495-497 Lygon Street, Brunswick East VIC 3057

Demolition of existing buildings, and the construction of a 10 storey building above basement levels consisting of a place of assembly (function centre), office, retail premises, cafe, bar and restaurant and dwellings.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 month ago. It was received by them 7 months earlier.

(Source: Moreland City Council, reference MPS/2020/57)


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  1. Arthur commented

    Really, 10 stories....this needs to be nipped in the bud.
    I want a double story exemption on my house and MORELAND council advised 6m maximum height
    Why would Moreland council event consider such a multi story dwelling...CLEARLY DOUBLE STANDARDS

  2. Mark Jenkinson commented

    Where are mandatory height restrictions when you need them?
    Obviously the developer will play the game and get 8 levels through vcat, helping creating the dark and overcrowded wind tunnel that is becoming a feature of our suburb.
    Why is Moreland Council impotent on protecting it's urban landscape?

  3. Laurence commented

    10 stories, really way too high for this location - sunrise won’t reach 2 blocks west of Lygon for hours in winter. Is MCC creating a canyon out of Lygon by allowing this development- this bit of strip shopping hasn’t taken of in the 35 years I’ve lived here so good luck for this unwanted proposal- a wind tunnel and exacerbated parking problems is all that can be expected

  4. Ingrid Mohr commented

    10 stories is way too high and will block sunlight from neighbouring residential houses.
    A maximum of 2 or 3 stories should be imposed next to other residential homes. These types of developments are severely devaluing the vibrant brunswick neighbourhood.

  5. Tania Lovell commented

    Way to high. Will block all the nature afternoon sun and close in the street. Lygon st is such an iconic Melbourne street scape - need to keep some of it charm and not create a concrete jungle void of sunlight.

  6. Barbara Ray commented

    Way too much development in Lygon St. There won't be enough parking for shoppers.

  7. Tania Lovell commented

    Way to high. Will block all the nature afternoon sun and close in the street. Lygon st is such an iconic Melbourne street scape - need to keep some of it charm and not create a concrete jungle void of sunlight.

  8. Danny Lovell commented

    10 stories must surely be considered to high. Very unfair to overshadow the surrounding properties by so much. Moreland city is losing much of its appeal.


    A 10 storey building particularly in that location is much too high. This will be an absolute disaster in terms of parking and accessability. It will also creatre considerable lighting issues to all other surrounding properties and make us lose the unique character we have at this end of Lygon Street. There are height limits and we believe upon examination this 10 storey exceeds the height limits for this end of Lygon Street.

  10. Karlea Tabone commented

    10 stories is too high for this area on Lygon street! It will create darkness and shadowing on surrounding buildings. Especially during the winter months. It will also be far too busy with traffic and car parking. Please re consider the height of this proposed building.

  11. Tanya Piccolotto commented

    This application is adding what we already have in plentiful amounts in the locality.
    10 stories is far too tall, and will cast shadows over many windows and balconies, many of which are people’s only source of sunlight.

  12. Karlea Tabone commented

    10 stories is too high for this area on Lygon street! It will create darkness and shadowing on surrounding buildings. Especially during the winter months. It will also be far too busy with traffic and car parking. Please re consider the height of this proposed building.

  13. Tyler Hyndman commented

    Another building that will create far too much traffic around Brunswick East and block out the sun for surrounding apartments.

  14. Jo Kolevski commented

    10 stories is too high for this area of Brunswick East. Have things such as impact of natural light to surrounding buildings as well as the already limited parking in the area even been considered?!

  15. Sheridan Wright commented

    10 storeys seems excessive amongst all the other developments in this area of maximum 5 storeys. Will create extensive shadow and parking issues.
    I'm not against this property being developed but it needs to consider its impact on current residents and cohesion with the street. Isn't 5 storeys enough?

  16. Jason Gore & Erika Gardiner commented

    It is very disappointing to see this application being put forward with the idea that 10 stories is ok for this site. 10 stories is way too excessive considering it will block out much needed natural light to many neighbouring properties in the area. Traffic in the rear laneways is already a shambles with too many vehicles using it (especially large vehicles) Our building has been damaged numerous times. Adding a 10 story apartment block will greatly exacerbate these issues. It is my sincere hope that Moreland City Council contemplates these issues whilst also considering the existing owners of nearby properties who have paid a lot of money for the unobscured views and sunlight they currently enjoy.

