7001 Collingwood Drive Collingwood Park QLD 4301

Reconfiguring a Lot - One (1) Lot into Two (2) Lots - Management Lot Subdivision Reconfiguring a Lot - One (1) Lot into Two (2) Lots and Access Easements Material Change of Use - Business Use (Fast Food Premises and Service Station) and Service/Trades Use (Mechanical Car Wash)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 2 years ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Ipswich City Council, reference CA-3407/2020)


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  1. Wendy Davidson commented

    We do not require McDonalds in Collingwood Park. Do not approve their application or any other junk food application.

  2. Matthew Young commented

    Ignore Wendy, we do want a Mcdonalds in Collingwood Park, and every other junk food application.

  3. Emily Costello commented

    It’s a yes from me.

  4. Judy Curnow commented

    Please do not put a Sevice station and unbelievably a MC DONALDS at this site. We have both these premises within a few klms. Collingwood Drive is busy as it is. Australua has an obesity problem. ... no more golden arches thanks.

  5. Stuart Briggs commented

    We do not want a McDonald's in Collingwood Park there are too many fast food places around us already and it will encourage hoons and unwanted fat people to come into our suburb and trash rubbish everywhere. There is Carl Jr a few hundred meters up the same road already.

  6. Ricky commented

    Yes please bring McDonald’s to Collingwood Park worth having drive in take away McDonald’s as you can’t do at Redbank Plaza.

  7. Concerned Citizen commented

    Have you considered the number of unhealthy take away place and the per capita obesity rate in Collingwood Park and surrounding areas? McDonald's might not be the best selection for this area.

  8. Kimberley commented

    I would totally support McDonald’s 😁

  9. Claire commented

    I don’t think another petrol station is needed when one is 500m away. Again McDonald’s is not needed when we have a variety of fast food restaurants 500m down the road. A car wash however would be regarded well but I would prefer to see a small state library or a medical centre to elevate pressures off the small collingwood park medical clinic in the we are also sorely lacking a dog park which encourages exercise and healthy living

  10. NO Wendy commented

    Say no to Wendy and yes to maccas

  11. Fat citizen commented

    Don’t listen to the haters. McDonald’s sells salad, they don’t have to buy fatty food if they don’t want but let us fattys eat what we want... Wendy you’re a hater

  12. Theresa Alexander commented

    We don’t need another McDonalds in the area. If the proposal is where this diagram says it is then good luck building it on top of the mine shaft that is there!

  13. Jim Dodrill commented

    I am a local sports coach and I oppose this because there is already to much obesity and lack of healthy food outlets in the area. We don't want to be Australia's capital for dumps AND junk food outlets.

  14. Rhiannon commented

    McDonald’s is NOT required in Collingwood Park, there are several in a short driving distance as are many other fast food places.
    There is a petrol station also very close by so not really necessary.

    I second the space would be more beneficial as a dog park or play equipment- even park exercise equipment.

  15. Kellyanne Powney commented

    Having a McDonald's in such close proximity to two primary schools should be considered here... is anyone concerned about improving children's health and wellbeing?!
    I really hope a traffic impact assessment is occurring, Collingwood Drive can barely sustain our current traffic as it is with lanes merging into one and slow corners.
    We are already saturated with fast food within a 5 minutes drive in every direction! Obviously my personal opinion but I'm definitely opposed to this development 🤔

  16. Damian Hill commented

    What the area needs is green space. Cheapest option is leave that land as it is. I know it was cleared 5 years ago but it is regenerating very well with limited weed or exotic species. The entire suburb does not need too be developed nor do we need more shopping precincts when we are surrounded by them. The current local shops are already struggling for trade. Why would a responsible council allow this?

  17. Joshua commented

    I believe we don’t need one here as there is already a monopoly of places you can go for fast food and petrol, some as close as 500m-1km away. It’s on a road that is only going to get busier with the new housing developments, why not develop the area with a community frame of mind, more public gym equipment, play equipment, dog park, and family friendly usable public space i.e bbq area.

  18. Tia M commented

    Do it

  19. Garry Robinson commented

    No. We don't need McDonald's in Collingwood park. Not because it not very tasty or because it's a fast food and do many fatty's. I don't want McDonald's in Collingwood park because there is one just up the at Redbank Plains and one at Goodna both less than 7 minutes down the road. I ask you do we really need it.

  20. J commented

    Leave the bush ! Too much cement ! I grew up here and it’s disgusting what’s happened to the area when it was beautiful and full of bush for wildlife . The roads don’t even accomodate for the growth of area . There is already McDonald’s Within 5 of so minutes where we live
    ( Redbank / Redbank plaza and Goodna )

  21. Phil Jordan commented

    I really think that this will have a great response from we do want, sorry if you are negative about this don't go there if you are against it.

    Bring Collingwood Park into this great suburb

  22. Emily J. commented

    Having lived in this suburb (both born into and then bought a home) my whole life, I would be really saddened to see a McDonald's established settled in this location. Environmentally, noise pollution and land clearing is already displacing wildlife. Socially, residents will have a higher increase in traffic both human and vehicle. The site proposed is situated near residents that is higher owner occupied. As such, this will likely make these residents move from the area (some who have been here for 25+ years) out of the suburb. As a result the area will become more rental dominant - and likely increase crime rates in the area. The turbulence of this in an area so close to Springfield/Brookwater (Ipswich's investment area -master planned) could open the doors to a flow on effect of devaluing neighbouring suburbs. This, leaving Ipswich having to mop up a crime mess. Such a small move in Collingwood park could significantly impact so many. As a resident who has lived here my whole life - please do not ruin the place I and many other friends and family members call home for monetary gain. My recommendation is to use areas that have already been established -- like the back of the redbank plaza shopping centre carpark to put something like this in the area. This would be a high traffic area that residents would use just before accessing the highway. So please have a real hard think about the social and environmental impacts of this proposal, and potentially long term economic impacts for Collingwood Park and its neighbouring suburbs as noted above.

