264 Swann Rd St Lucia QLD 4067

Food and Drink Outlet

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 6 months ago. It was received by them 9 days earlier.

(Source: Brisbane City Council, reference A005294619)


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  1. Stewart commented

    The proposed parking on the Swann Road site near the outbound Bonvale Lane bus stop is already the subject of an application to council to have the number of car parks reduced. This was put forward by residents of Shea Residences development as it is dangerous to exit from Lamont Street at the crest of the hill due to the obstructed view down Swann Road as a result of the parked cars in front of the bus stop. The council made Bonvale Lane a one way street, so there is not an option to exit there instead.This needs urgent council attention due to the risk of a serious motor vehicle accident at this blind site at Lamont/Swann Road corner. Whilst I support the opening of a licenced food outlet in the proposed location, the crossing options at the Gailey Fiveways roundabout need to be urgently upgraded as I suspect parking will have to be down Indooroopilly Road instead.

  2. Patricia Anne Hammond commented

    The traffic in these specific areas during the morning and afternoon is dangerous and to have people crossing a very busy road where there is no designated crossing is more than dangerous. To cross to the Fveways from the Bonvale Lane bus stop sometimes takes 5-10 minutes to get halfway. The afternoon school traffic is banked up along Indooroopilly Road, down past the Roundabout at the Lambert Road turnoff. The traffic coming from St Lucia down Swann Road to the Fiveways is bumper to bumper from Ironside State School. Indooroopilly Road is a narrow road and if anyone parks on Indooroopilly Road it is reduced to a single lane.
    I am of the opinion that parking will be taken at or under the Gailey Road Fiveways building and it is very difficult if you are a customer of the shops there to get a park at present.
    This proposition for a food and drink licence is not viable, due to the strains on the current infrastructure.

  3. michael yeates commented

    Sadly, this proposal is yet another (one of many) that is desirable but the likely victim of the management of traffic in this case by Council although probably based on blind acceptance of TMR "rules" that prevent priority for pedestrians at situations such as this.
    Much traffic in Brisbane is simply because, as here, it is thought to be safer to use the car and more convenient to drive than use public transport, walking and/or cycling.
    So rather than provide "zebra" crossings so pedestrians (and cyclists) can carefully assert priority, the "rules" allowing or preventing "zebras" are based on numbers of people crossing. So if it is seen as too difficult or "dangerous", then fewer people do, and "zebras" are not then required.
    It may be that motorists fear "zebras" would add to the congestion if forced to "give way" to more pedestrians hence decision-makers are reluctant to provide for the public transport users, cyclists and pedestrians.
    Interesting too that Swann Road over recent times has had a 60km/h speed limit then sometimes it is posted as 50km/h now 60km/h again. This despite the various yellow advisory speed signs suggesting much slower speeds.
    And despite the number of buses and cyclists, and pedestrians inclding more older residents plus school students, Council continues to favour through traffic.
    And that is why the Taringa Fiveways is a sad situation - loved and very difficult to get to other than by more and more cars.
    Put in the "zebras" would be a good start whether this project goes ahead or not.
    The alternative might be traffic lights, again irrespective of this DA outcome, or we could eventually lose the shopping centre if the intersection and the roads are re-engineered for more traffic making shopping increasingly less viable.

  4. ALLAN HILLESS commented

    Parking on the outbound side of Swann Road is a problem To see any oncoming traffic when cars are parked there one has to enter into the oncoming traffic and this of course this blocks the pedestrian path and is very dangerous when exiting Lamont Street. I do have photos to support this claim. I believe parking should not be permitted at all in this area for safety

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