  17. Anne-Marree commented

    This proposal needs to be reconsidered.
    Too high, too many vehicles and yet more shops to stand empty in what will be a post covid slump. Surely less dwellings and an improved amenity for each dwelling must be considered. Does a pandemic not show the deficiencies in design. Despite Moreland Council dreams, vehicles remain part of the landscape. Again pandemic effects are showing in public transport and there will be more vehicles parking and using roads in the area.
    Let alone the impact of such construction on those who live in the area light sound etc.

  18. Hope Iverach commented

    Way too high. It will seriously stick out like a sore thumb, as well as affecting neighbours and businesses negatively that surround it. I'm all about progression, but this is too much too soon. Consider the height respectively for others that reside in this area.

  19. Kate R commented

    The development of a 10 storey building would have a terrible impact on this part of Lygon Street. As it stands, there is a lack of parking now, not to mention traffic nightmares. A building this high would dwarf everything around it, especially specialised stores and the traders in the area who have already suffered during Covid.
    Also the lack of light to residents who live near by. I have friends who live in Moonee Ponds and residents have suffered greatly by the new high rise apartments that have been squeezed into streets behind the main shopping strip.
    Brunswick East is considered an artsy, eclectic area known for its individuality , a building of this size would take this away reputation.

  20. Alex commented

    Please reconsider this development and the impact it will have on the area and surrounding neighbours. 10 stories seems far to high and will block sunlight from those already living nearby. And we don't need more traffic! Lygon st here is already too busy! (non covid). Do we really need more monstrosities like those that have popped up all along Nicholson St? It's so depressing down there. Please reconsider the height of this development.

  21. Eleni Tellios commented

    This proposal needs to be reconsidered.
    Too high for a suburban area and this will set a precedent for other proposed developments in this area.

    The number of levels should be on par with the surrounding apartment complexes 4-5 levels

  22. Tara commented

    I’m absolutely objecting to the proposed 10 stories - much too high for this end of LYGON st.
    A building of this scale is detrimental to the current street scape and atmosphere, not to mention impacts to parking, greater traffic congestion, heat and natural light. Would be such a shame to emulate the corner of LYGON/Brunswick Road!

  23. Will Richards commented

    Ridiculous proposal. Twice the height of current apartment blocks. An eye sore not in keeping with the character of the area, and will block all light to neighboring residents already there.

  24. Eddie Chan commented

    Absolutely objecting this ... why on earth it is even here

  25. Monty commented

    Guys objections due in this Monday so do it this weekend to make it count!

  26. Stephen Farquhar commented

    I am frequently in this area and any development above 4 stories is completely out of character with the surrounds. Furthermore, this development will remain empty for years in a post-Covid environment. We have no immigration driving property demand. There are over 8000 vacancies in Brunswick (quick RealEstate.com.au search shows that). Shops and restaurants will struggle so the ground floor tenancies of this development will sit vacant for years.
    Lastly, what does this development do that is positive for the community, the surrounding streetscape, and the environment? - It fails on all fronts.

  27. Nathaniel Belte commented

    I live less than 50m to this proposed site and have been for three years, been a resident of Brunswick for 10 and since arriving in this formerly rich and beautiful suburb it's turned largely grey and uninspired. Then folk who come and drain this suburb like vampires and then wear it like a glove are the absolute scum of the scum and it cannot continue. We had a similar issue with moreland council approving a development behind Howler Bar during my time working there. Nothing but sneaking around and the last people to hear of the development was Howler Bar Inc. We fought back and won just as we will in this situation

  28. Peter Tallis commented

    Object to this development. Height is above planning scheme, overshadowing, wind issues, traffic concerns and not convinced the design will positively contribute to the streetscape.
    Need more diversity in design and development along Lygon st.
    Will support modest development with accompanying retail / Food & bev offering.