  23. Kelly Cox commented

    That area is bush. It is only a small patch since you keep bulldozing every other area with trees. Stop destroying what little areas we have left of trees. I have often seen kangaroos in that spot. Please don’t build there. Please stop bulldozing my suburb down.

  24. G cobine commented

    we clearly do not need a petrol satin or fast food outlet there on collingwood drive ,there are plenty of places within 5 kilometre from this place and australia defiantly does not need more processed food outlets ,these places cause so much problems health wise

  25. Wayne Williams commented

    Yes from me more work for our young people

  26. Darrin Rankin commented

    Yes to this. More jobs for people in the area. As long as the ice cream machine is working! 👌

  27. Kimberley H commented

    Please don’t approve. I have nothing against McDonalds, my concern is the heavy traffic already on Collingwood Drive. The placement of a petrol station and/or food
    Outlets at the proposed site will only cause more congestion on this road. It is hard enough trying to get in or out of some of the side streets around the proposed site on Collingwood Drive due to the already increased traffic of the last year or two.

  28. Bree Love commented

    I think it would be beneficial to have a nice cafe and maybe a fresh juice bar. Not like a boost, but an actual juice bar. My partner and I eat out a lot with our daughter and would love some healthier options. It always comes down to the main maccas, kfc etc rather than something good for the body.
    Even a nice cafe with good coffee to walk to in the mornings and enjoy some fresh air.

  29. Monty commented

    Please don't generalize when you talk about obesity. The leading Number 1 killer of females is dementia (April 20) and males its cardiac disease. Cardiac disease has more than one condition that causes heart attacks - easy to pick on Fast Food outlets- but the truth is stress leads to heart attacks....stress from domestic violence, food poverty meaning low income equals not having the funds to buy organic health industry foods. Have you seen the prices? Cut the discriminatory remarks about fat people etc...its uncalled for. It all comes down to choice whether its smoking, eating,drugs,gambling and alcohol.....which group do you fit into ?

    Maccas etc are generally cheaper and is meant to be a treat rather than an everyday diet.Yes they make salads and they show you the calories and breakdown of your food before you purchase....Ever been to a health restaurant and they have the calories on the menu --errr no. Its about choice and money. Maccas does provide employment and has one of the best management training programs in the world. We have Subway - what other brands can deliver a low cost meal ? That block of land is a disgrace - people throw mattresses and rubbish over it. Yes it would be great as a green space but its not council/public owned - its a developer....would you rather small lot housing crammed in there ?

  30. Chris mensforth commented

    I am extremely for the creation of new jobs and services in the area. I wholly support the development of a commercial precinct in this area.

  31. Alex commented

    No to Macdonalds

  32. Adam Hackett commented

    No to service station and Macdonalds here, Collingwood Dr is busy enough with traffic from Redbank Plains and there are numerous Service Stations and Fast food outlets in the area.

  33. Concerned long time resident commented

    A definite no from me. So much fast food within minutes at Redbank Plaza, the end of Collingwood Drive at the Caltex plus a multitude at Redbank Town Square.

    Collingwood Drive is already hard to enter and at some places unsafe from side streets due to increased traffic.

    I library, medical centre or other community engaging project would be a much better idea for this site.

  34. Kimberley H commented

    Please don’t approve. I have nothing against McDonalds, my concern is the heavy traffic already on Collingwood Drive. The placement of a petrol station and/or food
    Outlets at the proposed site will only cause more congestion on this road. It is hard enough trying to get in or out of some of the side streets around the proposed site on Collingwood Drive due to the already increased traffic of the last year or two.

  35. Wendy Davidson commented

    That intersection is dangerous already. With extra traffic from the proposed businesses and another road access this will continue to contribute to more collisions. It is a hill. If traffic banks up along Collingwood Drive many turn on red lights there. This is compounded if another road is made there.

  36. Local resident commented

    Will have to say no to this. There's already multiple fast food restaurants in the area and service stations close by. I'd rather see some sort of (dog) park where families can go for walks to and actually be exercising outdoors.

  37. Phill Jordan commented

    Bring Maccas on please, your little dog might enjoy a cheeseburger with fries. In all fairness Maccas do have healthy food just eat.

  38. Bill Mrsh commented

    No to mcdonalds, no to a cheap quality fuel petrol station. Car wash is something not around this area, though will attract car bogans to race and do burnouts in our area.
    No McDonalds, why? there is two within 5 minutes of this location.
    No petrol station, there is one 500mtrs down the road.
    No car wash, will attract car hoons guaranteed.
    Yes, medical centre, something far more useful in this area.

  39. Pat Jordan commented

    Yum can't wait there salads are excellent if people dont want to be tempted please go to subway oh yes we could do with them at Collingwood Park too

  40. Wendy Davidson commented

    Changing residential land use to splitting the lot to commercial is not only deceiptful of developers and Councils but not honest to purchasers of home plots. Honouring original land use includes road infrastructure for homes not waiting on approval for splitting a development to retail or business to subsidise roads. Developers are double dipping with Council also on the take. Wake up Ipswich.

  41. Jim Dodrill commented

    If approved, this development would only add to the over-use and abuse of an under-funded Collingwood Drive. This road in its present configuration should never haven been opened on the southern end to Redbank Plains Road. It was done to appease some "donor" developers under under a previous corrupt Ipswich City Council.

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