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In Collingwood Park QLD on “Reconfiguring a Lot - One...” at 7001 Collingwood Drive Collingwood Park QLD 4301:

Emily J. commented

Having lived in this suburb (both born into and then bought a home) my whole life, I would be really saddened to see a McDonald's established settled in this location. Environmentally, noise pollution and land clearing is already displacing wildlife. Socially, residents will have a higher increase in traffic both human and vehicle. The site proposed is situated near residents that is higher owner occupied. As such, this will likely make these residents move from the area (some who have been here for 25+ years) out of the suburb. As a result the area will become more rental dominant - and likely increase crime rates in the area. The turbulence of this in an area so close to Springfield/Brookwater (Ipswich's investment area -master planned) could open the doors to a flow on effect of devaluing neighbouring suburbs. This, leaving Ipswich having to mop up a crime mess. Such a small move in Collingwood park could significantly impact so many. As a resident who has lived here my whole life - please do not ruin the place I and many other friends and family members call home for monetary gain. My recommendation is to use areas that have already been established -- like the back of the redbank plaza shopping centre carpark to put something like this in the area. This would be a high traffic area that residents would use just before accessing the highway. So please have a real hard think about the social and environmental impacts of this proposal, and potentially long term economic impacts for Collingwood Park and its neighbouring suburbs as noted above.

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