  29. Matty De Angelis commented

    I object to this development. Nothing on the street is 10 storeys high. It's going to be twice the size of anything else. I believe Moreland City Council have a height restriction of around 5 storeys. All suggested development will be directly looking into people houses/backyards on Stanley Street.
    The area is already a mess with carparking and rubbish. We can't have a 10 storey development in the area. It doesn't make sense in any shape or form.
    Furthermore, we need more diversity of restaurants and shops.

  30. Peter Tallis commented

    Object to this development. Height is above planning scheme, overshadowing, wind issues, traffic concerns and not convinced the design will positively contribute to the streetscape.
    Need more diversity in design and development along Lygon st.
    Will support modest development with accompanying retail / Food & bev offering.

  31. Margaret Chigros commented


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Re Application Reference Number MPS/2020/57

    As the owner of 15 Stanley St, Brunswick, I am writing to strongly object to the building application referenced above.

    Contrary to the Design and Development Overlay, which values the maintenance of the character and appearance of adjacent buildings, and the streetscape, this development will be twice and high and inordinately bulky and imposing than any other building on the block.  In addition, its height is not in keeping with the adjacent Dan Murphy's building which is of 'individual heritage significance'.
    Schedule 19 of the Design and Development Overlay states the "building height should not exceed the preferred maximum height".  The Moreland Council's preferred height for this site is 17 metres.
    Schedule 19 also aims to "ensure highly visible development is limited to identified key redevelopment sites and responds to specific design objectives".  But this site is not an identified strategic redevelopment site.
    Schedule 19 states that the council must consider "whether the maximum building height is achievable having regard to the heritage significance of the site or an adjoining site within the Heritage Overlay".  As already noted, the Dan Murphy's site is a building of "individual heritage significance" on a prominent gateway position to Lygon St.  The height of the proposed development will undermine its heritage value.
    The Moreland policy on apartment developments of 5 or more storeys aims to "ensure buildings are located and designed to reduce overlooking into habitale rooms and private open space areas".  The height, design and location of this building mean there is significant "overlooking" of gardens, balconies and living spaces on Stanley Street and in 457-459 Lygon St.

  32. Mathew commented

    The proposed demolition and development on this site (495-497 Lygon Street) conflicts with existing guidelines and heritage reports.

    This location is within Precinct A of the Brunswick Structure Plan, which permits a maximum 5 storey/18 meter building height. This would be okay, if the address in question wasn't located within a heritage overlay (which it is - HO435).

    I appreciate that Moreland City Council must approve a planning permit to partially or wholly demolish a building within a heritage overlay, which is what's proposed. However, the area in question is of local historical and aesthetic significance, and would be blighted by this building.

  33. Emeritus Professor Alexander Grishin AM commented

    This is a case of extreme over-development and should be rejected on three grounds.
    1) 10 storeys is much too high, against existing regulations and destroys the neighbourhood character.
    2) No matter how much sugar coating is applied, it will be an eye sore, cast a shadow on the neighbouring properties and block the view of all in the area.
    3) This over-development is too much for the area to cope with - it is already congested, public transport and parking are over extended. Surely the time has arrived to speak of quality of life, safety and security and to say no to over-exploitation and greed. Should it be approved, then we should discuss regime change in this council.

  34. Alan Mcquire commented

    The development is out of character with the surrounding streetscape, is contrary to council plans and will create a wind tunnel effect on Lygon Street.

  35. David commented

    Don’t forget to lodge objections with the council directly. Objecting via planning alerts is completely pointless. Objecting with the council is slightly less so.

  36. Lita Kurbanovs commented

    We do not want this size of development in this area. This in not within keeping if the streetscape at this end of Lygon St.

    We also believes that it contravenes the 5 storey limit for residential zoning. This will also obstruct the city skyline for many existing residents in this area.
    There is already an over development in this area. Other developments currently in progress are not if this magnitude and will impact on:
    1. overcrowding on public transport
    2. Impact in limited street parking in this vacinity
    3. More commercial spaces on street level remaining empty due to overcrowding/competition of similar business eg: gyms/supermarkets/ hairdressers. We have too many in this strip & consequently potential retailers/businesses have pulled out of contracts leaving empty shops for years.

