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In Rhodes NSW on “Extension to Trading Hours...” at 6 Walker Street, Rhodes NSW 2138:

Neena commented

I am strongly against a 24/7 McDonald’s at Rhodes. Welcome a limited hour McDonald’s but by having a 24/7 McDonald’s - this will attract more noise, crime, rubbish, littering. Rhodes is a peaceful suburb and by having a 24/7 McDonald’s it will only attract more people around surrounding suburbs to all congregate in McDonald’s at all hours - can see all the problems already! Overflowing bins, McDonald garbage on the shoreline, waterfront, loud noise at random hours such as 2am, 3am, loitering, wrong crowds and all will create an unsafe environment etc.

As people have already mentioned - we are not the CBD or a major connecting station or a main road. McDonald’s is normally situated on main roads, cbd, large train stations - by having a 24/7 McDonald’s this disrupts the peacefulness, character and safety of the suburb. We strongly urge the Council of Canada Bay to reconsider this and prioritise the well-being & safety of existing and future residents of Rhodes.

The residents paid expensive prices for apartments and they did so to live in a safe & peaceful environment. By having 24/7 McDonald’s there it will only create more noise, pollution and road safety hazard with more congestion.
We welcome small coffee shops, healthy food in the retail section but not a major brand like McDonald’s operating 24 hours! It doesn’t fit into the character of Rhodes and will only destroy the character of Rhodes.

Thank you for your consideration

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