3 Berwick Street Coogee NSW 2034

Demolition of two existing buildings and structures; excavation below ground level for one level of basement car parking; construction of a three storey residential flat building, comprising 6 apartments 10 car parking spaces and 717.9sqm of GFA; site landscaping; vehicular access via Berwick Street and augmentation of services infrastructure and utilities (Variation to Height and GFA).

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 29 days ago. It was received by them 10 days earlier.

(Source: Randwick City Council, reference DA/303/2020)

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  1. Karen Nicholson commented

    This development should not go ahead, due to the impact this will have on our residences in Mount Street. This proposed apartment building is going to block out sun light especially in the winter and reduce the liveability and enjoyment of our garden. Our apartment on the ground floor is already dark and cold in the winter. This new proposed development is going to worsen the situation. We already have a monstrous 1970’s multi storey apartment building which looks directly into our garden, in addition to the multi storey apartment buildings already in existence in Berwick Street. The one bit of respite (with the existence of the small one storey dwelling at 5 Berwick Street) from the invasion of our privacy and being surrounded by multi storey apartment buildings is now being taken from us. It’s an invasion of our privacy and it is pure greed. This developer is trying to fit too much into an extremely limited space, not to mention all the noise and dust we are going to have to put up with.

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