    We would like to have our area not become a ghetto.

  37. Mark Vangeli commented

    This is too big and does not fit in with the current lygon street streetscape. 10 stories is way too high and I object this proposal.

  38. Adam C Bennetts commented

    This clearly violates the 5 storey standard for residential buildings. Especially for an area (and strip on Lygon Street) that is already incredibly overdeveloped.

    The issues that this will cause to parking in the area will be immense, there are already limitations regarding the number of parking spaces in the area.

    This will cause a major increase in local traffic which is already bumper to bumper in its current state, let alone with the tiny lane way behind the building which already has a large amount of traffic due to the number of apartment complexes having their car garages located there.

    We strongly object to this development, which is clearly a statement of greed that has clearly not had the thoughts of locals in mind.

  39. Hannah Foster commented

    I do not consider this proposal to be in the best interests of our community, nor in keeping with the low-rise skyline and village feel in Brunswick East. I’m concerned that the development is not supported with sufficient provision for green spaces, public transport and other services needed to support such a large influx of residents. Pre COVID, the trams on Lygon Street were already pushed beyond capacity and green spaces are in very heavy use. I am also concerned about the shadow cast by a 10 storey building, and would ask Council to consider the impact of this on residents in nearby buildings.
    I appreciate more homes are needed in Victoria, but unless these are designated low cost/community housing apartments (which they don’t appear to be) then there are already several very similar developments in the area due to be completed in the next year. Given the economy, we are likely to end up with vacant unsold apartments and very likely to end up with vacant shops, given the number of vacant shops currently on Lygon Street.

  40. Brett Kelly commented

    4-5 levels maximum.
    This monstrosity will add nothing to the street and suburb other than more cars.
    When will the overdevelopment of Brunswick stop?

  41. Phillip Z commented

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Re Application Reference Number MPS/2020/57

    I strongly object to the building proposal in its current form. There are numerous issues with a building of this magnitude in an area of heritage significance in Brunswick.

    Some points are as follows:

    - The development is far too excessive in height and it would have adverse impacts on nearby houses with respect to privacy and overlooking the private open spaces of houses nearby, odour and waste management concerns, noise concerns, parking concerns and substantial overshadowing of nearby residential properties, where properties can be expected to be blocked out by the sun for hours given the size and scale of the property
    - The building proposal requests for a building with more than twice the height preferred as per DDO19. A development of this scale would be inconsistent with the draft Brunswick structure plan that encourages development in this locality to be in the order of five storeys. Developments of this scale are also not found in this area of Lygon st and especially in this location would blight the surrounding landscape, given this is an area of heritage significance.
    - The development would impose adverse impacts on adjoining properties, dominating and undermining the value of the heritage listed Lyndhurst hotel and diminishing the value placed on HO435
    - The light rail and Brunswick's road network was already over capacity, especially during peak hours and on weekends in the case of the road network. The arterial roads of Brunswick being in this condition is a direct result of the overdevelopment of apartments, especially within Lygon St. This has already resulted in the degradation of character in the street when compared with Sydney Rd and this development will hinder this character further. Further developments of this scale should instead be considered in locations that do not have such traffic concerns
    - With the wider effects brought about and sped up by COVID, more individuals are working from home and working from outer suburbs becomes more viable. This reduces the demand for mass apartments in inner-city suburbs (where vacancy rates are sharply rising), reduces the need for extra shopfronts beholden to very high rent costs and places more pressure on existing businesses in the strip heavily weighted towards bars/restaurants/eateries, hairdressers and gyms.
    - Further stresses the on-street parking situation on nearby Stanley St by virtue of visitors, increasing the usage of the street and the adjoining laneway associated with this property.
    - Any application should consider the nearby live music venue and adequate soundproofing must be built into the plans for this complex.

    I urge the council to consider the above points, reject the application as presented and make the decision to only accept an application which respects the current DDO guidelines, does not destroy or damage the heritage significance of the area in question and is more respectful of the wishes of locals.

