122-138 Tower Road, Portarlington, VIC

Use and Development of a Resort including Residential Hotel (160 rooms) and Associated Facilities (including Day Spa, Restaurant, Health and Wellness Centre, Gym, 17 Villa's and associated car parking - 245 spaces)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 11 days ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: City of Greater Geelong, reference 1/2020)


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  1. Celia Adams commented

    This development is inappropriate for Portarlington for a number of reasons;
    • It will create an imposing and therefore aesthetically unwanted visual impact on a large viewing area of the town and beyond,
    • It will potentially impact on and contaminate the existing ecosystem of the land and it's surrounds,
    • It will not adequately cater for the local community population who might not be able to afford to access the "luxury" aspects of the resort,
    • It will facilitate an influx of tourists to the town during peak seasons, for which there is inadequate infrastructure.

  2. Hazel Ingram commented

    I support this application and the development of the Resort on Tower Road. With careful planning and ensuring it takes care of environmental sustainability in its build and construction I think it will be a valuable asset to the town. Portarlington is growing as a tourist town, with the Ferry now firmly part of our future and increasing numbers of visitors a resort such as this will give employment while being constructed and then in running and managing it as a resort. I know there will be people who will object as there is a hardcore of objectors to all new builds or developments however we cannort let our town stagnate. With sensitive planning this could be a very positive initiative for the town.
    Traffic along Tower Road and Sproat Street, will need to be considered in the access and egress to the resort.\
    Portarlington has a number of "big" events in the annual calendar, such as the Mussel Festival. and the Celtic Festival, Easter and Christmas and there is not enough accommodation available currently.

  3. Portarlington Residents commented

    Portarlington "Where the Great Big Ugly Eyesore meets the Sea" What an embarrassment, the developers obviously have no concept of sympathetic development or respect for the local residents and community. Given the Bellarine has been declared a Distinctive Area and Landscape, the developers are obviously in rush to push something through before it comes under scrutiny from the proposed Statement of Planning Policy. The residents of Portarlington won't stand for this and deserve better.

  4. Anne commented

    Does Portarlington really need this
    When we brought our little house at Portarlington it was because it was such a beautiful town that wasn't like all the other seaside locations.
    It was quiet and unspoiled by the modern buildings etc that are located else where
    Over the years we have seen more houses/townhouses being built and it is becoming like everywhere else.
    But to put a Day Spa, Restaurant, Health and Wellness Centre, Gym, 17 Villa's I really don't think we need this now or ever.

  5. Darryl Elvey commented

    Seven stories plus the basement, is too high.
    How can the Greater Geelong council consider another development when the main access road TOWER road remains completely blocked /closed at the intersection with the Portarlington / Queenscliff road. Tower road has been closed for over 2+ years now.
    Pigdon street is not an all weather road.
    Who pays for the upgrades? Where are all of the hundreds of concrete trucks starting at 5.45am, construction heavy vehicles going to go, for years whilst it's being built?
    Through the middle of The Rise Estate?
    Who is going to enforce where all the trucks will go? Council will just say that it is not a planning issue.

  6. Patricia Crotty commented

    Traffic Generation
    Based on the developer's own advisers (Traffix Group), the resort's likely Tower Rd traffic generation is assessed as "....the whole development is expected to generate up to 116 vehicle trips per peak hour and 821 vehicle trips per day. This traffic generation represents in the order of 1 vehicle movement every 31 seconds during each peak hour."
    (Traffic Engineering Assessment, Proposed Hotel/Resort Development 122-138 Tower Rd Portarlington Prepared for Contra Constructions, December 2019, page 26).

    Additionally, given the proposed development of 11 units opposite the Resort (122-138 Tower Rd), and the Olive Grove development, the impact of the proposed Resort represents a serious decrement in residential livability in the south west corner of Portarlington, for current and future residents.

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