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In Brunswick East VIC on “Demolition of existing...” at 495-497 Lygon Street, Brunswick East VIC 3057:

Phillip Z commented

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re Application Reference Number MPS/2020/57

I strongly object to the building proposal in its current form. There are numerous issues with a building of this magnitude in an area of heritage significance in Brunswick.

Some points are as follows:

- The development is far too excessive in height and it would have adverse impacts on nearby houses with respect to privacy and overlooking the private open spaces of houses nearby, odour and waste management concerns, noise concerns, parking concerns and substantial overshadowing of nearby residential properties, where properties can be expected to be blocked out by the sun for hours given the size and scale of the property
- The building proposal requests for a building with more than twice the height preferred as per DDO19. A development of this scale would be inconsistent with the draft Brunswick structure plan that encourages development in this locality to be in the order of five storeys. Developments of this scale are also not found in this area of Lygon st and especially in this location would blight the surrounding landscape, given this is an area of heritage significance.
- The development would impose adverse impacts on adjoining properties, dominating and undermining the value of the heritage listed Lyndhurst hotel and diminishing the value placed on HO435
- The light rail and Brunswick's road network was already over capacity, especially during peak hours and on weekends in the case of the road network. The arterial roads of Brunswick being in this condition is a direct result of the overdevelopment of apartments, especially within Lygon St. This has already resulted in the degradation of character in the street when compared with Sydney Rd and this development will hinder this character further. Further developments of this scale should instead be considered in locations that do not have such traffic concerns
- With the wider effects brought about and sped up by COVID, more individuals are working from home and working from outer suburbs becomes more viable. This reduces the demand for mass apartments in inner-city suburbs (where vacancy rates are sharply rising), reduces the need for extra shopfronts beholden to very high rent costs and places more pressure on existing businesses in the strip heavily weighted towards bars/restaurants/eateries, hairdressers and gyms.
- Further stresses the on-street parking situation on nearby Stanley St by virtue of visitors, increasing the usage of the street and the adjoining laneway associated with this property.
- Any application should consider the nearby live music venue and adequate soundproofing must be built into the plans for this complex.

I urge the council to consider the above points, reject the application as presented and make the decision to only accept an application which respects the current DDO guidelines, does not destroy or damage the heritage significance of the area in question and is more respectful of the wishes of locals.

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