the basis that a 24/7 McDonald’s will produce more waste, crime and noise to the area throughout the night and early morning.
    The residents deserve better, we already have to contest with disorderly behaviour in the local parks (e.g. illegal fireworks, people drinking and smoking shisha by the foreshore) and these extended hours will only cause more problems.

  33. Linda commented

    I object to the proposal of a 24/7 McDonalds store in Rhodes. There are enough food stores in Rhodes and we do not need anymore, especially NOT a 24/7 McDonalds. Canada Bay Council should consider people's well-being and prioritise quality of life in Rhodes by not allowing a 24/7 McDonalds in the Rhodes area. We have had enough of greedy developers building new high rise apartments and cramming in shops below the apartments. The existing businesses and shops cannot survive in the long-term if there are too many shops in the area. If you don’t live in Rhodes, you will not understand the increase in problems that the residents of Rhodes will have to put up with everyday from having a McDonald's operating all the time in a high density residential area.

  34. Frank commented

    I don’t mind a McDonald in the neighbourhood but strongly object it operating later than 10pm for all the reasons already mentioned by others in this forum. I am sure there is not enough residents in Rhodes to support the 24 hours operation, so McDonald must counts on 24 hours take aways services. This is where the problems start. The noise, congestion and road safety hazards created by delivery bikes would be intolerable if you live in Rhodes.

  35. Camille commented

    We strongly object the McDonald’s in RHODES
    Rhodes is small “isolated “ suburb and we choose to live here because the peaceful safe environment and community which is hardly to find in other sub .having McDonald’s in RHODES will create safety issues . The proposed 45 stores high rise RHODES Central stage 3 have already caused big concern about safety , traffic .
    RHODES center is mainly a residential building not a commercial building , we welcome small restaurant or coffees on the ground level BUT NOT MCDONALD . RHODES is not CBD , not big sub , please don’t destroy our quiet peaceful safe environment. Once it’s changed , it’s not easy to change back. Please consider that majority ppl says about the McDonald’s in RHODES , please consider the well-being of RHODES residents,please consider the people who paid big money for RHODES central apartment, they may face unsafe , noisy situations just next door
    We don’t need McDonald’s in RHODES , we are not CBD ? We are not shopping center , we are not on main Road , we are not big suburb.
    Please don’t destroy RHODES character, please keep Rhodes safe place to live
    Thank you for your kind consideration

  36. Jin commented

    I don't object having a Maccas in Rhodes but I don't approve 24 hours trading hour. The reasons are already mentioned by many people above so I won't repeat. NO Rhodes residents will approve this. Rhodes residents are unlikely to have Maccas at late night when they are already at home. I can only sense much more trouble with little to no benefit by having Maccas open 24 hours.

  37. Gaurav Bhatia commented

    I strongly oppose this application of 24 hour operations for a McDonalds in Rhodes due to the amount of traffic and noise disruptions it will cause.

  38. Zoe commented

    Welcom Maccas but object 24/7. It’s a very dense suburb already. opening 24/7 will create noise pollution to a lot of surrounding neighboring residents.

  39. Tony commented

    Welcome Maccas on limited trade hours and strongly object 24/07 trade.
    Hoons and teenagers will certainly be attracted late at night . overflow rubbish bins and destroy the peaceful neighbourhood. they also take their mccass to water front and loitering .

  40. Po chu Mok commented

    Welcome Maccas on limited trade hours and strongly object 24/07 trade.
    Preferably it should be a McDonald express .(no seating ) being closed to train station . Reasons being the fact that they could impact the surrounding restaurants and they can sell foods too cheaply and priced out other competitors. We would a wide range of selection and small businesses to survive .
    Hoons and teenagers will certainly be attracted late at night . overflow rubbish bins and destroy our peaceful neighbourhood. they also take their mccass to the waterfront eg: the connection and surrounding and loitering around .

  41. Neena commented

    I am strongly against a 24/7 McDonald’s at Rhodes. Welcome a limited hour McDonald’s but by having a 24/7 McDonald’s - this will attract more noise, crime, rubbish, littering. Rhodes is a peaceful suburb and by having a 24/7 McDonald’s it will only attract more people around surrounding suburbs to all congregate in McDonald’s at all hours - can see all the problems already! Overflowing bins, McDonald garbage on the shoreline, waterfront, loud noise at random hours such as 2am, 3am, loitering, wrong crowds and all will create an unsafe environment etc.

    As people have already mentioned - we are not the CBD or a major connecting station or a main road. McDonald’s is normally situated on main roads, cbd, large train stations - by having a 24/7 McDonald’s this disrupts the peacefulness, character and safety of the suburb. We strongly urge the Council of Canada Bay to reconsider this and prioritise the well-being & safety of existing and future residents of Rhodes.

    The residents paid expensive prices for apartments and they did so to live in a safe & peaceful environment. By having 24/7 McDonald’s there it will only create more noise, pollution and road safety hazard with more congestion.
    We welcome small coffee shops, healthy food in the retail section but not a major brand like McDonald’s operating 24 hours! It doesn’t fit into the character of Rhodes and will only destroy the character of Rhodes.

    Thank you for your consideration

  42. Teresa commented

    Ok with McDonalds in Rhodes with normal operating hours but not 24/7 due to noise and increase unnecessary crowds in Rhodes. Also there is also potential increase in road safety hazard with congestion, rubbish, littering, crimes and etc.

  43. Weifeng commented

    My kids would love to have macca in Rhodes.
    According to most comments above, i personally think, Perhaps council could employ a position which allow on spot fined.
    Imagine a new position opening.

  44. Simon Lee commented

    I object to the extension of tradings hours to 24/7 trade. I believe this would increase and attract vehicle traffic and noise to the surrounding areas, especially during the late hours where residents nearby would like to have some sleep without random disturbances. I am already affected by the noise coming from the train line (east facing of my apartment) where trains are operating 24/7. This McDonalds in turn would eventually attract noise coming from the west side of my apartment.

  45. Alex castillo commented

    Please don’t allow McDonnalds to operate 24/7, this is going to attract non-local drunk people returning home from parties late at night, including teenagers. They would come from other suburbs to cause us trouble. We will have violence, robberies, noise, traffic, and we don’t have any police stations around.

  46. Jenny commented

    Please don’t open the 7/24 at a quiet suburb. We paid a lot for a quiet apartment, which can be disturbed by the McDonald’s.

  47. Kevin commented

    Nobody needs a McDonald’s in Rhodes.
    NO NO McDONALDS 24/7 operating hours in a residential area.
    Junk food, Crime, rubbish, noise and hooligans, no no.

  48. Harry commented

    Regular opening hours. Not 24/7 please. We don't want people buying McDonald's at 3 am in the morning and sitting at the bay causing a ruckus. We have already seen a cultural shift and anti social behaviour staring to appear in the last 2 years with kids smoking Shishas kicking the yellow electronic covid signs, and young couples 'hanging out' at the kids park next to the library. All this is happening after 11pm. This will make it worse.

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