  42. Vanessa Martin commented

    To whom it may concern,
    The height, design and location of this building will not “ensure buildings are located and designed to reduce overlooking into habitable rooms and private open space areas.”
    It will be twice the height of any other building on the block and will undermine the visual aesthetic and character of Lygon St. and Brunswick, as well as the heritage value of the Dan Murphy's building, which is of “individual heritage significance.”
    According to schedule 19 highly visible Development should be limited to key redevelopment sites, and this site is not an identified key redevelopment site.
    Also according to schedule 19, and is highly valued to me that the “bulk, location, and appearance of any proposed buildings will be in keeping with the character and appearance of adjacent buildings, the streetscapes or the area.”
    A citizen that wants to see Brunswick retain its magic and approach developmental plans with grace and concern for the wishes of its citizens.

  43. Tom commented

    As a local resident of Brunswick, I object to this building plan. 10 stories is too large, and much larger than surrounding buildings and most other apartment building in the suburb. Brunswick is already becoming unsightly with the amount of apartment buildings popping up.

    This specific location, with the surrounding buildings, is not the place for such a large apartment building.

    Please reconsider the go ahead of this plan.

  44. Conan Barton commented

    This doesn't sound like it will be appealing to any of its neighbours and impersonal and cookie cutter for the community that will occupy this high density apartment block. More sustainable development with residents and communities in mind!

  45. R Hurren commented

    Huge developments in this area with over crowding of empty retail space result in vacant shops being covered in graffiti which is becoming worse & attracting increased criminal behaviour in our area.

    We oppose developments of this size.

  46. Iona Paterson commented

    The scale of this building is unnecessary. It would swell over the exisiting “tall” buildings on lygon street and become a bit of an eyesore. 6 stories would also eclipse the view and privacy of the surrounding neighbours.

  47. Sioborne youla commented

    10 stories is ridiculous. I object. Enough with the big build apartments. As someone who is a home owner and grew up here it is appalling how much is sold to the highest bidder without any consideration.

  48. Julia L commented

    This monstrous building will be an eyesore and negatively affect local residents and businesses in terms of blocking light, crowding trams and construction noise. These mega apartment building complexes should not become a feature of Moreland...they are becoming less appealing to investors and owner occupiers alike.

  49. Simon Gough commented

    To the Moreland City Council,

    As a local Brunswick East resident, I strongly object to this plan. Many others have noted, and I agree, that the proposed building will directly go against the council’s preferred building height for this area, and will overlook and overshadow much of the surrounding area, including private balconies, gardens, and living spaces. Ten storeys is more than double the Moreland Council’s preferred height for this site, and as such should not be approved.

    Furthermore, the building’s proposed bulk is unfitting to its location, amidst a low-rise area with heritage overlay buildings, and transform many side streets and alleyways into major thoroughfares. Such a highly visible building would be an eyesore, certainly, but its impact would be more than visual, and stand as a black mark within our suburb’s feeling and character.

    There is simply no good reason to approve this plan, and I urge the council to listen to the local community and not proceed with this.

    Simon Gough

  50. Holly Pereira commented

    After careful consideration I would like to express my objection to this development as it will greatly compromise the neighbouring area due to its size, which exceeds Moreland council's preferred heigh, and volume. It will lead to significant congestion in the neighbouring streets, will add visual bulk to the low rise streetscape and will undermine the Cypriot Community Centre as well as the heritage listed Dan Murphy's building.

  51. Michaela Harden commented

    This development will create an oppressive block on the skyline for many of the surrounding houses due to the inappropriate height. Furthermore it will destroy the peace of the surrounding streets.

  52. Mandy Crofts commented

    Please consider this again, the proposal is too high on an area flooded with apartments an increasingly insufficient parking and infrastructure.

    As others have noted this will overshadow several dwellings and is not in keeping with the area.

    There is no good reason to approve this application as it stands.

  53. Melissa commented

    We object to this high rise. This part of Lygon Street is fast becoming a tunnel sapping the street and adjoining streets of natural light. We also fear that parking in our street will be severely impacted - we already have difficulty getting a parking spot in our street - let alone in front of our house.

  54. Michelle commented

    Commenting via Planning Alerts may not get forwarded on so make sure you follow the instructions to lodge an objection directly with the council via the Moreland website.

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